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Finished Week 5. That was harder than the others (even though it was the "easy" week)!
I think me getting sick had a hand in that. And now I'm one day behind. Not a big deal; I have to slide around my days though.

Week 6 is going to be longer and fewer sets. I slowed down today just to take it easy on myself. End of last week I was not so hot on health. I feel better. I have also been SUPER CRANKY. It isn't common these days that I'm cranky. Went to Jon's birthday party. I'd elaborate, but we're waiting for me to finish my blog post before we go do something in the great weather.

Monday, I'll catch up on my run schedule and hit Run 1 of week 6. That's actually half way through the program, which is a 12 week program. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Also, after being cranky and borderline depressed the last week, this run really released some positive endorphins for me. I could feel it as I drove home. All the things pissing me off, angering me, depressing me, driving my mentality down, and causing me general unrest - they felt evaporated. And it was in that moment that I remembered WHY WHY WHY I would bother to run, and why it's important and powerful that I'm back at it. I'd go into some of that shit that was getting to me; but I feel cleansed and as though I've released it for the time being, and that's such a great thing.

Needless to say, having that focus is really a blessing. I was afraid today that I wouldn't do well on the run, that I'd run out of energy like the "easy" ones earlier in the week. Fortunately, it was far from the truth and I did pretty decently. I also feel like around now, I'm really going to level up on my fitness from the last year since I'm still committed. And even early in 2016 I was hitting some regular gym time (as my Morton's Neuroma has kept me inside on a soft treadmill). Which has been fine for doing sets. I've never done the "set" way - more or less went out and ran and created my own. But this program is a little different and I'm entirely OK with different. Sometimes different is what it takes to get yourself on a more elevated path. And that's sort of my mentality. Going the distance more. And maybe one day I'll just keep going with it. You never know!!!! There's room there to grow.

And to get right down to it; even after 9 years (officially? I think?) I'm in year 10 - I'm still in love with the ritual of running. I am so lucky.

In December 2006, it all began ;)

I hope I can power through next week and we get to a point where we make an offer to someone who will accept and we can be on our merry way and I can continue to remember that this "temporary and involuntary" demotion is no biggie. I made that term up, the truth is that it is extra work on top of my normal job, and of course - it's exactly what I've been happy with leaving behind; Desktop Support.

I'm feeling better after a few days out of the office (Friday being my WFH day).
Tally, ho - onwards!

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Hello, Again Real World (IE, NOT FACEBOOKERS).
It’s time to talk more about things that don’t relate to work; but are much more possible because my work situation isn’t draining me. So here goes:
After being on starve diet since RadCon (we have done it annually for 3 years, I guess). And have decided that next Radcon we’re NOT doing it! But I digress.

I’m ready to get back to fitness. I was on a really great running with a small amount of yoga trend in January, but had to back off because it isn’t possible to work out on the HCG diet. It’s not.
I’ve not quite locked in a final number for the HCG diet; but at the very least I think I expedited my overall size shifting to closer to where I’m trying to be. It’s an ongoing journey for me and very much one of my major goals all the time.

A couple of years ago I wanted to go for a 10K distance in my personal goals, but after a couple of months in, almost broke up with Jim and then it stopped. It was like, that one day I didn’t get to go on that run, I stopped. I didn’t keep going.

And I didn’t really look back unfortunately. And then the job turbulence sort of started; so I was sunk on that. I did some yoga here and there and managed to stay somewhat fit; but it wasn’t my 10K benchmark. I have decided it is TIME TO GO AFTER IT! Yesssss.
I’m 12 weeks away and I am going to do it. As I said, in January I had a great consistent gym situation. I have morton’s neuroma from the last quarter in 2015 that has been healing on my left foot predominantly, but fortunately I am healed enough as of January this year to get back into running, provided one specific thing:
It’s on a treadmill and not outside. Now, that normally would upset me. But lately I’m ok with that!
It will do AMAZING for this plan I’ve found. VERY excited. I actually start it today. 3 days a week (DOABLE! Leaves room for 2 other things on my list – YOGA, and a hopefully an adult hip hop class, on top of Ignition practice.)
So you see, I’ve got some off work goals!!!!

Today starts week 1 of the 10K program. I figure it’s ok to start slower than I need because I have a terrible habit of going too much too hard too fast too soon on any of these things. My brain is FAR too committed and goes more than my body would prefer. Thanks, Type A attitude! UGH.
SO, I’ve decided while the slower approach is less than I was doing in January, it’s going to be perfect to self limit my body and keep me working up to it in a safe fashion. Way to be mature, Angela! Woohoo!

