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4 days to go. )
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So far, so good! I've been keeping a very close log on what I'm eating and balancing it out. I might be good to go with a balanced vegetarian/flexitarian diet - as that's what I've been toying with, coupled with some iodine and other trace minerals. After my Russian class today, I am going to go chillax with [livejournal.com profile] violindaine, because it's literally like 5 minutes from her house. Every time I've left class since I began it in January, I think "Wow, I'm so close to Icky's house..." Warning, Girlfriend, (you're the best though, because I know you'll get this) my brain is usually toast by the end of my 2 hour class. It isn't used to all this intense use anymore. :P

Anyways - sadly, this has been a pretty bad study week. Mostly because a lot of the week I was crashing too early in the evening and usually my best study times are at the gym on the elliptical trainer. This week I didn't even create good study guides! So last night I finally got to it, hopefully my brief session last night and another session today will do the trick enough to get me through class tonight; and I REALLY hope she gives us another week to cement the stuff she gave us last Sunday.

She DID give us a lot: Large Numbers (10, 20, 30, on up to 10,000) and months, and weather, and plural/singulars, and numericals (first, second, third, so on). THAT is a lot of material. Oh yeah, and some tongue twisters, which the entire week I *was* working on. Yeay.

Other than that, today I will be going for a run in the sunshine as soon as I finish this entry, brush my teeth, and use my neti pot.

I was happy to hear from Lance from CGW1 last night. He called me to inform me he's given his notice at his job and IS headed WEST baby. (From Boston). Portland will be his new home in just a matter of weeks. Profound and wonderful. I admire people who make these moves, because up until this point in my life, I haven't made any major plunges like this.

So, back to the energy factor... I do feel a slight difference already. I went on a long, relaxed walk yesterday for my "workout" also, instead of something harder. I took Fritz, and he hated it because I refused to turn around after 20 minutes, which is his preferred walk time :P Today I will keep it to a minimum pace and run to see how it goes. It is likely for now, I'll be alternating what it is I do.

I would also not mind taking my notes with me to the gym if I have time, after my run and walking on the treadmill for a brief amount of time so I can study the Rooski-ye.

I think a big key for me is going to be making sure I get enough calories, and doing the meal timing first thing in the morning (within an hour of working). It might be that I am generating some issues by not balancing my system - and it also might be that I am especially vulnerable on account of genetics. Who knows, it's not really my concern why or much else beyond "what's going to make me feel great and support me?"

And I have to admit, while I love raw foods... I'm also enjoying this whole foods approach with cooked meals again. No denial there :)
So right now, I'm using My Fitness Pal.com, which I found by searching for a calorie counting application for my phone. I stumbled upon it and realized, Holy Shit, this is a tool-rich, free website with all I need too!

As far as Sunday, Today is a Great Vos-Cre-Seen-Ya (Sunday) because........
Tomorrow is a furlough day for me! Oh yeah, I also have to go to GameStop and get my Valentine's day gift for Jimmers. He doesn't know it yet, but I have plans. He doesn't have tomorrow off, but that is okay. He has already apparently gotten me a gift, and one that made him want to check his bank account balance :P That's unlike him........ whatever! I don't need gifts, right now all I need is Jim. He's been amazing these past 3 weeks. Pretty much ever since I got back from LA and Santa Barbara, our relationship has shifted to another gear. I'm not sure why, how, or what - but I don't care. It's like we've reached a deeper level again. It's making me more excited than I can express. I'm grateful, I don't take a minute for granted these days.

And it makes me feel over the moon in a way, because I know that come April, we'll celebrate 5 years, which is breaking my records (while I know love isn't about breaking records, I'm a Virgo, so in a way - it is). LOL.

I haven't celebrated 5 years with anyone, and at the end of 2010 I was beginning to dread the fact I was going to hit that 4.5 mark and fall away. Again. Like my last relationship that hit the 4.5 mark ;)

It was not a good feeling.

But now I think it's apparent that we've progressed to a different phase in our partnership, and I foresee some pretty cool stuff ahead for us. I'm excited again to see where we're headed, and for that I'm incredibly grateful. And so this year, we're not going to do our usual Same-Old Melting Pot trip. I think we should aspire to do something else... something new and special!

