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The Good Stuff!!! )

More real posts soon!!! I promise. I know these are of no interest to most of you :P
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My run schedule is working beautifully. My stamina is coming back quickly after taking a short spell off due to hamstring paranoia. Hamstring is healing beautifully also. I switched Yoga with a Run because I could not Run yesterday, and that is fine.


I feel great. I am going to do this. The mileage is my commitment, I want to advance beyond the 3-5 mile range. I have stayed there for a few years and I am really looking to see what I can do. So right now, I am going to build my base up all over again, trust in myself, and once the consistency sets in and I feel like my entire body has become acclimated enough (particularly the soft tissues and tendons) - then I will begin adding more than 5 miles in. I am so excited for this notion.

I will continue doing yoga alongside this - it is good for both performance, maintenance, and of course, who can live without YOGA?!!??!

But putting running into the forefront of my workout routine again (feels blissful, for one) and for two, it also opens up more time in my life for the rest of the stuff that is important to me. Men. Studying Deacon role. My dogs. My house, making it better. My family. All of those things need time, and with the Issaquah job and the teaching, I need to pack more stuff in shorter amounts of time. Perhaps one day Rite of Sol (even if I am just a crew member, I don't care!!! I'm going to be involved if they'll have me! Mop the floors. Wipe the ass of the crew. Doesn't matter). The ideal, I think - is if they would use me for pretty movement pieces. But who knows! I just want to be a part of it, and have since the very beginning (Rite of Luna). I just wasn't able to prior. Felt like the universe was standing in my way. Now I wish I had.

All good. Whatever the case, my friends are talented - and I am proud of both Melissa and Jon for being a driving force behind some truly amazing rock operas.
It really does blow my mind.

And of course, everyone else involved.

Tonight, Jim and I got many things accomplished. First, we went to the dealership to tie up some loose ends. They had my new plates, got them, and a check reimbursing some of my registration. Yippee!!! A check. And then I whined about the tinting appointment. They agreed to get it in tomorrow. And then we whined about how the oil change people decided they weren't willing to honor my car. Soooo........ Jim bitched more, because they were only going to reimburse me $151 for it, he convinced them to write me a $200 check to cover a full year's oil changes. This is coming to me tomorrow when I drop Sunshine off to get her shades on. ;)

I hope this looks good, and not gaudy. We'll see. And after tomorrow I can pick my nose in my car all I want again. I was really missing that feature of Classy. Just kidding. hehehehe.

Oh yeah. Then we went and had chickenwings at WingDome. We tried to find the pizza place that we had our first date at (it was the only thing open after Jim's Gamestop shift the night we met up). I think it finally shut down, sad. Seeing as our 6 year anniversary is on Saturday. It is okay, we were like 2 doors down from where it was.

AND THEN, we went to Macy's to take back the court outfit that wasn't quite right. As in, blazer sleeves were too short and the skirt had a tiny rip in the ass. I was pissed about that. The whole ensemble was AWESOME. And now there isn't anything there that I like. CRAP. I will have to go back and look again, for our second court date in June. (It has been post poned). And then it will look like I have expensive clothes galore seeing as I will definitely have another outfit by the time late June rolls around for this occassion....!!!

OH, And then....... I had to buy cute sandals because my feet have been suffocating and I am now sick of buying shitty shoes that I do not like. And I will wear them to work and if anyone gives me shit for having feminine stuff, they can suck it. Because I am a girly girl, even if I work in IT. Fuck off.

:D Happy times. I would write about my awful Sunday, but I am too happy right now.

And then I ran tonight before I came to write this and was proud that I didn't use the 15 excuses I could have, to get out of it. 9PM, I was strong and just relaxed. Wham bam, the miles done. Happy.

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I am preparing a running schedule soon. I miss it so.very.much, and have not been making it my priority. It’s been 3 years of stagnation in my mileage and speed. I am mostly looking to add miles. The runner in me is restless. I can do better without hurting myself, absolutely. Once my hamstring behaves and is 93% healed. Maybe even 99% healed. I am dying to finally progress. And it all starts with consistency, and weeks and weeks of slow progression. So I am drawing up a schedule. If I need to get up early to accomplish it; I will.
I really like a schedule; but it must also be flexible. This is how I have found my best success.
Later I will begin alternating Yoga weeks with the CT (strength) training weeks. Right now I am taking a strength training hiatus due to it being very lower body intensive. I may have to do upper body separate. Jury is out. I was just getting my guns back when I strained my hamstring but I do it a full body Circuit and always have, and haven't adjusted to more Upper only in my CT...

For April I need to make it happen, so I have drawn up something that looks very cool. Also noted when I run more, I actually get more time to do other things. It takes a lot less time than Yoga unfortunately. I figure on my SUPERB weeks, I will hit up the yoga studio as much as possible on wildcard days.

This is mostly for me, because I am quite sure no one else cares.

