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Apr. 29th, 2013

angelak: (Perfection)
Tomorrow is the birthday for a new friend of mine. April 30th marks Tierney’s birthday! I was given the beautiful opportunity to work on a Rock Opera cast with some talented people. Tierney was one of my favorite talents on the cast.
Quite simply put, Tierney is a body Genius with some fervent flow, grace, and zest.

Her innate instinct for genius in choreography and creativity beams out through every part of her life, as far as I can see. Her constructive visions and views and advice were pretty much a huge, brilliant (because she was behind them) turning point for me in our Rite of Sol show. I’m sure she wasn’t remotely aware of how important and influential her feedback and visions were to me. So, now she’ll know.

In terms of mind/body connections – I’m good at calling people out when they have a strong one. Her dance performances are captivating and expose this strength of hers. I did not know Tierney well for much of the run of the show (as in, rehearsals and things leading up to the ACTUAL run.) However, soon getting to know her and the Tierney husband, Kat – happened by the end of the show and continued in the months following the show.

Here I sit pondering her new found existence as a key player in my life. We don’t spend tons of time together – no. I don’t really spend lots of time with many people these days, I’ve sort of become a scarce piece. That isn’t the point. Talent is talent. Beauty is beauty, and I cannot wait to watch Rite of Sol on DVD at home to admire the dance that I missed while being ON CAST and on stage with her. What honor could be better? Few.

So, I write this brief post in honor of how awesome the BirthdayGirl of April 30th is. What an amazing woman. Here’s to another great year for Tierney The Great!

Happy birthday, Tierney! Keep rocking your badass self. You Own the Rights to the Word Awesome.



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