It’s also good for my foot healing. So I understand. ALSO, patience is a virtue. I’d love to just ease in and not force shit. I know it’s the Way. The Way to success!!! Yessss!

SO, Today is day 1 of week 1. VERY HAPPY.
The overall plan is going to look like this weekly (with adjustments depending on life, rescheduling, rather than bailing).

Sunday: Long Runs
Monday: Yoga after work
Tuesday: Hip Hop class (once I get registered! To be continued…)
Wednesday: Regular Run
Thursday: Ignition practice
Friday: Regular Run or off
Saturday: Regular Run of off

I’m a member of 24 hour fitness, and wonder if I should switch to Gold’s because there is one in my office building and also gyms in Issaquah and Redmond, but I haven’t made that jump. It’d be way easy to do lunchtime runs any day of the week including those that there are other things happening on. Unfortunately I’m not a morning person, I’ve done it off and on over the years with limited success. I can do it, but I usually just love sleeping. It’s true. I’m a sleeper.

As for hip hop classes: Ignition has been going through some crazy times as of late. I’ll elaborate eventually, needless to say I’m not on the “bailing towel thrown” camp, since there are 2 camps right now. We had a successful, energizing, focused practice last week without the folks who have “stepped down, kinda”

More on that in future posts. That said, I’m looking to level up on performing and dancing. So what can I do? Take a class. We’ll see. Jim is interested!!! That’s amazing. And Sean is likely interested also. So we’ll see. I’d like it because it would afford me and Jim something to DO together that isn’t at home and also level up our time spent together, as it is – the way our schedules have been have been have meant a lot less than other times in our life. It was OK when he was head deep in college, but I think now that he’s done with that program, he’s sort of seeing a gap in his life and noticing it more. It is possible he’s interested in joining the safety team for Ignition, we’ll see. I’m encouraging him to get out and be focused on something other than video games (and working on his work with video games) and such. He had a bad run of a new girlfriend who sorta crushed him recently and he realizes maybe there’s some other place to put his energy. I’d love to see that.
Aside from that, there’s a little snippet of the “other” stuff!

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The Good Stuff!!! )

More real posts soon!!! I promise. I know these are of no interest to most of you :P
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I no longer know how to use the LJ cut now that it does not respond the old way. I feel like a fool. Here is my brain dump and running logs.

Date: March 29, 2013
Route:  Baseline Run
Heart Rate:  Intentionally took it easy at 160-165, allowing a rise of 170 at the end (taking it easy on hamstring).
Time of Day: 1615-1645 (30 minutes)
Weather: Nearly 70F, Sunny
Mood:  Cautious. Pulled the left hamstring mildly this morning doing extracurricular activities. Felt easy and happy. Hoping hamstring is mild. Feeling ready to start a program other than the nagging worry about Hamstring. First day of the year with a tank top and shorts outside on run. Felt great with air on skin and breezing through Gilman Blvd. Tank top that Jim got me Yule a couple years back fits comfortable and no longer tight. AWESOME!

Date: April 2, 2013
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: First half mile: 165. Middle of run: 170. Last half mile: 175, finishing sprint 180
Time of Day: 1915-1944 (29 minutes)
Weather: Cloudy, 60F
Mood: Zoned out. Ran easy, listening to hamstring, felt no real issues with hamstring. Happy with a consistent comfortable run for getting back into the groove. No need to worry or self compete just yet, feeling good about taking it easy and not going too much, too fast, or too soon. Pondered the benefit of a well thought out approach and eventual distance increases. Happy to have yoga and running in tandem as a part of overall fitness plan. Pondering post 10K plan plans, incorporate CT in wild cards one day? Who knows. Doesn’t matter.

Date: April 5, 2013
Route: Baseline Run minus one mile
Heart Rate: 170 Whole run, last .5 mile 180. Pushed to 190 for final sprint.
Time of Day: 1622-1642 (20 Minutes)
Weather: Rainy 55F
Mood: Excited for a short run. Picked up tempo naturally and felt it was a good workout in spite of short brief distance. Great intro to short runs. Felt like a treat, due to short distance – but pushed speed consequently. Jubilant.