So, here's to another couple of months before I figure out (because he HAD said last year he had an idea, and then he promptly forgot, which I knew he would when he came up with it, but he didn't want to tell me so it would be a surprise). :P So therefore, I'm not sure what idea he had, because yeah - he kept it to himself for surprise factor, and very Jim-like, he forgot ;)

Anyway. If I don't wrap this up, I will never get to brush my teeth, run water through my nose, and run. :P Don't forget the floss. For the teeth.

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It's been quite the end of year quarter, so far. Ever since my trip to Vegas, life has been flowing at a break-neck pace. And I absolutely love it. I love connecting with people - I love feeling like I've found myself again after a couple years of feeling lost - honestly.

Headed out to Santa Barbara, California on the evening of Thanksgiving in a very unorthodox celebration of meeting someone in Vegas that I connected with strongly. My family doesn't do - as I said, so much for Thanksgiving. As for Jim's side of family: This was a relief in a way to skip out on the trip to Portland this year. It is usually stressful for me, even if it is wonderfully fun also.

Jim's family is fantastic. I just know there are parts of the family that don't like me as much as others, and I'm not exactly "at ease." Whether this is something that will happen with every boyfriend's family, or whether it just so happens every boyfriend I've had, this has been the case... or maybe it started out with Steve Butler's (my first serious long term guy) Mom hating me... I'm not sure. I was awfully young when that whole "Steve's Mom hates you," thing started. Like 15 years old.

Needless to say, I had a blast in Santa Barbara. Sasha met me at the airport, we took the 1-2 hour drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. I felt a little ungrounded probably due to lack of a solid, good, dinner on the drive. As per usual, I babbled and made the time go quickly. I have no idea wtf conversation I had, but I was excited to be on an adventure, excited to be with Sasha, excited to be in California, away from the snow, the cold, the diurnal pattern of my life.

Moment to moment heart centered connection seems to flow easily with Sasha, it's pretty much a rare situation with someone who can actually take me out of my head - not intentionally, and have me present in the moment. And it happens without effort. I'm not analyzing, gauging, and calculating myself, others. Sure, I'm still myself - but there's some level of ease that enters me that makes everything a little less of a "big deal," to me. I can't quite put words on it, and this is by far the first time I've tried.

Finally rolling into Santa Barbara, I met Anton - his good friend and room mate. Anton cracks me up, and was sufficiently amusing while making his Thanksgiving pasta while singing "I wish you a merry turkey-day," to the tune of "I wish you a Merry Christmas." I don't think you've lived until you've heard a Russian singing "I wish you a merry turkey-day," while preparing ground turkey pasta dressed with Russian mayonnaise and regular ketchup...

Clearly buzzed from his piss-beer - I couldn't help but immediately take a liking to him. Eventually Anton finished his turkey pasta and went to bed. And so did we.

A quick summary of the fun things we did: Farmer's market in Santa Barbara, visited a beautiful park on the ocean and hung out drinking tea and coffee on the California coast... with goods from the farmer's market, we made 2 different raw pies together. I had the ABSOLUTE honor of going to his first Bikram class, and we took 3 total classes while I was in town. Hit the gym and hit the elliptical machine. Walked around Santa Barbara... went to a couple of movies (Morning Glory and Love and Other Drugs).
Also tried out some great places to eat (not-raw, but some really healthy places with a lot of veggie menu items).

Natural Cafe and Sojourner were two cool restaurants. I also got to meet Roma, and on my last day in SB, we took him to a Bikram class too! IT was AWESOME. Roma is this big, super buff, built Ukrainian guy. I nicknamed him "Tiny," because he was so sturdy.
Did some hanging out at his "office," where he usually goes in the evening to do some web work. Office=His Favorite Coffeeshop. We went there twice, I did some web work too, transferring my domain to Bluehost from where-ever I bought it (long story).

I have 2 domains to work on websites that will eventually be the face of a self defense project.

