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This is an odds and ends post. Was feeling grateful for a lot of things in the 12 hours. The first one was my body. I realize I’ve put a lot of work into my body, and have not been remiss at wasting its youth. I was not born with physical detriment, and I fully recognize the fortune I have in my physical form. When I choose to take it where I want it to go, it goes. There have been minor issues and yes – even longer durations of chronic pain that have since vanished through hard work. It remains to be seen. Grateful for my metabolism and the choices that having come into being as Me.
Grateful for the people that surround me. The key players that have been in my life in the last 10-15 years. The gratitude that is my childhood, the parents I have, the siblings and the others who I feel have been in my life since I began to independently piece my world together.
Also, I am grateful for my education, and intelligence level – my personal views and opinions. I rather like them. I love that I can say things off the cuff that are profound and make people laugh. There’s some part of me that is deeply in love with word play indefinitely. It makes me want to live.
I have a life with lessons and heart aches and struggles like everyone walking the path of the living. And that’s just one more thing I’m happy to have. I am grateful for where I am, the conflicts I have are so very trivial, and yet I still learn from them, I still evolve.
Got some cool digs and a great network of jobs that I find are worth while and inspiring.
My world is expanded as wide as I know how – my favorite parts are shrinking the World by identifying as a World citizen, rather than a foolish American “better” than any other citizen of any other nation.
I am a Yogini, an athlete, and a scholar. Magickally, energetically, I am a multi-dimensional being of light. And as cheesy as all that sounds, I find it’s pretty awesome.
In other news, I will be attending the Second Day, reading of the Book of the Law tonight at the Horizon Temple. W00t.



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