Sunday RUN
Monday YOGA
Tuesday RUN
Wednesday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/Slowly retroduce CT
Thursday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/CT
Friday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/CT
Saturday RUN

Wildcard days are designed for my flexibility situation.
I want at least 3 days definite runs per week, and as for my yoga schedule. Yes, it’s taking a hit for now. This is definitely a lot less Yoga than my typical situation. I know.
I will try to get in the studio as much as possible on the wildcard days – mostly designed to allow flexibility with the other shit going on.
Any time I can squeeze a yoga class in on a Run day is all the better, also. But I won't put that in the schedule as it's only a bonus situation to make me get some yoga in. The more yoga the better, as always.

Perhaps later I will make a Deacon schedule to force myself to start memorizing or figuring out how to make steps towards Mass involvement.
All in due time. My path to that is obviously quite slow and stately.

That’s all.
Another boring workout post.

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I had some stuff I thought I was going to write, and then I forgot. So I will just have to write something else.

This weekend has been pretty awesome. Yesterday I hung out with my parents after chilling with Jim in the morning. When I got home at like midnight, him and Dave were just cracking open some beers and hanging out. I had a beer or two, we talked for a couple hours, then we told Dave he should really crash in our guest room rather than drive home to Sultan.

He stayed, we hung out more in the morning, then we went to breakfast. Talked for hours, then he went on his merry way. Jim and I spent the day chillaxin. I bought some items to make more yoga mat sanitizer. I am slowly preparing for what is going to be an awesome opener to May. I feel like May might be my "crack down on my habits" month.

Other than my sister's birthday, and a wedding that I am the photographer for (my cousin) my main priority for the month of May is diet and Yoga. I really want to get some uber flexibility in my lower body back, as for a few months I have been targeting cardio which is more like repetitive tightening motions, rather than loosening up. I also am fantasizing about a mini big-picture plan:

May, Yoga month. June, ramp up on running with a side of the elliptical so that I can get the most for my training with the least amount of injury risk - keeping yoga in the rotation to keep some of the 30-day benefits, but not spending my life or my summer in the hot room. Nope. It's time to reclaim my runner identity after my next yoga-thon. Maybe even create a little bit of a training plan instead of free-balling, as I feel I've been doing for a few months. While it's been nice to have the freedom, it's almost too much of a pain in the ass not to have a plan set in motion so I don't have to make On The Spot daily decisions about what it is I am going to do. I will maybe start working on my June plans now. Also have plans to do mini runs for May, either inside or outside - targeting a couple of things, mostly to keep some of my cardio stamina alive - and to keep my tendons and ligaments prepared for what lies after my yogathon. Which is: More dedicated running.

So, I will be keeping it modest with a 1-2 miler a couple of times a week, just to keep shit real. Nothing long because I don't want to wear my body out or burn out my adrenals/thyroid balance.
That and Jim will totally want to go if they are short jaunts like that.

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A run is on deck after work, but I don't know how I am going to survive. I feel frozen outside today. I think it's like 36F in Issaquah. I forgot to grab gloves, so there is only one glove in my car that I was able to dig up. I'm not sure I want to have one warm hand and one cold one. Brrrr. So cold outside. Feels colder than it did last week - I'm guessing that icy wind doesn't help matters.

The weekend flew by. Saturday we went to Port Townsend, where Grandma Santo lives. This is pretty much a whole day affair. We delivered a puppy to her because one of her two dogs died. Bummer. This was a Sheltie puppy. Very cute little boy and hopefully all goes well with the adjustments.

We then went back home. I chillaxed at home, and then Sunday came. Worked out, did things around the house, and then went to Russian class. Coming along with the learnings. Hopefully when I am done being frozen tonight after work, I will do a major study session and get all my material ready to study for next week. Including a couple of written dialogues of using the 4 different forms of "to go."

Anyways. I'm inching towards my evening workout. In the frigid, frosty cold.
And for fun, I'll go ahead post a picture of me and my other Grandmother.

Бабушка и меня - Grandma and Me. )

As Sasha has mentioned... I've been catching up with family that I haven't seen in years, a lot lately.

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Zumba. After my run at the gym this evening, because I decided to go back to sleep after all that babbling online... I saw the Zumba class was just starting. I thought, "hm. I've always wondered." Let me tell you, folks. If you wanted to laugh, I mean - really hard, you should have seen me, post run, in my running gear, trying (TRYING) out a Zumba class. Oh, my.

I felt bad for the people around me because of my perfume: Post runner's perfume. You know, Stench. But I have to say, that wasn't that strong. I have to say, my performance on the floor was pretty hilarious. But if you can't laugh at yourself doing authority experiments, and trying new things, then what CAN you laugh at? I mean really.

This was the experience I probably will not forget. I have an online friend in a weight loss forum I am a part of (she is from Malta) and she LOVES, loves, loves - Zumba. So I thought, "this one is for Bella." Well, Bella - if you could only have seen me.