Date: April 7, 2013
Route: Baseline Run – to Chase Bank (3 Miles)
Heart Rate: Start 160 for 1.5 miles. Raised to 169-179 last 1.4 miles, raised to 184 for final sprint
Time of Day: 1425-1459 (34 minutes)
Weather: 55F Clear
Mood: Relaxed. Zoned out. Was determined to stay easy in order to be content for end of run.

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In the spirit of Inna, in the spirit of writing when I get a spare moment, here I am! Today is Friday, sunny, and I feel emotionally great. Yeay! A bonus is that it's day 1 of my period and while I feel like I've been hit by a truck physically, I am not knocked up (bonus) and I am in great spirits. Today, rather than being worried about my life, my loves - I feel content and surrounded by the love and great fortune of beautiful people.

The impending launch of my 10K program is exciting. There are a few reasons why it is exciting. I've never done a program before, I always just went on my own way with a very flat training plan. When I say "flat," I mean to say that it doesn't vary in distance, and the runs are randomly placed with no planning or anything like this. The Hal Higdon's 10K for Novice takes the Novice to 10k in 8 weeks. I have at greatest done about 4-5 miles. This is an experiment about delving into the mid-distances, rather than short. 6.2 is 10k, and I am headed there in 2 months.

I am hoping this is a Gateway distance. That I can continue to push the distance envelope on later on in my future!!!!

It has varied distances including a long and a short run, and another middle length run in there. 3 runs a week. I also see cross training on there, and this is where I intend to pair my running regimen with Yoga, or when I feel like, the yoga days can be whatever. But mostly I wanted to leave space for yoga, FOR OBVIOUS reasons. This being said, it's going to be great because I've never done long and short runs, and nothing consistently with a training reg or increase in distance. I did it when I was doing my runs as a beginning intuitively and it worked really well. But I see that I can do this is a more planned fashion and I am curious to see how it goes. I will also be documenting and logging my info more on it. Infusing a little more fun into my running than was already there. I apologize if I talk too much about it, but I'm getting amped!

In other news, I had my eyes checked a couple days ago. I need new glasses. I am getting 2 pair. I thought I was just getting my reading/computer RX redone. But turns out this eye doc told me more than I realized anyone had told me before. New data about me.

My eyes apparently are never working in tandem together. One is near sighted. One is far sighted. One has an astigmatism.
This means he suggests wearing my glasses all the time. I begged about my vanity for contacts, and forgot why he said it wouldn't work well.
I intend on wearing them maybe 40% of the time, or more if I decide I like it. Ultimately my vision issues are minor still, but it would be behoove me to make my eyes happier. I still want to feel in control and not wear them constantly. It's just my thing. Not that I ever thought I'd be that way  But now that I realize I'm one of the eye glass people, well. I do what I want.

We'll see how it goes. Certainly I want to explore more about how I can go about contacts still. Because without a doubt I'd throw some contacts in daily and not think twice. Apparently which eye decides to be on and taking charge ever, and working at once, is the one that I have the benefit of at any given moment. (So at times I am far sighted. At times I am near sighted. It switches and flip flops all day long, all night long.)

This suddenly made me realize something I had never told anyone about prior: WHY I TAKE my glasses on and off about 40 times a day at work. When one eye decides to play Boss, I take them off. When the other decides it's ready for action, glasses go back on. InSIGHTful, eh? Who knew. Rare I guess. And then Mom told me it runs in the Croston side. Oh! Who knew. There was an eye doctor in the fam and he even wrote a paper about the phenomenon.

Friday, Friday... feeling sappy and wish I could clone myself.
Soon time to see Jimmers.
In other news, I was driving down the road with my drop top down.
And my driver-side rear view mirror randomly fell off and shattered as I pulled away from a 4 way stop.
So now I have a new one and adhesive on order for Sunshine.
Son of a bitch!!!!!

Otherwise, I think I should go and steal Jim and take him for lunch.
Another shoutout and thank you to Inna bo Bina, for getting me back on track with LiveJournal. You awesome woman. I sure do love you!
And I also love Mr. Raven Dark. Healing energy in his direction incessantly at this point.

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Here are the first of my logs. I will be getting better at these. Half of these I forgot. I had more thoughts under Mood... but did not get to record them immediately. Will be working on that. Here is my data, scroll on if you aren't interested. I'm recording it here.

