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Jan. 11th, 2013

angelak: (AngelaNov09)
Yesterday was a day of sorts to remember. Grandpa had sewer issues in his house - we mobilized a plan to get this taken care of last weekend. Being the money person is never that awesome in this circumstance. We didn't anticipate what was going to be needed, figured it would be your standard plumbing bill. Instead it turns out the line between the house and the main near the street was pulverized by tree roots, old age. The $7,000 would be needed to take care of it, or his house would be condemned within 24 hours. Got this sorted out, and it has been paid for now. It was nice to know that my Uncle expressed his gratitude for the ordeal of managing the funds. He understood the magnitude of what it could have been like (as did my Mom) if I hadn't been in charge of management. And also that it must be a headache for me at times. HE's right, it is at times. I'm not very good at it - but the previous person who stole the role of money manager for the grandparents when Grandma was around.... well, he spent it all like it was his own.

So, like you do when you are me and have been working very hard to get the balance on his bank accounts higher and higher while paying his normal bills and operating costs (food!)... well, you take a sigh of relief after double checking the balance. He has enough for this. I was unsure for a moment, I hadn't checked his account in a while.

After that heart stopping moment of "how much does he have?!?" I have decided that I will be keeping a closer week to week eye on that. Handling his money forces me not to pretend money doesn't exist. This includes my own. Damn. I suppose I should address my money more efficiently anyway. Apparently this is my year of getting money management together. I just ... I'm reluctant! Damnit!
There is one thing I am good at: Hoarding money and not spending it when the proper need is there. Saving is something I can turn on like a switch when I need to. This comes from having no money in my childhood. Lately I've been failing in this arena in my own personal finances, but that is another story.

Onto the fun:
Ignition is a Fire troupe. Sean, Kat, and Tierney - who were involved with the Rite of Sol show I was in, are members of this fire troupe. It is looking like I will be involved in this. I know it sounds like I haven't had enough cool things to do ... you know, yoga, amateur drama, running, whatever... I suppose I need more ;)

Great timing for me with this... they did their Fire Safety course last night. That's bonus, means it will likely be super easy for me to be involved either on or off stage at whatever point. Will continue learning about the troupe and what is involved and what they do and how they do it and all of that. For now, I will suffice to say Fire Safety in 30 degree weather is hardcore. Cold wet towels ....... very cold.

Thank goodness for UA ColdGear.

I'm now on Phase 2 of HCG until vacation. That means I'm eating food again.
Happy. Starting to feel pretty good. Happy.
Enjoying healthy doses of NRE. Looking forward to my impending vacation to Kauai, Hawaii!!!! It's coming up and I am so so excited!
That's enough for now. Better than no post at all!



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