I am not sure if this is my first and last class or not. But I have to hand it to myself, "GOOD JOB, Angela, for not walking out the door at the 30 minute mark." How do people MOVE that way? I suddenly wished I had Matt there to help me figure out how to work these hips. He is a master. I also couldn't help but imagine that Russian Anna would have been a dancing queen. Her and I are a lot alike in deeper personality ways, but yeeesh, I can see her rockin' the Zumba floor... while I was being mopped up on the Zumba floor. Not because I am not fit enough - no, more because I'm just not a rockstar dancer. But let's face it. I can't be princess awesome at everything, jeah? ;)

And I suppose since I have limited "dance" experience, that I didn't do half bad.
It was at least better than curling up in bed... it had to have expended SOME energy. Also didn't help that dancing isn't so great in running shoes, and that my orthodics were feeling funky, and that my blister started screaming at me. But you know, Ангелkа is not deterred by these things. I put my all into everything, even when I'm totally bombing it. And I have to say, I'm glad I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow.

So there you have it folks. Ангелka, and Zumba.

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Given the fact that Jim's tires on his Front Wheel Drive car are pretty much bald, and the 3-4 inches of snow that we got here in our neighborhood, we decided that he had two options. Call out - or get a ride from me down the hill in my AWD Subaru, the one that just got new tires.

I found myself clambering out of bed at 5AMish, (in spite of his strong inclination to call out) which resulted in... Jim to arrive at his place of employment pretty much on time. And I think maybe I should brush my teeth and hit the gym, instead of wasting the fact that I'm awake on going back to sleep. Just maybe. Tempting to go run in the snow because I've never done that, but I'm not sure that's my idea of an awesome morning? It might not go as easily as I'd wish. However, there's something very tempting about the adventure and the challenge. I just don't want to land on my ass somewhere on the sidewalk. That would suck. My other alternative is the treadmill. Or should I say, Dreadmill. Do I really want to hit the dreadmill? These are the hard questions I face. And I don't have much time to make up my mind.

I guess I will just go to the warm gym. It's smarter. And warmer.
Wait. Let me take this back. This is going to sound silly, but I let my hair dry last night so I could flat iron it today...
Crap. Maybe I will hit the gym AFTER work. Hm. This is too difficult. ;) I would apologize, but this is my journal, so no apologies are needed: for the goofy, early morning, stream of consciousness for the day.
Hell. I can flat iron it tomorrow.
At least there's one thing: my car is already cleared off for my commute in.
And another early morning notion: If I had an Airline company, I'd call it Angela Airlines.
I'm just saying.

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Happy times. Circuit training session is done for the night, next a shower, then dinner, then chillaxin. I need to call Inna.
INNA, if you're around, I'm going to call you and say, "привет!!!" and maybe ask you some questions about tenses. I should just call you, but right now I'm all gross from working out.

This February weather is cold. Snow! (Февраль погода холодная. Снег!) (February weather is cold, Snow!)

Feeling great. I think whatever I am doing with my diet and my supplements is making my body happier. My BBTs are still a little low sometimes (the rove between the high 96s and the low 97). But I do see progress - energy, and stuff. THANK GOODNESS. And I think with my extreme counting and planning and all around balancing, I *might* just be dropping some weight. We'll see. Fingers crossed. FEELING really optimistic and happy. Thanks to Icky for the supplements that she gave me to try. I will be buying some of those for my regular stash. And um. I can't wait to see my muscles again. I can feel it's coming!!!

Oh yeah - and after talking to Susan, my Floridian friend from High School, my phone automatically answered itself and it was a work call. About that time I was shouting up the stairs in my most cheesy, very typical for 100% private time, "BABY! ARE YOU UP THERE?!" and then more blabbing to Jim. Then I noticed my phone had answered a "425" call, which means work. I hung up out of panic, and then was like, "did a co worker just hear me being as cheesy as I ever get to my boyfriend?" Who knows.
And now I have no idea who it was. Oops. Sort of comical, actually. I like to pretend I'm not sappy and stuff. But I am. Inside the personal life of Angela, indeed. A rare thing has happened. I was EMBARRASSED. That's rare.

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Just got off work, cleverly packed my gear, purchased blister protectors for my foot. 36F, brrr. Snow was happening in Issaquah when I was off for lunch. Big, giant flakes. We will probably have snow tomorrow. Oh, joy. Fortunately, I won't be running every day, so I can easily circuit train tomorrow in doors.

My energy level feels up today.
30 minutes, ramped back to the Target turn off for now. My pace is medium, if I were lighter, I'd probably be going faster, but for the time being, I'm not particularly concerned. Right now is my life. Not tomorrow and definitely not yesterday!!!
Happy to have hit the road, gotten my workout in already, have plans to go over past and future tenses (ironic, given my last statements there) in Russian to try and sort out what the hell my teacher gave me on Sunday. (Oh, my. So confused).

I will figure it out. I know (WHAT) she gave me. But I didn't fully grasp it. We go super fast in class. Sometimes I have to come home and do a lot of self study. Sometimes?? EVERY time.

I am definitely glad I didn't skip out to finish helping Roby and Sarah move. I was tempted.
I hope I remember to come back later and post about Cowboy.
I know that's random.