Running Logs: )
Heart rate, temperature, weather, route, mood
March 19, 2013
Route: Bellevue, DriveHouse Run to the Right. Uncharted, unplanned. ZigZag pattern. No idea how far. 20-25 minutes
Heart Rate: Elevated, to be expected. First run after long break in training.
Weather: Mild Sprinkles, mid 40s
Mood: Excited to be out. Remembered why it's not so bad to run in the Wintertime. Rain and weather is much easier to deal with when running.  Was hooked and ready to go again.

March 20, 2013
Route: Office to Front Street to Gilman – Baseline Run
Heart Rate: Lower. Flat test run
Weather: Rainy

March 21, 2013
Route:  Hilly Run Behind WHP
Heart Rate: Unknown yet.
Weather: Fair. Mid 40s.
Mood: Strong. Fast. Completed this in 23 minutes. Hills.

March 24th, 2012
Time of day: 1900
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: 160-170

March 25th, 2013
Time of day: 1600-1632
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: 170-180

March 27th, 2013
Time of day: 1928-1959
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate:170-180 (Spiking to 185 in sprints, sticking above 170 most of the run).
Weather: Fair, Almost Sunny, 55F
Mood: Strong , Fast. Realized why people like running in the Springtime. Wow, is this daylight? It's not raining? What? Wow. This is amazing. Who knew.

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My run schedule is working beautifully. My stamina is coming back quickly after taking a short spell off due to hamstring paranoia. Hamstring is healing beautifully also. I switched Yoga with a Run because I could not Run yesterday, and that is fine.


I feel great. I am going to do this. The mileage is my commitment, I want to advance beyond the 3-5 mile range. I have stayed there for a few years and I am really looking to see what I can do. So right now, I am going to build my base up all over again, trust in myself, and once the consistency sets in and I feel like my entire body has become acclimated enough (particularly the soft tissues and tendons) - then I will begin adding more than 5 miles in. I am so excited for this notion.

I will continue doing yoga alongside this - it is good for both performance, maintenance, and of course, who can live without YOGA?!!??!

But putting running into the forefront of my workout routine again (feels blissful, for one) and for two, it also opens up more time in my life for the rest of the stuff that is important to me. Men. Studying Deacon role. My dogs. My house, making it better. My family. All of those things need time, and with the Issaquah job and the teaching, I need to pack more stuff in shorter amounts of time. Perhaps one day Rite of Sol (even if I am just a crew member, I don't care!!! I'm going to be involved if they'll have me! Mop the floors. Wipe the ass of the crew. Doesn't matter). The ideal, I think - is if they would use me for pretty movement pieces. But who knows! I just want to be a part of it, and have since the very beginning (Rite of Luna). I just wasn't able to prior. Felt like the universe was standing in my way. Now I wish I had.

All good. Whatever the case, my friends are talented - and I am proud of both Melissa and Jon for being a driving force behind some truly amazing rock operas.
It really does blow my mind.

And of course, everyone else involved.

Tonight, Jim and I got many things accomplished. First, we went to the dealership to tie up some loose ends. They had my new plates, got them, and a check reimbursing some of my registration. Yippee!!! A check. And then I whined about the tinting appointment. They agreed to get it in tomorrow. And then we whined about how the oil change people decided they weren't willing to honor my car. Soooo........ Jim bitched more, because they were only going to reimburse me $151 for it, he convinced them to write me a $200 check to cover a full year's oil changes. This is coming to me tomorrow when I drop Sunshine off to get her shades on. ;)

I hope this looks good, and not gaudy. We'll see. And after tomorrow I can pick my nose in my car all I want again. I was really missing that feature of Classy. Just kidding. hehehehe.

Oh yeah. Then we went and had chickenwings at WingDome. We tried to find the pizza place that we had our first date at (it was the only thing open after Jim's Gamestop shift the night we met up). I think it finally shut down, sad. Seeing as our 6 year anniversary is on Saturday. It is okay, we were like 2 doors down from where it was.

AND THEN, we went to Macy's to take back the court outfit that wasn't quite right. As in, blazer sleeves were too short and the skirt had a tiny rip in the ass. I was pissed about that. The whole ensemble was AWESOME. And now there isn't anything there that I like. CRAP. I will have to go back and look again, for our second court date in June. (It has been post poned). And then it will look like I have expensive clothes galore seeing as I will definitely have another outfit by the time late June rolls around for this occassion....!!!

OH, And then....... I had to buy cute sandals because my feet have been suffocating and I am now sick of buying shitty shoes that I do not like. And I will wear them to work and if anyone gives me shit for having feminine stuff, they can suck it. Because I am a girly girl, even if I work in IT. Fuck off.

