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What's up, FriendsList!?
It's almost 1700 and I should be making serious work progress. But I don't want to.

MERCURY HAS GONE DIRECT today, and it is my sister's 29th birthday. Sweet. You know... if I had to choose the personalities of my siblings, I would have never have created a unique blend that equates to who my sister is. And yet, I'm terribly proud of her, envious of her often, and confused by our ever-unexplainable relationship.

We're so alike. We're so different.
We will choose the exact same styles and like all the same things.
And yet we'll clash at times like oil and water.
Then other times... we'll be like peas in a pod.

Who knows.
I think our relationship is unlike... many sister-sister relationships. I mean, we're not ooey gooey, sappy. But then, I doubt Jill is anything like ooey gooey about pretty much anything.

She's unclassifiable.
As I get older, I'm a lot less inclined to compete, but we've always had a strange competitive streak at times. Often times, it's odd to be the younger sister and also at times make the first "moves," on certain things. For instance, in junior high and high school, I started dressing more girlie. My sister followed, after she first mocked the hell out of me.

I moved out first, she followed suit. Although, admittedly - she and her fella purchased their first home before me and Jimmers... :D

Anyways. Just rambling ... just procrastinating while I should be working. Supporting people with my technical prowess.

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6 years ago today, Fritz was born!
Happy Birthday Fritzel!
He is so much more mature now that he has grown up :D
Love him bunches.

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Adding an invitation here on LJ, I have one out on Facebook too.

Here's the run down:
Saturday, August 29, 2009
6:00pm - 9:30pm
Round Table Pizza Issaquah
730 NW Gilman Blvd
Issaquah, WA

This is going to be simple for those who feel like coming and hanging out for an hour or two. Not much commitment and fancy shmancy involved. Good to just hang out and be present with people who matter. YES - YOU. They have salad and pizza. They also have beer. No-fail, right?

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At 12:01 on August 1st, (Lughnasadh) - Jim was born.
He is now the ripe age of 27.
So lucky to have him in my life!

Here's to leaving goodies in his car so when he comes out of work on his birfday, he feels loved.
Seeing as I am an AM early riser these days, this will be super easy.
August is a great month for me. It only makes sense that the start of this month is when one of my favorite people was born. I welcome August and look to make this one of my best months of 2009.


Great day

Apr. 5th, 2009 01:36 am
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I have my elderly Dachshund on my lap. He misses me; I've been really busy lately.
Last week; on Thursday I did a double Yoga class; equating to 3 hours of Yoga. I loved it.
Class #1 was a Heidi class. Laurel was behind me in class. I did pretty well with that one. Class #2 flew by, and was taught by Laurel. It was awesome until at the very end my calf cramped up (not enough electrolytes). I ran out of Stamina Electrolyte packets at home the day I chose to do a double! But I was celebrating my studio's new carpet by treating myself to a double!!! (oh gods is the carpet slick now. My feet! Oh heavens! My inner thighs... oh gods...... there is no mercy.) I hope to improve in a week or so with triangle and separate leg stretching. I want my head on the floor again damnit!!!!!

LOL. The following day - Friday, I took an 8:30 class with Linda (love all of my teachers) and was struggling with any balance on the left side thanks to said calf charlie horse leftovers! (beyond 20 seconds). That's ok, I gave it my best shot and did show up!

Today I went for a 25 minute outdoor run.
Last Monday I had done a 20 minute treadmill run (after yoga class in the morning, and then a 60 minute cold yoga class). It was a triple work out day, but I must admit the cold yoga 60 min class seemed pretty low key compared to my usual. Except by the time I hit the lunges in said low key yoga class (non Bikram) my legs were screaming at me. (Keep in mind they held it longer and it was my... 5th and 6th lunge of the day????) I was dying. My hips were seizing and screaming. hahaha. I couldn't hold it the whole time haha!

Ohoh and they held some ab positions longer and that wasn't so bad. My abs are stronger than my legs. Really.

SOoooo today I had a blast in the sunshine running on Gilman. I did (to give the tendons kindness) 10 warmup, 10 run, 2 walk, 10 run, 2 walk, 5 run, then 25 minute cool down walk.

I rested for an hour with a shower and a few tiny snacks, (I wasn't hungry much today but I ate non stop between work out sessions) and then headed to the 4:30 class and got a BRENNA class. I miss Brenna!!! She is so nice. And so inspiring. She had moments to talk to me today and everything she said to me was deep and worth while. Life is suffering and once you accept that, then you can really begin to live. And what she said spoke to me. She had a story to tell me about her 97 year old grandpa, and whenever I talk to Brenna I feel like it is all going to be okay. And that I can believe in myself, and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

And damnit. I mean to! One day. Patience before all else.
So, after that I hurried home, showered, took a small snack, and headed out to Jon's party. Where meager gimp dancing (I really had to go easy because of my run + yoga class earlier in the day). Also standing lots at parties tends to be rough on the knees, but I found ways to relax and not put too much strain on the body. I got to visit with more special people and had fun with everyone.

HAPPY birthday one more time, Jon!!!

I was glad to celebrate his solar return.
I went home feeling good. Slightly bummed that Jim could not go (he really wanted to because he thinks Jon rocks, and he loves everyone!) lol.

So, tomorrow I'd like to go to Yoga, and maybe CT? But if I just go to class, that is fine. And Monday I want to take Jim to cold yoga with my mom.......