Anyway, my legs are cold. I should stretch. I should shower. Jim is playing his games, but I insist that we spend some quality time on house improvement. Neither of us are happy with where our house is "tidy" wise. WE've got a lot of work to do, and unless we do little bits EVERY night or every other night, we will never reach our goals of being happy with our home. This includes him, not just me. As a team, we are going to get there. My big dream right now is honestly having the man-cave not be a shit repository (lots of crap in there) but possibly moving my desktop computer up there too. So we can spend time together, but not pay attention to each other at all. I mean that. ;) Maybe, we'll see. That way when he sits down to browse crap, so can I. We need some major closet re-organization, also. Anyway. I am freezing and need to stretch.

Maybe I will also remember to recap on the weekend...

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Mystery solved. I think I had been too low on calories this morning, and thus I was not generating as much as heat as per caloric energy saving measures for my body. As soon as I ate some substance = freezing issue turned into body heat regularity.

Very happy about that. So now if I feel too cold like that too long, I'm going to take a stab in the dark it has to do with calorie needs. As in, I need some right then! Sweet. Good to have that solved.
Also bought some new shoes, as I was sick of my old, not so sexy shoes I bought during the last phase of my knee injury rehabbing. Found some cool Sketchers that actually seem to compliment pain alleviation for my plantar fascitis - what little of it that is left. Exciting! So, they're super cute AND they actually seem to be more supportive than my old shoes. Perhaps it was time that I replaced them, and this could ALSO help me finish rehabbing lower body problem take 2.

Also, happily soaked my feet in an epsom salt foot bath while reading a mystery novel. Maybe I'm not at the meat-sack club with meat-sacks dancing dirty. But it feels like a pretty mellow night. Jim should be showing up any time. Or something. Not entirely sure. Hoping to circuit train with him tonight. Looking for a run on Saturday. Rotating happily through the Yoga/CT/RUN/OFF loop.

Good news about my lower body!!! And after this, I'm so not injury prone. I'm beyond that. ;)

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Today it has been great. My work list is very short annnnnd I'm also lucky enough to have updated my IPOD playlist for the first time in a long time with some more motivational songs that I like; for running.
I'll be refocusing on running a little more to hit the cardio more regularly and scale back on the Yoga for the time being (we'll see where Yoga falls in).

Happily have a new playlist and am all set.
Ummm, what else. Got a FitBook 3.0, so I'll be tracking things closer to make sure nothing wild is happening.

Very content to have a new mix because I had been listening to that other mix for a while and was tired of hearing songs on the radio and wishing they were on my ipod. Now they are.

Not sure what else is new, spent the day with Mom yesterday, and then with Jim in the evening.
Saw some friends on Saturday, which was important. I've been reclusive lately. Too much so. And while working out is great - there is life outside of the fitness. In fact, life is not fitness, and I'm making it my goal to stop hiding behind my workouts. It's true that I will benefit from seeing more people as I change up my work out schedule to arrange for a 5 on 2 off schedule (I was probably doing 6-9 workouts per week before, dominated by Yoga.) - and ensuring that most of those are runs, with some weight training - and I am uncertain about the Yoga element. Definitely, it takes WAY less time to do every other workout. We'll see how things pan out. Gonna go with the flow :)

If my body is feeling over-stressed, physically and emotionally, maybe it is entirely possible that it is slamming the brakes on my metabolism. This should also allow other balance in my life.

Let me know if anyone wants to hang out (and it doesn't involve lots of food and high calorie drinks). I'm game to start getting myself out of this vortex/vacuum, of exercise recluse-iveness :D Also must remind myself that I am not my work outs, and I am not my body. I am beyond that, and that all of that is fantastic, and also surface level. Not the be-all, end-all of everything that I am. I'm really intending to learn this lesson and become more comfortable with myself again. (I started out that way, believe it or not). I have become really bad about identifying with my fitness and figure, and I'm all about getting past this weakness/blind spot, and oversight.

Oh - yeah. Eventually, soon - I must work on finding a local endocrinologist to see and talk about thyroid stuff with to double check that this weirdness is most definitely NOT the case, and at the very least, demand (heehee, okay, mandate kindly) to be walked through the results - so that I may understand that much more about it, even if it is 100% fine. I am not satisfied to not see the results myself, and not have the expert actually sit me down and let me know what is what.

Also on my agenda is to buy Jim a sippy cup (he tried to steal my plastic (BPAfree) re-usable to-go cup for his sweet tea last night. I must get him one of his own...
Check out Vibrams Five Fingers for fun.
Research a fun trip to take with Jim soon - because we are WAY too... um. Well, we just need to get out and act like the youthful couple that we are. End of story ;)

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Here I am, finishing off my last day in the workweek. Figured I'd write a quick LJ update before I head out for the weekend. I'm pushing off into my 4 day weekend.


Circuit trained on lunch. I left my house and did it at the gym today!
It took me a few minutes to figure out logistics of how exactly to set it up. Unfortunately the pull up bars are not really close by... damn. Maybe I will just have to do those entirely separate and not in a circuit then?

Already feeling like I made the right choice with joining this gym. It makes me cheerful that I can use the mirrors for good form - that I have a destination sometimes that isn't 30 minutes away and going to occupy the better part of 3 hrs total in the evening (yoga).