:D Happy times. I would write about my awful Sunday, but I am too happy right now.

And then I ran tonight before I came to write this and was proud that I didn't use the 15 excuses I could have, to get out of it. 9PM, I was strong and just relaxed. Wham bam, the miles done. Happy.

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I am preparing a running schedule soon. I miss it so.very.much, and have not been making it my priority. It’s been 3 years of stagnation in my mileage and speed. I am mostly looking to add miles. The runner in me is restless. I can do better without hurting myself, absolutely. Once my hamstring behaves and is 93% healed. Maybe even 99% healed. I am dying to finally progress. And it all starts with consistency, and weeks and weeks of slow progression. So I am drawing up a schedule. If I need to get up early to accomplish it; I will.
I really like a schedule; but it must also be flexible. This is how I have found my best success.
Later I will begin alternating Yoga weeks with the CT (strength) training weeks. Right now I am taking a strength training hiatus due to it being very lower body intensive. I may have to do upper body separate. Jury is out. I was just getting my guns back when I strained my hamstring but I do it a full body Circuit and always have, and haven't adjusted to more Upper only in my CT...

For April I need to make it happen, so I have drawn up something that looks very cool. Also noted when I run more, I actually get more time to do other things. It takes a lot less time than Yoga unfortunately. I figure on my SUPERB weeks, I will hit up the yoga studio as much as possible on wildcard days.

This is mostly for me, because I am quite sure no one else cares.

Sunday RUN
Monday YOGA
Tuesday RUN
Wednesday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/Slowly retroduce CT
Thursday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/CT
Friday Wildcard day – OFF/Yoga/RUN/CT
Saturday RUN

Wildcard days are designed for my flexibility situation.
I want at least 3 days definite runs per week, and as for my yoga schedule. Yes, it’s taking a hit for now. This is definitely a lot less Yoga than my typical situation. I know.
I will try to get in the studio as much as possible on the wildcard days – mostly designed to allow flexibility with the other shit going on.
Any time I can squeeze a yoga class in on a Run day is all the better, also. But I won't put that in the schedule as it's only a bonus situation to make me get some yoga in. The more yoga the better, as always.

Perhaps later I will make a Deacon schedule to force myself to start memorizing or figuring out how to make steps towards Mass involvement.
All in due time. My path to that is obviously quite slow and stately.

That’s all.
Another boring workout post.


Why I Run

Jan. 23rd, 2012 07:33 pm
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Solitude, 100%. Heady oxygenated rush – no one telling me how, what, alignment, words – just my music and me. I could have run forever tonight. Except I know my tendons, ligaments, and I know that my muscles and lungs will carry me a lot further than my soft tissue without more regular runs; through the experience of my past. Cold, but I was on the move. In and out breath, barely noticed myself moving forward. I see that my brain needs the freedom; my heart and extroverted self needs the solitude. No one there, no one judging me, my thoughts unbridled. No stress, nothing. Just all for me. I’m definitely a runner a heart.
Every ecstatic moment unto its own beauty. Run and run and run, no Dialogue, just me and my legs. Me and my music. Me and my thoughts. On and on, time flying by. How could I have been SO BUSY lately that I forgot how important running is to me?

That is all.

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The real confession is that Running is always going to be my first love. I know that soon that will perhaps be eclipsed by the fact that I am going to do a crazy 9 week program, and the yoga-centricity (my own word) is huge. I mean 24/7 yoga virtually. Which is AWESOME! Do not get me wrong. But I am consistently reminded of my first love. And on my run last night, a lot of thoughts came about.

Running is for me. Teaching Yoga is for my fellow humans. )
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I had some stuff I thought I was going to write, and then I forgot. So I will just have to write something else.

This weekend has been pretty awesome. Yesterday I hung out with my parents after chilling with Jim in the morning. When I got home at like midnight, him and Dave were just cracking open some beers and hanging out. I had a beer or two, we talked for a couple hours, then we told Dave he should really crash in our guest room rather than drive home to Sultan.

He stayed, we hung out more in the morning, then we went to breakfast. Talked for hours, then he went on his merry way. Jim and I spent the day chillaxin. I bought some items to make more yoga mat sanitizer. I am slowly preparing for what is going to be an awesome opener to May. I feel like May might be my "crack down on my habits" month.

