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Inner movements of my life.

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Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
"I have the rest of my life to hurry. Today is for the moment." ~ "Pain and injury are some of the greatest platforms for lessons. Never give up.""YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW."

I'm a student of life. I'm here on this planet to grow, change, morph and learn. I want to connect with people as much as possible. I think we're all a part of each other, just as all gods are one god to me.

I'm not interested in holding myself or others exclusively separate from each other. I like the pagan framework to work with the energy on Earth. But, I'm open. There is no one right way to live.

If anything, I've learned that as time wears on, I become less and less the social norm. I'm weird. I like it that way. I'm honest. I believe in integrity.

Lies have no place in my life.
In my heart - I also believe Love is not finite. I have so much to share, that it is beyond measure.
Time however - is! hah.

Truth, Love, Power.
Oneness, Authority, and Courage -
Lead to Intelligence.
(Check out Steve Pavlina for more on this).

I like conscious growth.
I strive to be open and love everyone.

I strive to Create and Deliver value to the lives around me, as an expression of Oneness and Love.

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3rd gen f-bodies, 93, alchemy, animals, anthropology, astral travel, backpacking, beaches, beltaine, books, caffeine, camaros, campfires, camping, candles, canoeing, cats, celtic, chakras, chanting, cities, coffee, computers, dachshunds, dancing, day hikes, deities, divination, dogs, earth, elements, email, energy, energy work, escape key, ethical slut, ethnicity, exercise, exhibitionism, experiences, f-bodies, fast cars, fight club, fires, fitness, food, forests, freedom, gaelic, gaia consort, gargoyles, gnostic mass, goddesses, gods, grammar, ham radio, harry potter, hiking, history, horse back riding, horses, hot tubs, ice skating, ice-skating, incense, individuality, infinite love, intelligence, invocation, irocs, j.r.r. tolkien, kissing, knowledge, lakes, learning, linux, lotr, love, lughnasadh, magick, manual transmissions, meditation, men, mountains, mp3s, muscle cars, music, nature, networking, northwest coast, nudity, o.t.o., occult, oceans, oloteas, openness, opinions, outdoors, paganism, parks, pets, photography, poetry, poly, polyamory, polytheism, priestess, priestessing, reading, religion, ritual, ritual magick, rituals, running, sacred sexuality, sarcasm, science, sean ciall, sean cill, seattle, sex, skinny dipping, small blocks, spanish, spells, spirituality, sports cars, starbucks, streams, swimming, t-tops, tantra, tarot, teaching, thelema, theology, tolerance, totems, trails, truth, unix, v-8s, washington, waterfalls, wetland preservation, wicca, wisdom, witchcraft, witches, writing
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