Also that after 2200/10PM I can actually work out doing WHATEVER work out of my choice. Weights, pool, treadmill. I can watch TV and walk aimlessly or even sit on a bike for gods'sake. I can take group classes if I fit that in that aren't Bikram Yoga.

There's possibility. I haven't even delved into half of it! It's only been like 3 days. I think I joined on Tuesday. And because it was there, I ran a tiny bit after my circuits today (it was quick).
What else?

Something satisfying about having a new destination. A new place to call my "place."
And after seeing all the deadlift bar weight bar options in the gym, I'm really stoked to try doing deadlifts. So far I've done free weight stuff. I'll be giving deadlifts a chance sometime this weekend, I think.

See how my body likes it.
I am also getting a lot of yoga in this week. So far, it's been every day except for Tuesday - when I ran 5 miles. Granted... I was going to go to Yoga that day but felt lazy. So I went for a run instead.

ONwards... tonight I have plans to hit the hot room. :) Just trying to decide: 6:30PM or 8:30PM class?
I'll further determine that decision later tonight.
Also booked a room for the Sunday/Monday period, so that Jim and I can go on a mini trip to the Hoh Rainforest, in the Lake Quinault Lodge.
Hoping to get a nice chance to break out of monotony.

We haven't been on any mini trips in a while or stayed anywhere fun. I look forward to it :)
They had a "Four Legged Friends" Special running on some of the rooms, which makes it free to drag the boys/dogs along.

For one - Rufus is almost like not having a real dog at this point. He mostly just lays around in his elderhood now. Next Friday, the 19th - is officially his 14th birthday. *siiiighs

14 years of my life we have spent together. That is a long time and longer than many friendships with humans last. Again - I feel so very blessed and treasure him greatly. We'll see where the end of the road for us lies and how it unfolds.

BUt yeah! Free dogs and we get a "water bowl" to remember the resort by. Awesome.

In less cheerful news...
My co worker's wife died of stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago - and there is a memorial for her on Saturday. I'd like to go. Although me and David aren't exactly pals, I extend my heartfelt sympathies for him. She was 51. And I had met her a few times, and really genuinely thought she was a sweet lady.

And life goes on.

ANywho. Gonna get my stuff together and leave! Excited to have an excuse to chillax with Jimmers, excited for my new gym membership. Excited for a mini-break from the orface.

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This feels like the longest class known to man, for me right now. It’s a 4 day class, and I am nigh on the mid morning of day 2. The class? Sharepoint for Devs.

I’m not a developer. IE, programmer/coder.
It has never been an area that I was strong at. I don’t have a lot of dev background. I have mostly networking background – hardware, setting up networks, definitely peripherals and computer services sort of stuff.

So this… this class is way, way above my level of… whatever it is.
Basically it’s like sitting through a calculus class when you should really be in Geometry class.

It makes me feel like this project is really in a different arena too. I don’t feel confident in my abilities to design, create architecture of a website for a whole organization, and also build it out, support it, teach it to people. This, still on my spare time next to end user support and other projects at work. It would be one thing if it WAS a regular website. But Sharepoint is a whole headache unto itself. It's asp crap, it's not some simple HTML concept. It's this whole slough of crap that is more complex than that.

It really is frustrating. I know I’m whining. I’ve been managing okay, but the problem is this class is highlighting that I don’t feel equipped skill base wise for this.
Ask me subnetting questions! Ask me network topology~! Ask me like 100 other things. But don’t ask me to write code.

Don’t do it.

And don’t make me design webpages.
The only single saving grace this could be for me, is to actually teach people this. If I could actually get a product launched that wasn’t a pile of crap, shit, splooge, … then I could run with the idea. I could learn it from an end user standpoint and pass that knowledge along 1,000 times over to everyone else. That’s what I’m good at.

I’m not the builder/thinker/create it in your head type.
I’m not a web architect if you will.
Everything in my power says _ SURE, I can create a site. But it’s going to be hodge-podged, unorganized as hell, and really just not as effective as if you had an entire TEAM working on it. Say – a Sharepoint team.

With some people with specific knowledge and education in more than 1 week spans on the subject. My frustration knows no bounds.

I was reading some posts I wrote in 2006. Guess what, I was beginning to mess with SP in 2006. And not ONCE did I ever work with it and not feel very frustrated with it. Just, wow.

So, I’ve been having ulcers over this same thing for 4 years, and what it amounts to is now – finally, we’re seeing movement on it. And it’s where my job is supposedly headed.
What do I do? I’ve tried to get across to my boss my levels of discomfort, but somehow it evades him.

Not being direct enough? Yikes.

Onwards: in other good news, I am drinking a delicious soy caramel macchiato, and did something very impulsive-ish last night. This girl Jim knows from work had invited him out to see a play with her and some other dude. Apparently this chica, after him asking her out to coffee – went around asking every single backroom overnight worker what kind of “guy” Jim was. Like a full on investigation. The women he’s been almost getting involved with are giving me headaches, to be honest. They’re weirdos. I don’t care if that’s rude to say, but he has approached a couple of women and they’ve turned out to be flakes. This girl doesn’t feel like she is any different.