Other than my sister's birthday, and a wedding that I am the photographer for (my cousin) my main priority for the month of May is diet and Yoga. I really want to get some uber flexibility in my lower body back, as for a few months I have been targeting cardio which is more like repetitive tightening motions, rather than loosening up. I also am fantasizing about a mini big-picture plan:

May, Yoga month. June, ramp up on running with a side of the elliptical so that I can get the most for my training with the least amount of injury risk - keeping yoga in the rotation to keep some of the 30-day benefits, but not spending my life or my summer in the hot room. Nope. It's time to reclaim my runner identity after my next yoga-thon. Maybe even create a little bit of a training plan instead of free-balling, as I feel I've been doing for a few months. While it's been nice to have the freedom, it's almost too much of a pain in the ass not to have a plan set in motion so I don't have to make On The Spot daily decisions about what it is I am going to do. I will maybe start working on my June plans now. Also have plans to do mini runs for May, either inside or outside - targeting a couple of things, mostly to keep some of my cardio stamina alive - and to keep my tendons and ligaments prepared for what lies after my yogathon. Which is: More dedicated running.

So, I will be keeping it modest with a 1-2 miler a couple of times a week, just to keep shit real. Nothing long because I don't want to wear my body out or burn out my adrenals/thyroid balance.
That and Jim will totally want to go if they are short jaunts like that.

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Just got off work, cleverly packed my gear, purchased blister protectors for my foot. 36F, brrr. Snow was happening in Issaquah when I was off for lunch. Big, giant flakes. We will probably have snow tomorrow. Oh, joy. Fortunately, I won't be running every day, so I can easily circuit train tomorrow in doors.

My energy level feels up today.
30 minutes, ramped back to the Target turn off for now. My pace is medium, if I were lighter, I'd probably be going faster, but for the time being, I'm not particularly concerned. Right now is my life. Not tomorrow and definitely not yesterday!!!
Happy to have hit the road, gotten my workout in already, have plans to go over past and future tenses (ironic, given my last statements there) in Russian to try and sort out what the hell my teacher gave me on Sunday. (Oh, my. So confused).

I will figure it out. I know (WHAT) she gave me. But I didn't fully grasp it. We go super fast in class. Sometimes I have to come home and do a lot of self study. Sometimes?? EVERY time.

I am definitely glad I didn't skip out to finish helping Roby and Sarah move. I was tempted.
I hope I remember to come back later and post about Cowboy.
I know that's random.

Anyway, my legs are cold. I should stretch. I should shower. Jim is playing his games, but I insist that we spend some quality time on house improvement. Neither of us are happy with where our house is "tidy" wise. WE've got a lot of work to do, and unless we do little bits EVERY night or every other night, we will never reach our goals of being happy with our home. This includes him, not just me. As a team, we are going to get there. My big dream right now is honestly having the man-cave not be a shit repository (lots of crap in there) but possibly moving my desktop computer up there too. So we can spend time together, but not pay attention to each other at all. I mean that. ;) Maybe, we'll see. That way when he sits down to browse crap, so can I. We need some major closet re-organization, also. Anyway. I am freezing and need to stretch.

Maybe I will also remember to recap on the weekend...

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At the very least, I shaved about 5 minutes off my run time without really trying (I was going at an easy comfortable pace) and didn't feel like garbage. I'd say that's an improvement. Okay, to those of you who don't run, I'll cut the crap: It's a HUGE improvement. Exponential considering how short my runs are right now (rehab runs for the feet) 2-3 miles. The shorter the run, the harder it is to shave 1-2 minutes off, let alone 5-6. We'll see how the entire week goes!!!

And to be smart, I suppose I should just sit in one place and study my Russian... :) Oh noes!!! (It is harder for me to study without working out, these days - it would appear...)

And given my hopes as for this new tweak of nutrient events (including the iodine) it may be time to hit the yoga mat, ASAP ;) It wasn't working out the past week or two due to sleeping through the classes. Gr. But supposing my energy stays good, I can hardly wait to work it in.
I also could not find my "aircasts" for my shoes today, and seeing as I am not quite to the point of transferring my brand new orthodics into my running shoes yet - I gave it a shot without extra support on my arches. THIS went pretty well!! Phew.

My next run will likely be super short (20 minutes) to launch operation running with the orthodics. You have to train up to wearing them a full normal day of everyday activities, and then slowly ramp up with workouts. But I have finally hit the "entire day" point with them in my regular shoes, so next on deck is the running ramp up. I look forward to preventing the over-pronation! YES!!!!