StrongWomenStrongDefense.com, and kickassselfdefense.com

Really, I just need a face to begin teaching people self defense.
It was super fun to have a guy to go to Yoga with - although I love going with myself, girls, I don't care. Yoga is awesome to share with people you care most about though - and that's my take on it.
I have more to write but I am running out of time!!!

So this will have to do for now. It was hard to leave California. The ordeal home was a story in itself, which I cannot say the trip out was. I can say that I feel like my growth in the past month and a half has been amazing. I just have to keep remembering that I am strong and that I am capable, and that all my goals are within my reach - and not to get scared and run away from them or shut them down.

Anyways, a lot of heart centered connecting was done, and I came home feeling so refreshed and energized.
Life keeps throwing me beautiful things right now, and I absolutely deserve them.

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It's been quite the day. Tension between me and Jim has me losing my mind, sometimes. I feel like in the evenings, when I expect we'll spend some quality time together and relax, we end up arguing lately. And arguing about the most ridiculous stuff. Is it me? It is him? Is it both of us? I wish I could pinpoint what is up. Sometimes, it seems that it's me. It's my patience, it's my level of annoyance at the way things are.

It's the housework, it's the way we communicate. Why are we both on the defense? The more defensive he gets, the less receptive I get. And yet I'm not exactly free of guilt from defensiveness. The big deal was that I had intended for Jim and I to really connect before I fly off to California. Particularly seeing as I'm about to see someone I have a bit of NRE with. Tonight he drives down to Portland after he gets off work. Apparently we will "see each other a bit," before he goes, but ultimately, I don't see that as the same as what we had an opportunity to do last night. We ended up going to bed in a state of irritation. Or was that just me?

The frustration continued as I headed off to work this morning. This morning, I really did feel like my heart was breaking. I have a lot of great stuff spinning around in my atmosphere, but with those shifting energies, comes transition. And that isn't always nice and pretty. I know he and I are morphing right now, and most likely into something better and stronger. But at the same time, it doesn't feel like that while I am in the midst of this.

Regardless, I'm heading out on a 5:35PM flight tomorrow to LA, and I'm going to chillax.
All my problems will be here for me when I return, I don't need to concern myself with solving them 920 miles away. ;)

And of course, because I may or may not have time to write these out, I'm going to do this today, right now - because it's important. The things I have such gratitude for:

+ My Lone Dachshund. (Fritz)
+ All the wonderful memories I share with Jim, and our ability to share every aspect of each other to each other.
+ All of the future memories I intend to be sharing with Jim also. I think it's time we did something special for each other soon. Very soon.
+ Abundance financially, enough to do what I want to do, more where that comes from!!!
+ Technology and the ability to connect with people all over, even if it isn't as good as face time.
+ My car and my skill to drive it so far ;)
+ The many friends who help me stay in vibration with moving forward with life <3
+ Traveling, keeping me fresh and energized
+ World friends, keeping my World bigger than the US.
+ New paths
+ Old friends, perspective, long conversations and warmth
+ Time off from work to live out other parts of life
+ Ambition, ideas, focus, drive, motivation
+ Running
+ Yoga
+ Raw foods, keeping me alive, alert, and enthusiastic and happy
+ Mental sanity. Depression is a short chapter in an otherwise bright book
+ My parents ;)
+ The comfort of my home
+ That it doesn't snow year round in Issaquah
+ That I can provide value to those around me
+ My outgoing nature - my ability to connect with those I know and strangers alike
+ My enjoyment of speaking in front of groups, and what I might one day do with this (It's powerful, I will be using this!!!)
+ My feet are headed towards the pain free arena next.
+ I am fit!!!
+ People love me
+ I love myself ;)
+ And aside from me, there are so many people in my life to love.
+ Green smoothies, raw pasta...
+ Power


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It's been a wild month. I last posted on the 6th of October. Here I am! I'm here, folks.
Let's see. The month of October was exciting. I started becoming more social, connecting with more people before my Conscious Growth Workshop with Steve Pavlina and company. Met up with Alex Gwozda, forged a friendship with him pre-workshop. Found out he was going to Las Vegas at the end of the month also.