I mean – I understand being in the game for personal safety. But you WORK with the guy. And shouldn’t you figure out sooner or later for yourself in a PUBLIC location, where you can leave at any time – what kind of guy he is? So weird. The last girl insisted she was interested in him, and then insisted that sexual advances, including kissing were out of the question, that she was “abstaining.” Well – yes, I get where this is something folks do from time to time, she would do this jerk-him around sort of business. He went on like 3 different dates and eventually she said she felt guilty and had some conversation with her ex bf and then he never heard from her again. This didn’t bother him. I particularly didn’t like that chick and I never met her. It was the stories he was telling me about her that were throwing off a bad vibe on that one. (Vanessa). This current girl is Amy. Overnight workers are making me ill in the first place. Are ANY of you overnight working women not out of whack?

So after Jim got several comments from dudes he knew and didn’t know that well on the overnight crew about this girl asking about him – she finally calls him last minute like yesterday (I found out right after yoga) to see some play in Seattle. Only she was bringing some other dude too. Jim didn’t know this dude. Also, he wasn’t particularly eager to go. Well, he called me and we talked about it. He sort of wanted to hang out with me, and we’ve been sorta BLAH lately, but I was like – in my head “there’s no way I’m going to get in the way of opportunities and a chance to go do something for him.”

He seems reluctant (I’m not sure why – is it me? Is it his feeling uncomfortable about how the girl approached all his pals and unpals alike at work?) No idea. He ends up deciding to go. I see him for 5 mins, and he goes out the door. Whoop Dee. I’m sort of wonky, but mellowed (thanks to Yoga!)

I sit on the computer for 20-30 minutes and then I think. Ah, hell. I’m going for a walk. But it’s cold. I should definitely put on the layers. Then I drive down to flat area… and decide, “no!” And having seen a “no enrollment” fee ad in the mail for the brand new, opened 3 weeks ago 24 hr fitness 3 minutes away from home, I head back home. I’m going to check out the gym. I know I have a yoga membership. I know CT at home and prefer running outside… but there are times after 2200hrs in the evening that I refuse to go outside but still would like to run. Wanted to buy a treadmill but not wanting to pay the $$ or store it. Wanted to buy a deadlift bar but saw they cost between $150-$200. Too much expenditure…..

Also fantasized about watching TV and just walking at the same time. So. I did it. I went to the gym on whim. I was bored, it was earlyish. Got a tour.

It has a pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, b-ball court, regular machines for cardio, weight stuff, a bunch of deadlift bars, yada yada yada. TOWEL service (nice) and it generally looked awesome. It was packed, but I shrugged. Whatever. I signed up for the year membership opting to pay in a few payments, but getting a lower deal. Multi-gym pass, I’m paying like $33 a month. I figured that was a good enough deal. Less than cable. I don’t have cable at home. This is my chance to have it. JK.

I then went on to swim 30 minutes of laps, and went for a little 30 minute walk while watching some TV. Went home.

Found out Jim had come home and was calling me. Apparently Amy and some “older” dude were there in Seattle but the show had sold out. They had their tickets, and Jim couldn’t get tickets. He lied to them and said he was going to go grab some food in town (Seattle). That it was okay. Guess he said it was sort of lame. He was excited that at least if he couldn’t go to some play he wasn’t crazy about seeing with some girl who he would rather have had coffee with to talk to – that at least he could go home and spend his evening with me. And then I was gone for a few hours. Off spending dough on something that I don’t NEED… but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Anyways. About this Amy chick. Uhhh, okay. So far, so lousy.
His luck with women is pretty weird anyway. It was before me, and it continues to be weird. I think he attracts freaky chicks. Nevermind me.

Maybe that’s mean. I don’t care!
Sometimes polyamory is a headache. FYI.

Anyways. Now I have a gym.
And this 24 hr fitness is ACTUALLY open, 24 hours a day. This alone makes it way better than my old 24 hr fitness membership. Not all of them are actually open 24 hrs a day.

Happily membered. It’s just nice to have options.
Really wishing I could chat with Mom this week. But it just isn't feasible in this fantastic class...

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Way to go, me! I already circuit trained for the morning.
Unfortunately part way through I realized I was running a bit on empty: I need to go shopping and so I didn't eat as much as I would have liked last night - (we're back down to all carbs again) annnnd then I didn't think of anything great to eat that we have right now to start my circuits.

That's ok! I finished even though I felt sort of bluuuh. And I think I did a great job considering ;)
Better hit that market and buy some food, pronto!!!!
This won't do.

Ah, wells. This frees up my lunch hour to relax.
I do - however, have eggs and frozen fruit. But that's more of a "after" work out gig.
Today as I drifted awake, I acutely thought to myself: I should do more private journaling.
Note to self: Set that up.

Can't wait to get in the office, close out my shiat, do some personal business when that is done. I'll be beginning to compile a good ole outline for what I hope to be a mini-workshop for self defense tactics. When I get more comfortable with sharing what I personally know, I can add in more physical stuff. For now, we'll start slow and build up. The key is just jumping out and starting my gig!