In other news... a shower, lunch, Russian study, and driving to class are in order. <3

I feel invigorated by the Washington Sun. It was the most beautiful sunny run.

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My posting momentum definitely shifted in April! As did my momentum with so many other things.
I played with some raw food for about 1 month. Did another 100% raw stretch. It gave good results, I even lost some weight for a minute. But then it came back on as a springboarded out of the raw foods into...

An unprepared post-detox strategy.
Sort of feeling off-kilter, for sure with this. So I am rebalancing with some other stuff. I feel pretty imbalanced in general. I have no idea where to go next with my life, even though I feel like for a few years I've been examining this very thing. Financially I'm doing just fine. That's par for the course. I'm typically fine in this area.

Looking to rebalance what my work outs are, but I find it hard once I add a #3 item to my work out list, that I get too overwhelmed. The problem is that I love and fond Yoga, but I always loved Running, and Circuit Training is important to me too. I struggle having all 3 being players of my life. I find that unlike my stretch between 2007-2008 pre-yoga, the focus drops off on my fitness goals when I have too many different things going on. For one, yoga can be done constantly and there is no limit to that. It also takes up way more time than any other fitness regimen of mine - which means it really does draw from teh rest of my "life."

I like the benefits I get from all 3. I like the benefits of Yoga, but at 3 hrs per night - it DOES take my entire night after work. I'm back to running and pretty much doing 90% of everything physically I could desire.

Standing in one place is no longer a horrid bear on my knees. I can wander around on uneven grounds, do things that used to be WILD. Like stuff that was out of my normal "safe" equation. A lot of folks didn't understand that just going out and trying something new was really hard on me. This is because.... wait for it.......... I was scared of reinjuring myself because I had done it soooo many times repeatedly in the course of 2 years.

Whelps, it has been 2 years since the initial injury.

I actually didn't even write a post about it this year :P It must be because I wasn't focused on it as much. My life is mostly normalizing. Except for the whole, "no direction career wise," and also challenges of figuring out what I want my work out plan to be. It's hard. I'm my own trainer and I'm good at it. But for the first time in years, I'm confused.

I am doing a 10k training plan at the moment that appears to be below my threshold (intentionally). This is fine. But in the midst of that, the Yoga has fallen off the wagon some. Well, shoot!! Right?
Who knows. All I know is that I do work out a minimum of 5 times a week.
Circuit training is one of my favorite activities ... the benefits of strength training are boundless like Yoga. How do I fit all 3 in? I try to get up earlier, but most times I just want my damn sleep. I personally think getting myself to work out once a day is a big enough thing that doing it twice in a day sort of drains me for my next week of work outs. Therefore, I'm at a stalemate.

Oh yeah. And we're coming up on 1 month without my sweet little Rufus around. We've adjusted. It's just not as cool as it was. He was awesome. He was my little emotional anchor. Now I've got flighty, very spoiled, very wonderful, and fantastic Fritz solely. He has adapted well to all of the extra attention in the wake of Ru's crossing over.

I have also been going to a new chiropractor. He is not only cracking my back (which has minor alignment issues thanks to a CRT monitor lifting situation when I was 19) - but also stripping my tendons of their scar tissue so that I can kneel easier on my knees directly without experience huge levels of annoyingness later. Speaking of which, I need to go find some shorts and head out to the appointment.

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Speed work.

Running Speed Work. It is my weakest thing. Why? I beat myself up mentally. I push myself to the max and the entire time I think, "what's wrong with you? Go faster! You've got more in you. Man you're going so slow. NO you're not. YES you are. You're too slow. Stop heffing along. Run! RUN!"

And if you can do that for a mile or two - that's a lot of mental bashing.
Maybe I'll get better if I cycle this speed work into my routine once a week.
But dayum.

I remember my first 1.5 sprint was like this too.
And I wish I could reach back in time and bitchslap myself. I had ran an 11:34 1.5 miler on my first shot.
Right now I made it in 13:30.

First one since the injury in April 2008. I suppose carefully working on this will improve things.
Speed Work. Is not my favorite.

But I think I can really benefit from it.
I got to say - I was nervous before I even set one foot ahead of me for this workout! So silly.

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Lunchtime today ... I wasn't sure if I had it in me for a run. But I did my new favorite "town loop."
Start around 56th Street, run down 56th to Gilman Blvd, down Gilman Blvd to Front Street - hang a left, and back to my car which is near 56th.