Holidays have been a little off-kilter for me so far. Jim's favorite holiday IS Halloween. Last year we threw an awesome Samhain bash in style. This year, I headed off to Las Vegas for the workshop - just over 1 year after my first workshop experience.

I wish I could put the workshop experience into an LJ entry, but I don't think I have enough time or sanity to do that ;)

This time I chose to go sans-Jim to connect and spend time immersed with my fellow work-shoppers networking and having a good time. Not that Jim isn't a good time ;)

Met a lot of awesome people, really enjoyed connecting. Met a hot Russian who lives in Santa Barbara (here-after referred to as Sasha)- a Frenchman, hung out with some folks from Belgium, Holland, Israel, and many other far, far away places :) I can't get enough of World View Expansion by making friends with people from all over the World. It awakens me, makes me feel inspired, makes me feel a little less isolated in the Empire of the US.

Coping with NRE over long distance for the moment regarding Sasha, and balancing what exactly it is.

Was not at all expecting to forge any love-connections while away on holiday, but sometimes some of the most awesome things happen to us when we aren't looking for them. In this case, I've got to say - I find it pretty awesome and I'm enjoying the learning experiences for what they are.

Post-workshop, I am definitely enjoying more continued follow up from work shop friends and loves. It's been wonderful.

Saw some old friends, met some new ones. Connected with Steve and Rachelle - was able to go to his house and hang out. Satisfying for Pavlina to prepare me a tasty green smoothie in his own pad.

Presented a mini-workshop on Self Defense to a sizable group on the second day of workshop during our lunch break. This was a success. Although I admit, it piqued my interested for MORE time with people, because I had way too little time to get into much of anything. I'm afraid I could go on and on about tactical mindsets - and that doesn't include any movements.

Had many small break through moments about my life in general. A little scary to return home after a lot of touch-oriented love connections, to my "Quality Time," love style boyfriend. I definitely had a re-adjustment period. I also had an explosion of friend-connecting, and traveling around already. Following weekend, I drove to meet Lianna in Central WA, the next day I drove to Portland, OR. And the following week Sylvain from France came to stay a couple of days on his tour of the Pac-NW area. After that he jetted on down to San Diego to hang out with a friend of ours: Erica Douglass.

And then finally I took some time to myself last weekend, re-centering, not on a go-go-go mentality. Yesterday I did go visit Alex G. at his place. I ended up staying up way too late talking to Alex and his boyfriend Alex.......

And so today I was feeling crabby at users and overly sensitive.
Other successes would be my new successes eating predominantly raw foods. I'm a Flexitarian who pretty much never eats meat these days. I avoid cooked food - but do not place myself in a box or limit where I'm headed with that. I don't like to make a big deal about that. I just like to roll with the flow and see how that works, and not pressure myself into things.

I had spent 2010 trying to force myself, fight through everything - and while my intentions of positive change were noble, I was sabotaging myself by putting so much pressure and anal retentive over-planning to the world and giving away to fears and tiny hesitations in my life that I would stagnant more than I needed to!!!!

Have a few things in the pike for the following month, and am committing to making some actual moves instead of just conceptualizing, which I have been doing for about a year now.
I think I will make a benchmark requirement on myself though, to post a live journal entry at least twice a week. I hate to think that I lost a lot of valuable archiving about what is going on in my life. Especially since 2010 LJ momentum for me has been so slow. So here goes that new goal. This counts as time #1 for this week!

I know Liannaberry would appreciate the updates. Facebook is not good for actual record keeping. What I write I will never be able to look at 2 months from now, or 2 years.

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Today marks 4 years with Jim.
This month I've been in a "zone." Not sure what kind of zone, but it has not been one that was consistent with anything.
Responding to emails, phone calls, and life in general has been a challenge.

The morning started out dumb. We'll see how the afternoon shapes up - I am guessing it has to be better seeing as the morning was not so awesome.

I figured I'd better at least post about this.
Oh yeah - I got my glasses.

