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Finished Week 5. That was harder than the others (even though it was the "easy" week)!
I think me getting sick had a hand in that. And now I'm one day behind. Not a big deal; I have to slide around my days though.

Week 6 is going to be longer and fewer sets. I slowed down today just to take it easy on myself. End of last week I was not so hot on health. I feel better. I have also been SUPER CRANKY. It isn't common these days that I'm cranky. Went to Jon's birthday party. I'd elaborate, but we're waiting for me to finish my blog post before we go do something in the great weather.

Monday, I'll catch up on my run schedule and hit Run 1 of week 6. That's actually half way through the program, which is a 12 week program. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Also, after being cranky and borderline depressed the last week, this run really released some positive endorphins for me. I could feel it as I drove home. All the things pissing me off, angering me, depressing me, driving my mentality down, and causing me general unrest - they felt evaporated. And it was in that moment that I remembered WHY WHY WHY I would bother to run, and why it's important and powerful that I'm back at it. I'd go into some of that shit that was getting to me; but I feel cleansed and as though I've released it for the time being, and that's such a great thing.

Needless to say, having that focus is really a blessing. I was afraid today that I wouldn't do well on the run, that I'd run out of energy like the "easy" ones earlier in the week. Fortunately, it was far from the truth and I did pretty decently. I also feel like around now, I'm really going to level up on my fitness from the last year since I'm still committed. And even early in 2016 I was hitting some regular gym time (as my Morton's Neuroma has kept me inside on a soft treadmill). Which has been fine for doing sets. I've never done the "set" way - more or less went out and ran and created my own. But this program is a little different and I'm entirely OK with different. Sometimes different is what it takes to get yourself on a more elevated path. And that's sort of my mentality. Going the distance more. And maybe one day I'll just keep going with it. You never know!!!! There's room there to grow.

And to get right down to it; even after 9 years (officially? I think?) I'm in year 10 - I'm still in love with the ritual of running. I am so lucky.

In December 2006, it all began ;)

I hope I can power through next week and we get to a point where we make an offer to someone who will accept and we can be on our merry way and I can continue to remember that this "temporary and involuntary" demotion is no biggie. I made that term up, the truth is that it is extra work on top of my normal job, and of course - it's exactly what I've been happy with leaving behind; Desktop Support.

I'm feeling better after a few days out of the office (Friday being my WFH day).
Tally, ho - onwards!

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