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I'm going to start out with simple posts first and warm up to real life posts. Hello, 3 people on my list. HELLO, WORLD!

This still counts as real life:

The pleasant reality of my husband and boyfriend going to dinner because I am not eating (starve diet until Tuesday) and the husband had to stop starve diet early due to sore throat issues. Jimmers likes to eat; Sean likes to not be sick. Now they're happily headed off somewhere to talk about games for a couple hours. And the fact that I did a bunch of laundry sorting and found Jim's socks and underwear and had them in a special pile that Sean asked, "what's this?" and I said, "oh, Jim's underwear and socks." Then I said, "a normal husband would be freaked out by that, I suppose." Poly life. These two are nothing alike and have their share of differences, but they sure get along well. Metamour win.

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I have to write this all quickly; I have a work list flowing out the door. (SHOOT!!!!) And an optometrist appointment on the same day (Murphey's law!)
But thanks to Inna, I'm remembering that I'm using LJ. Thanks to Casey at work, I'm remembering journaling is kind of a big deal right now. I want to be able to look back and really understand what was happening for me. There's a lot going on! I will likely also be writing some private LJ entries as well. And some friends'locked ones, etc. So in an effort to get cracking on my work list, here goes.

Here's my chance: To give myself space. The goal is to commit to here, in April - to a 10K training program (Novice). Novice because I have not made running a priority. Because this training plan has cross training days worked into it, it means YOGA is on that plan. Above all else, this is where I'm headed. I need it to find my real center and to reach back to 6 months ago when I had a relationship with myself.

I see this is paramount to everything else, save perhaps fixing my house. 874 is a blessing and I've been abusing my blessing. Even if we have plans for it, I need to work harder on it. Everything else depends on these two things.

1- Run 10K in 2 months.
2- Simultaneously fix house so Sean can become a regular guest there, and any other boyfriends.
(which infers really cracking down on my dogs and replacing the hallway and downstairs carpet.)

If I want to save my sanity, I think it starts with my house, once again.
No amount of guesting at DriveHouse (Sean's) is going to get the real work done on my life. If I want to threaten what I have in both relationships, I can go ahead and continue to ignore the hard work that needs to be done. I will only energize Jim if I am energized with it, and the two of us need to work on this together. Regardless of what happens for our next step.

So between the 874 progress - and the 10K program, I will do my best to do all this while teaching my favorite Yoga Ever. But the calendar has been set, and come April 1st, it's no joke, for the first time since my injury I'm endeavoring to increase my distance. There's no reason why I can't. Nothing is going to stop me. 3 runs a week, 3 yogas per week, 1 total rest day. Hitting it and finding myself in the process. See you on the other side, baby. It isn't always pretty, but I think when I relax, breathe, and let it all go a little... solutions do appear. My favorites are the ones that are from Me... but that doesn't mean I need to shut everyone else down either. *ponders*



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