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Having a wonderful Thursday morning. It's one week until I take a trip to Las Vegas, where I'll be going to Steve Pavlina's personal development workshop. This was my primary reason for going to Vegas. I'm not big into the party scene, or gambling. Regardless, I will probably take moments to also enjoy the scene while I am there. I'd never made plans to go to Vegas, but it seems my personal vibes have pushed me to attend this workshop, and I'm very excited.

Also, Bikram teacher training starts in Vegas over the 2-4th. From one of my teachers, she says you can drop in!!! She said perhaps later on in the first few days Bikram will probably teach the classes and so – in some I should be able to join in for a regular drop in fee if I can locate the place they're doing it!!!! (Which I am pretty sure I can).
This prospect is awesome!!! So, we'll see about. Maybe on my last day of Vegas, I will do a drop in.

Jim and I will be flying out Thursday morning – October 1st. This is our first plane trip together. We've been together for a while, but I do look forward to this milestone. I would pretend that I haven't become a bit of a self-help junkie, except that I can truly admit that between personal development and yoga, it has really alleviated a lot of my depressive cycle that had programmed itself to my brain. I was looking for ways to reprogram myself, when I ran into Steve Pavlina's book. Which I ordered and loved. And then I found his blog. And the chain of spiritual change happened. And as a respect to myself, I am not going to pretend it hasn't brought about a much better life circumstance for me on a day to day basis. Same with the following news.

In other news, I've been experimenting with eating more raw/vegan style. It's a personal experiment. I've been reading about it for months, but always felt too overwhelmed to actually make entire steps towards the lifestyle. It's hard to wrap your head around this sort of thing. No one accepts this. People like to reject the idea. I don't care how other folks live out their lives, and I think everyone should eat/believe/do what suites them the best – their personal Will. That being said, I'm doing personal experiments with my own body and seeing how it works for me.

This week I decided to stop being so intimidated. I went to a juicing class on Monday put on by this guy I've been following on facebook who does raw diet stuff, and was inspired. It made me realize that I don't have to doing anything 100% if it isn't what I want. So, instead – I decided to try to take it day by day. One day at time, instead of “I'm going to do this forever,” or even a 30 day trial yet.
And if I see situations where I see fit, or outright WANT to stray off and eat something cooked, I can and will. The idea that any percentage of raw food eating will improve me, is what I am going off of. My body is being inundated with fresh, raw, and wonderful nutrients.

And the thing of it (fruits and veggies) is... I haven't had many cravings at this point. For the most part I feel pretty good. My current routine goes like this: Fruit in the morning, a green juice at lunch, fruit if I feel my calories are crashing, and a big salad for dinner with tons of veggies/fruit.

This also with working out 5-7 times per week so far. The thing I enjoy most is – drinking gallons of water is less needed when you do this. The water is all inclusive in the food/meals. (Not that I don't have SOME). Instead of indulging in candy or other stuff, lately I've just reached for fruit instead.
Normally this did not work when I ate other cooked items... but paired with 50% veggies, and 50% fruits, I seem to notice that it's easier to handle. So, this is my experiment that I will work with for now. And if I feel like I don't want to, or it stops FEELING good, I'll drop it ;)

I've been sort of struggling with identifying with it – or admitting to certain skeptics about it. This is sort of why I'm writing about here it. To begin to remind myself of my own personal authority. It doesn't matter what Jonny says about it ;)

(Jonny is a sweetie of mine who is definitely into his protein). For an different view of protein, read a little about the protein myth, or don't...

It was when I found myself ordering my dinner salad out (knowing full well that most salads prepared at restaurants are not entirely raw) and picking at my chicken because I was afraid he'd judge me for it. I was breaking a couple of personal rules here: Changing myself for a man, (albeit a wonderful man!) and pretending to be something else that I am not.

Right now, I am not hugely meat eating. I've been experimenting (again, lots of experiments) with cutting beef and chicken for a few months. Lately I just indulge in meat as a “special” occasion almost, instead of a regular part of my diet. Hey – I've been pro-meat for years. I also love eggs and dairy. But, what does it hurt me to learn more about how my body feels on different fuels? Not at all.