Anybody interested in being my guinea pig for a workshop is welcome to comment.
I might also be doing personal invites. And be kind, this is my first foray into workshops. It will have to evolve and age like a great red wine. :)
Oh yeah - and you have to be in the Seattle area of course. I'll most likely choose a location on the Eastside.

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Lunchtime today ... I wasn't sure if I had it in me for a run. But I did my new favorite "town loop."
Start around 56th Street, run down 56th to Gilman Blvd, down Gilman Blvd to Front Street - hang a left, and back to my car which is near 56th.

The last 2-3 weeks I've been making a nice 50 minutes of this regularly. Today I blew that away with a 45 minute clock in time. Wow - if I do say so myself. I was wondering why I was getting tired at the end aside from being at the edge of my calories for the day - and it might just be that I was high tailing it for the beginning of my run.

Needless to say, it felt awesome - but I think tonight I'ma take off from Yoga and reward myself with a lil chill time around 874.

Appreciate the wonders that I have use of (my home!)
March is gonna be my month - people. I'm here to make use of my time wisely.
Who knows whether that's a new pace, or I just had the right alignment to provide these legs with some speed. Also - could be the circuit training paying off. This is possible. :)

Regardless. Work is caught up. Next week I have Sharepoint training.
I know - not a terribly exciting post.
Yoga was super hot last night, it broke 111 degrees with 40% humidity. Woo. It was hard because I worked my body hard earlier in the day with my circuits and upping my weights.
And then after Yoga - since Grant's girlfriend wasn't there to sort of friend-block me, I chatted it up with him for an hour or two before I headed home for my shower and dinner. I got home and ate dinner at midnight.


:P But once Grant starts going on about Yoga or we start talkin about life - suddenly I look at the clock and it's been an hour or two! Yikes. It's 2200 when class ends to begin with on Tuesdays. I try and take the Tuesday 2030 class. Was just nice to visit with Grant, it's been a while since we just talked. Goof ball always has some tiny details to share with me about the poses. I enjoy it 111% :D

Way too clever. I hope to remember the things he told me DURING the series.
In fact, he may have had difficulty with memorization and really getting the series down pat... but there are so many areas where he blows me away and astonishes me with his detail oriented nature and insights. Really, he's a sharp dude. Everyone needs a friend, also - that will pass the time so quickly that you thought you blinked but it's hours later! Seriously. Everyone needs a pal like that.

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FINALLY, new toenail color on the feet.
This rocks. I'm sorry - I'd left my orangey color on since sometime right after the 25th of December. Was getting really bored. BRIGHT RED!

Today has been super busy, and super great.
White coffee.
Lunch with Jon.
Beer with some co workers.
Rockin sex with Jim.
Rushed off to...
YOGA following this (wow, it went ok. I only had one beer as my afternoon "snack!") But I was concerned anyway about it feeling like shit during class? Didn't happen, phew. Lucky.
Cleared off the top of the headboard.
You know, the headboard rocks. Except for when it's rocking too much.

Um, then I came home. Ate a light dinner.
Listening to tunes and painted my toe nails. Did laundry.
Still a bit awake. This is bad.
Thanks to Yoga tonight. I worked really hard.
Tomorrow I'd like to hit the yoga and the CT. I wanted to CT today, but the lunch date with Jon was more important.
Tomorrow will make 5 classes this week with runs and CT. I'm hitting my goals pretty good, which is super challenging!
We'll see what actually happens with tomorrow's set of workouts!
Anyway. I better let these toes dry and hit the hay.
These red nails are super shiny....
It's a big deal when you practice so much yoga to have shiny nails. I'm not sure why. And the only time I can paint them is AFTER a class. The heat and humidity means doing it anytime within like 14 hours of a class will re-tackify it.


Anyways. Feeling ... high today. I wouldn't change today at all! It was wonderful.



Jan. 27th, 2010 10:27 pm
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Delicious Tuscan Veggie Bake was eaten for dinner by me tonight.
Hard earned meal after the run and yoga.

Feeling content.

A facebook friend from Cali who recently friended me based off of our mutual friends and hobby of writing has somewhat recruited me for PrePaid Legal again. I am trying to decide whether I should give it a go again, now that rejection bugs me a lot less. I never really got past my friends and family - which, is the hardest part I think. That and I was 19. Harder to stick by the journey like that one when you're younger. I am tempted at giving it round 2. But weary because my experience was so negative the first time. (Certain reactions caused me to freak out a bit, when honestly - the product is sound and worth while, so whatever BS marketing scheme other companies have used, this one isn't.) She gave me the chance to take it or leave it - under her team. The deal is that her team seems a lot more successful than my original one, that Mike Prill was a part of. Not sure.

Food for thought. I get to make up my mind by tomorrow afternoon if I want to work with her set of folks. Hm.
Food for thought also: Finally, the Yoga room was warm AND humid. At last, Eagle pose can be done all sweaty-limbed. Very happy with tonight's temperature. I got way lower in Eagle because of the slide factor.