Last time cold yoga was me, my sister, and my mom. We put mom in the middle of us. Which is funny, because she's shorter than both of us, and well it was just fun. We dominated the front row. And there was one pose where our hands were right in front of mom's face because she was in the middle and the teacher had us move our mats in for the previous pose and ja. And it was then that I wondered if mom was acutely aware of what people she brought into the world? How must that feel to have 2 grown daughters like us? It must be something else. I can scarcely imagine.

I donno. It was a daughter mom daughter sandwich.

And it is then that I realize what a great family we have. I always know my family rocks, but really. We're all 3 pretty close and very energetically connected in a way I value.
And to be honest, I do a lot of yoga by myself. It was a different thing to do a class with 2 of my favorite women ever.

I feel like life is sort of throwing me a bone here, giving me an opportunity to see the things I just was too depressed to see for some of the later months in 2008.
I miss Jimbo, but we have Sunday/Monday to chill. Also do our taxes tomorrow. I hope I get lots of money back so I can put it into savings and maybe play with a tiny bit of it.

If I had random cash, what would I do?
Gods know I don't need more work out gear atm. I sort of went insane buying shorts and sports bras for Yoga... (I couldn't help it! I was sick of doing laundry constantly...)
That and I was tired of shorts that were clinging to my hips...
I feel prettier when I have looser shorts. Frankly and truly, hahaha.

Siiiigh. To run today outside, honestly sometimes I get out and I just want to cry it feels so good. It doesn't matter if it's for 10 minutes, or 20. And one day I will go 4 miles again. One day!!! One day I'll hike and trail run and I'll be fast. For now slow and steady and wanting to burst into joyous tears over 25 minutes outdoors and not cooped up on a treadmill...

The tendons improve slowly. The left one is doing great these days. The right one continues to follow the slow path but makes me understand that never again will I take things for granted that involve the knees!!!!

I was feeling so emotional today, and it wasn't until my Yoga class that I felt I could put it into a positive light. It wasn't negative - it was just a bit chaotic.
What can I say?
I am evolving.
Anywho. I can't wait to talk to my sweetie about the party and the fun I had.
And to all of you who remind me that I am grateful to have wonderful friends - thanks for reminding me that I am loved too. It lifts me up in a way that I cannot express. Thanks~!

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Yesterday was packed with things happening for me.
OLOTEAS: check.
Outing with Grandma and the family: check.
Grandma spoiled me yesterday and got me many really fun items of worth; stuff that will help me in my Yoga practice. She is way too generous.
I ran out of time and wasn't so sad to let the Yoga slide (I had gone 5 times, with 1 run last week).

I was feeling rather LOW LOW LOW on energy all week so I didn't do 20 minute run #2 (as per doc's return to run prog) or circuit training. There is always when I feel better.

I went to class today and performed strong. This made me feel rather happy. I felt at peace. VERY at peace. I think it had something to do with being surrounded by all the people (minus JIMBO sadly!) that tend to put me at ease and show me they care on their own levels.
I love my community, and I love my family. They're my families.

And I got to do all of that happy stuff yesterday. So when I walked in to class today - it was no surprise to feel very strong, very tranquil during my class.

Tonight is busy. Dragonfeary's birthday bash like as soon as I leave RIGHT NOW, and then after that I am going bowling with Jim and the army boys tonight down South.
If need be I will take it easy, but jeah. I rested very well last night after OLO and I am feeling energized, and revitalized after class. I think it has been helping this cold. Really, really. Side note: people made me feel hawt yesterday! That is so nice. I love feeling hawt. Who doesn't? And yes, I blush when people hit on me.

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Rufus is 13 today!!!
I am so glad he has survived so long. He is very old - doesn't do stairs so well these days. We spend our days carrying him up and sometimes down all of our stairs.

But he has been the friend who has been there for me for so long.
I value every day that we spend together. I got him as a puppy when he was 6 weeks old, and I was roughly 12. I am lucky to have had such a great pet and friend, and he is lucky to have a great home with a single loving owner for his life.

Pictures of my precious friend under the cut. )

I love this dog!!!!

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NO shiny pictures.
Just my sincerest well wishes for you today.
You are lovely, brilliant, and a friend I am glad to know.



Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:40 am
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The Yogacoaster rolls on.
I had a much stronger class. I also agreed not to push 110% like I have been known to do. I wanted a class I could walk away from and feel content with, and not frustrated. I pushed when I best knew how, and kept some ease in other parts.

I was not afraid to take a breather, but didn't need many.
I worked hard to breathe through my nose entirely and not cheat.
I think this helps a great deal.
I also had more protein in the day/hrs before class.
I think all of these things contributed to a slightly better class (along with electrolytes.)

Yesterday was my Dad's 54th birthday.
We took him on a wine tour of Chateau St. Michelle's.
We bought him some wine for his birthday, then we went to Skipper's, he loves Skipper's. I was starved because I had eaten nothing much before or after class and in order to hit the tour, I had no time.

So we ate hungrily at the fish place (tasty) and then went back to Mom and Dad's place to have cake and pie.
Jill and Jeff came to have cake and pie, and we visited while he opened the rest of mom's little birthday gifts for him.
He had a great birthday and we all enjoyed the day.

I enjoyed visiting with Jill and Jeff.
I always work hard to make him smile because he's so... Jeff like.
A tough act to crack so to speak.

Came home and figured I could stay up and chill. But the big fish dinner caught up with me and I ended up dozing off to sleep.

And now I'm awake. I think I want the 4:30 class today. No expectations. Just hard work and doing the best that my body has for me today.

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I am so fortunate to know you.

And So sad that I can't go to your Olympus Spa party. Here's to you having a wonderfully relaxing get together and birthday trip to the Spa.



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