So, last night when I prepared my (HUGE!!!!) salad dinner (that, note – I could not finish because I got full) I dialed Jonny's number and proudly announced that I was eating a fruit and veggie salad with NO PROTEIN. And that was how I liked it!

It was intentional because this was the second time I've prepared such a meal and had comment from him. I needed to get him to realize that I am not going to stand behind the “work out, eat tons of protein” concept. While I understand you must be careful about re-fueling, nutrients, and the like... I will go with my own body experiments and not accept stuff because “studies have shown,” or “other people told me,” XYZ.

I want to know for myself.

That being said, life has been good. The past few days I've been feeling very, very high.
Really, really busy. I went to yoga and then went straight to Red Robin to meet Jon for dinner and hang out. Yesterday I chose to skip yoga (and have a rest day) and hang out with Jim before he went to work.
Somewhat irritating that both my sweeties would have overnight jobs, and virtually the same nights off.

Could I just have a guy that works a normal daytime schedule??? Anyone? Actually, I don't think at this time I could even find time to have any other involvements. With Yoga, running, healing, ongoing personal efforts, reading, house keeping, and working – my life is honestly full. I also have been more social in the last 1-2 months, and this involves more friends.

This is how my situation with Jonny evolved. For the past 4-5 months, we've been getting together as friends. If anyone KNOWS Jon, you'll know that we've dated off and on for about 10 years or more.
Somehow, I found things evolving once again. Things are going well on that end. I have been trying to get him to go to OLO, but he's shy.

I think he also wants to lose some weight before he goes. :(
He is self conscious. He lost 100lbs 3-4 years ago, so he could join the Marines. He joined the Marines, made his entire life shift, and then in boot camp he got discharged for medical reasons. (He got sick or something?) He came home, got a bit down about it – and after sustaining a knee injury (are we seeing why I could connect with him on other levels?) slowly regained 2/3s of that weight. He was more overweight before, and I've always adored him regardless. When it comes to his weight and knee issues, although I am a tiny version of this – this is where I know Jim has less ability to directly relate to the struggle with injury vs. having been at a supreme fitness area.

The understanding I get from Jon is something I haven't found with any other connection in my life. (And we spend a lot less time talking about it unless one of us has a flare up with our knees!)

I would like to take this time also to shout out to the roof tops about how progressed my condition is!!!!!!

MY KNEES ARE ON THEIR WAY TO 100% health! Right now I still have to be very careful, but my day to day experience is much better. For this, I also feel the depressive states have lifted. But part of me thinks my outlook had a direct impact on where my healing was.

Right now running is a far lower risk than kneeling. Once the immediate inflammation went down, the running was less risky. Right now I struggle with reminding myself not to kneel in yoga classes. I have to sit out a number of poses (2 or 3, which feels like forever when you are the sort of student who normally refuses to relent). Lesson there: sometimes we need to back off in order to reap the bigger benefits. I already knew that, but it is a daily lesson when I go to class.

The kind of patience that not going into camel or rabbit poses takes, is bigger than that of practicing either position. Also fixed firm. So far, half-tortoise appears to do less harm. On my last visit to the therapist – she advised bringing a blanket or pillow to start going into kneeling poses. Well, my studio typically frowns on props. So I asked if I could use a towel. I am thinking the towel I chose was not enough padding, because when I tried one or two poses this way (as a test) it has left me waiting the past couple of days to get past a mild twinge in the around-the tendon area.

I am committed to take it easy the rest of this week and search for something that is sort of towel like, but very, very padded. It is the action of rolling over the kneecap with my full weight that currently causes relapse.

Look at me! I'm so learned. I am proud of my self knowledge. I feel like I'm waking from a long, deep – groggy sleep. Running feels like a blessing. Going for walks is elating. Stairs are wonderful. Standing talking to my co workers with less worry makes me want to shed tears.

Sitting down on the toilet with no pain is a personal triumph. What can I say? I will never take these things for granted.



Dec. 6th, 2006 12:37 pm
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And you realize your life has shifted when you are surprised by reactions and realize, "Wow, I'm monogamous these days so certain thoughts just no longer occur to me!"