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As January draws to a close, I can say I've had some progress in life. The first two weeks were memorable: mercury in retrograde - mars in retrograde. The New Year was particularly uneventful this year. First time since I've been an adult that I really had no plans.

I set up some goals and began working on them immediately. It had little to do with the New Year - but it coincided. Mercury went direct and things started to spin up quick. I took my self defense class and now have a set of skills I feel pretty comfortable with.

Last week sort of dragged out! lol. Still working hard. Notably, late last week I tested my knees by going for a walk straight out my doorstep; which is to say, a lot of slope. This was successful for me. That's notable. I've been really bad about chiropractic this month. Ever since the week of the 25th - in December, I've not stepped foot in my chiro's office. Although my back is feeling great, I'd like to get back in there. Tomorrow.

Last weekend I went to the Yoga party, which was fun.
I went out with Grandma and Mom, and then relaxed a lot with Jim on Sunday/Monday. I did a double yoga class on Monday which was good. I skipped Yoga Tuesday and went for a walk. Today I went for a 4.5 mile run on gravel. This was a test. I've stuck to pavement, gravel is a totally different thing for the knees. In case you were wondering. My knees feel a little differently sensitive - but the real test will be how it feels tomorrow after I rest for the evening. I also plan to hit the 1830 yoga class and then come home.

Jim has met a girl spontaneously. Met her at Denny's where his work crew hangs. He went to meet one of the guys, and another guy was there with his gf and gf's best friend (the girl Jim met, the best friend).

There might be a chance for a nice casual relationship in this. Here's to hoping! They are both interested and hit it off well - but neither of them have tons of time or inclination to be "serious," if you will.

We'll see where it goes :)
Looking forward to it.

In other news... just closing out some requests here at work trying to finally catch up.
Good news? I'm back in my size 7 pre-med leave jeans again at last. This is a relief. Now only 1 more size to be at my final goal. Weight wise I'm unsure atm, but I am happy to have more pairs of suitable comfy, fit-great jeans to wear. I can travel the rest of my shape shifting journey a little less poopy faced. My hips are returning to something I recognize again.

I am also enjoying more freedom with my knees. Still proceeding with caution - but this is just preventative to ensure I can still continue to heal more and more every month.


Fought it!

Jan. 22nd, 2010 05:19 pm
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Fought the urge to be entirely lazy alllll night!!!
Hit that 4 miler.
Proud of this. Less than an hour ago, I was wondering how anyone could call ME energetic.
High energy.

Hands frozen; can't post anymore. Till later, folks.
I made it.

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Just catching up.
The last 3 Mondays I took off from working out; normally a good prime day to work out as it is my day off...

The boys are part of my reason behind this!!! Jim and Jon have the exact same schedule... both garnering Mondays off. (Same overnight shift too)
And typically I'll spend the mid day to evening with Jon, and then chill with Jim in the evening, even if I had "plans" to hit the 2030 Yoga class. Yikes.

Been feeling balanced though, and as I look at my work out logs, I realize it's working out ;) hAHaHA.
So far this week it looks like this:
Sunday: Yoga/4 Mile Run
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Yoga/CT

Will be hitting the Yoga tonight, and I'd like to squeeze in a run somewhere. But, if it doesn't work out, I'll just hit the yoga studio and be happy with that :) It's been packed in the studio since the New Year. I don't remember this kind of boom last year.
The grand opening at the new location can't come soon enough - the packed room is something else ;) It's good... but also torturous! The more folks packed in the room, the higher that humidity spikes.
Surely by the end of January, my focus will be bullet proof from this.

Adjusting to what my practice looks like alongside regular running and CT. I am seeing results already with my CT, which I was not expecting. I've moved back to the 20# weights, and gauge based off of how heavy Rufus is feeling on any given day ;) When he begins to feel lighter, I know my CT is doing the job. (We carry him up and down the stairs in the 3 level townhouse...)

I remember when I had hit the 30#ers he seemed rather effortless. :P
Have committed to moving slowly with CT, especially regarding the lower body exercises in the circuit. HOWEVER - I am doing squats and lunges and have had surprising success with how my knees are responding! It's wonderful! Before long, these will also help me in triangle pose in class.

Really enjoying noticing my kneecaps, instead of my tendons in my knees when any pressure gets near it! This may sound weird, but... the tendons being so un-inflamed these days feels like a miracle every day. Every moment I stand and talk to someone for more than 5 minutes, I'm grateful for my recovery point. Every time I'm tempted to "push it" because someone like Joe at Records begs me to do something that could put it "at risk" like a hike that I know it isn't ready for, I am reminded again of how NOT to push it, and how regular folks will not quite understand necessarily what it's like to have been put in a position of limitation for so long.

This coming weekend is my unarmed defense course, and I am particularly looking forward to it :)
Trying to stay high vibrating about the office here.
Having fun also at home with some great veggie recipes.
So far, things are going along great.

Side note that made me laugh: A black guy shorter than me called me "Shawty." Nevermind. Co worker of Jim's. The dude is hilarious, and is somehow super amused by me. Makes me giggle.

Off to go replace a monitor somewhere in the city...



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