I remember when I made realizations the opposite way. And here I am making realizations in the monogamous way.
A different friend I am IMing is mentioned why a couple of folks do not feel comfortable at OLOTEAS. "someone once told me one of the reasons they didn't feel comfortable at OLOTEAS was because it was somewhat more poly-friendly than monogamy-friendly."

Frankly, at times it is this way. I already had one thread down this subject.
Although, honestly - for me, I am secure enough in my own lifestyle that I can tell people just how it is if I need to, and I realize that just because there are folks out there who believe, or like to tell others that "poly is superior," does NOT mean I have to give a shit. So for instance, to those people who monogamously cannot handle the poly atmosphere: Get over it. lol.

It is human to blindly pronounce our own way better than others. And unless we're self aware as humans - things come off this way. Especially in larger groups.

I just was amused because one of my friends (not the one who was telling me about the person who was talking about OLO) ... surprised me. I don't think he knew I was monogamous these days! Hee hee.
Ah well. And then I had the remote thought, "ah, wow. Isn't it nice to be monogamous!" and then I realized, yeah. I'm in the right situation. My situation is low drama and that is all I care for.
Honest to gods. Anything else, anyone else? Do what thou wilt.
And really. It sounds a bit odd to hear myself say that after being in the counter-type-culture for long enough where those words are rarely uttered out of anyone's mouth. WELL here they are out of mine because I do find my current situation exactly as I want it to be.

Random: I have had more coffee because Travis ended up stopping by the office.
I am happy he has a girlfriend now and that he is having fun.
And I am also grateful for his friendship. There is no one out there quite like Travis.

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TODAY has been great.
I get my birthday dinner tonight! Yeay. So I will be heading Tacoma bound later tonight.
After I get out of this joint. Waaawhooo!!!

I am thinking I should change up our plans and do The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner and agree to pay part of it because I sold a piece of software and now I have more money!! Yeay.
It is also payday today, this makes me happy.
I plan on trying to spend less, in spite of my idea of splurging more on the birthday dinner. But if we go there, it will SO be worth it.

SO. I completely look forward to seeing my sweetheart.
That makes Friday even sweeter. He will be doing drill this weekend (bleh) and I will be helping my parents move this weekend. That will be fun – I get to see my mommy a lot this weekend then! I miss her :/

I would do an hour of laps tonight – although I think I am going to have to settle on 30 minutes or so at lunch. Which will be soon!!!

So. First things: Pay day happened.
Secondly: A few extra $ because of software.
This was spur of the minute planning. I was talking out my schedule with my boss – when I realized it would be more advantageous of me to actually just take a few days off.

So, this is what my schedule will look like for my days of November 18-28th not working.

18th: Friday, no work the next day
19-Saturday no work
20-Sunday no work
21-Monday, 8 hrs vacation
22-Tuesday, 8 hrs vacation
23-Wednesday, 8 hrs vacation
24-Thursday, Holiday pay!
25-Friday, Holiday pay!
26-Saturday, no work
27-Sunday, no work
28-Monday, no work – standard day off!

HAH! All that time off for 24 hrs leave out of my vacation bank.
What an awesome feeling.
And the thing is... it is almost even more awesome because it wasn't planned so far in advance, which is usually what I tend to do. *celebrates*! I ranted on coffee high to lord_andrei about this.

AND!? Next Friday is a vacation day too. So, next week is a 3 day week.
Alright, alright. And I had some awesome coffee today.
ALL of these things combined is making my Friday a beautiful day.
Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my dear friends, faerievixen2 and glitch25.
Ahhh, I love you both, yes I do!

AND I was smart SMRT - I filled my timesheet out early instead of doing it at the last minute. WAY better this way. And then I can make changes accordingly. Good deal, indeed.

Swimming now! Happy Friday to all ya'll!



Oct. 20th, 2006 07:50 pm
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I am horny. Where's my dude?
*siiiiiiiighs* Ah, well.
We have a party to attend. :D
And very, very many of my friends are going to be there. Waaahooo!

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-Snuggles with Jim
-Jim smiling at me and saying, "I love you. You think so much like me!" followed by a hug.


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Aside from mis-placing my wallet...

I'm just feeling happy today.
I thought of my sweetie this morning and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
It. Feels. Right.

This time last year - life was an entirely different place.
I'll admit. Two weeks from now (a year ago) my life took it's steady 4-month decline.

I'd like to also take time to thank a certain special someone otherwise known as moshker - I'm quite thankful for the smiles he brought into my life when I was down. I think I could not have healed quite the same without him.

And today?

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An itch that cannot be scratched:

Last night was a good evening. I tried very hard to forget the stresses of the work day; and it worked.

I vegged with the beasts before I headed out to meet up with Evan and Elissa at the Workshop in Redmond. Yeah – you heard me. The Workshop, lol.

Mel called while I was out. It was good to hear from her, in spite of my inability to talk long.

It was good to see Elissa. She’s looking great and as positive and enjoyable as ever.
There was a time in my life when I used to get annoyed at her bright outlook. I’ve grown a lot myself since, and now I think it’s a downright admirable quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Evan – it’s just last night I was hoping to try and catch up, seriously catch up – with Issa. That was difficult with Evan’s constant interruptions, especially as we drank more beer. I think in the future I’ll narrow it down to just Evan and I. I also saw another girl who went to school with us back in the day. We scared her away by saying the word (all three of us) “Cock,” too loud, too many times.

I wanted to really discuss my new friend, Jim, with Elissa in more depth. It was impossible. She did, however – after a slight two second whine session about wanting to see Jim, encourage my decision that I just go over after our visit.

Afterwards I hung out very briefly with Evan at Half Price Books. My impatience and desire to go see Jim intensified. Evan was talking about nothing in particular and a text message response from a message I had sent earlier caused me to be entirely distracted and not so much into the after-beer Evan visit. Normally I’m good to just do nothing later into the evening. This time, I felt a certain urgency on heading out.

As soon as I cleared my visit with Evan, I called Jim.
He seemed pleasantly surprised at my idea of dropping by.
The drive went quickly because I was on the phone.
I was a little goofier than usual – which might have been the last edge of beer burning itself out. I doubt as much that I will be making any more trips anywhere after any other Evan-Angela outings. This is a rare thing that I don’t plan on repeating.
The spontaneous trip, however – was worth it.
Onto the fact I am goal-oriented today.

The big ones:
Exercise more.
Drink less.
Take care of errands that will get me money.

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Welcome home, Angela.
2AM on a work night.
Staying out late playing with men is trouble.
Trying not to fall asleep with - is more accurate than "playing."

Bathe me in wonder.

Kiss me - hold me - and make me feel beautiful.
That was my night.

Gods that was tempting. To stay out all night.
The grin just won't fade away.

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Travis just left. He got a job, at long last!
So we hung out and had a couple of beers (I felt like I needed them; at work I felt uptight about this, that, or the other.)
Ugh. (This time I had a couple also, last week it was only him.)

Let’s see…
So my beer count in the fridge is slowly (VERY slowly) dropping, as Travis has visited twice in 2 weeks. Pleasant surprise.

I had an awesome weekend that I better write about or ELSE.
The rest of tonight? Goodness, I think I just need alone time to chill.

I have a serious new crush and I’m not used to feeling like this. (And the crush is not Travis, hehehehe.)
It’s been a while.


I’m acting like a girrrrrrl!

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I repeat: Work has been busy lately.
Not even a moment for LJ posting. Wow.

So, work was crazy. Crazzzyyy.
I had a tummy ache for half the day that eventually subsided, thank gods.

I went to the get together for a special lady's birthday.
It made me feel good to be around her and everyone else.
I felt cheerful.

I know this is brief, it's just that I have a date with Jim from the club and I want to jet down to Kirkland ASAP.
I shouldn't even be posting!

So, time to spend some quality time with Joe - the transporter.

OLOTEAS Tomorrow!!!
This weekend rocks.

Time to go try not to be a pansy and learn how to date!



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