The last 2-3 weeks I've been making a nice 50 minutes of this regularly. Today I blew that away with a 45 minute clock in time. Wow - if I do say so myself. I was wondering why I was getting tired at the end aside from being at the edge of my calories for the day - and it might just be that I was high tailing it for the beginning of my run.

Needless to say, it felt awesome - but I think tonight I'ma take off from Yoga and reward myself with a lil chill time around 874.

Appreciate the wonders that I have use of (my home!)
March is gonna be my month - people. I'm here to make use of my time wisely.
Who knows whether that's a new pace, or I just had the right alignment to provide these legs with some speed. Also - could be the circuit training paying off. This is possible. :)

Regardless. Work is caught up. Next week I have Sharepoint training.
I know - not a terribly exciting post.
Yoga was super hot last night, it broke 111 degrees with 40% humidity. Woo. It was hard because I worked my body hard earlier in the day with my circuits and upping my weights.
And then after Yoga - since Grant's girlfriend wasn't there to sort of friend-block me, I chatted it up with him for an hour or two before I headed home for my shower and dinner. I got home and ate dinner at midnight.


:P But once Grant starts going on about Yoga or we start talkin about life - suddenly I look at the clock and it's been an hour or two! Yikes. It's 2200 when class ends to begin with on Tuesdays. I try and take the Tuesday 2030 class. Was just nice to visit with Grant, it's been a while since we just talked. Goof ball always has some tiny details to share with me about the poses. I enjoy it 111% :D

Way too clever. I hope to remember the things he told me DURING the series.
In fact, he may have had difficulty with memorization and really getting the series down pat... but there are so many areas where he blows me away and astonishes me with his detail oriented nature and insights. Really, he's a sharp dude. Everyone needs a friend, also - that will pass the time so quickly that you thought you blinked but it's hours later! Seriously. Everyone needs a pal like that.

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Today was pretty awesome. Maybe not quite Inna-awesome (reading her posts lately, wowzers), but awesome for what makes an Angela tick. So, I slept in. I like being productive and getting up early - but it's been a very "get rest," sort of tempo for the month of February. For whatever reason!!!

Also, Jim came to bed. I like to sleep next to him - so some weekends, I'll nurse those hours along on purpose.

Got up - went for a short run in the rain (3 miles or something). Came home, stretched briefly, headed out for the 1400 Bikram Yoga class. Happily had a strong class. Came home. Took a shower. Jim woke up while I was downstairs making mushrooms coated in wheatgerm with olive oil. We visited and chatted and had a nice hour or so with each other. I headed out to OLOTEAS. Went to Amy's workshop. Saw a few friends (way too brief) and headed out to visit with Jim since everyone but C had left. Not that C wasn't formidable company - but I was feelin' antsy.

Got to visit with Jimmers a bit longer and then ... we get to the fun part.
Earlier in the day, Rufus had a (SUPER) rare accident. ON the bed. Fortunately, I have my many reasons - but I have a waterproof mattress liner that I put underneath my sheets. For those of you who hate TMI - this is sad for you: As any man who has been with me for any amount of time will attest - there's a pretty good reason for this. There is no mistaking my sexual experience with the Sahara desert in the slightest. My mattress would smell like a skeezy sex-mattress without one, and for all intents and purposes, you just never know when a 14 year old dog is going to accidentally not bark for hours and then let loose his bladder on your bed. This doesn't happen with him. Apparently Jim thought I had let the dog out earlier in the day before he had went to bed, and I hadn't. Minor communication error between us. Usually he barks obnoxiously (to our benefit) every 2 minutes until we carry him down 2 flights of stairs and outside to his happy urinating spot, where he then makes his long 4 foot trek to the back stoop (if he doesn't accidentally wander to the neighbors' stoops and try and jump the single stair up). We let him jump his single stair and into the house. Old Ru doesn't do a lot of foot commuting these days :P And he is super blind, so... jeah. This time, he didn't bark. I guess it came upon him quick today.

Therefore, I washed all the bedding. Except... when the liner was dry, I was left to mess with it all by myself. Jim had already gone to work for the night. PISSY! I fought and fought and fought. My liner is ON, but it is not on the way I want it to be. This will work until Jim can help me.

Oh yeah. I saw my creepy uncle at OLOTEAS. Creepy.
I was at the sink and was going to put something in the sink or rinse off my plate, when I walked up and didn't recognize him. Until he walked past me. Creeped me out. Not a fan of this dude. Needless to say he didn't try and talk to me. Relieved! A couple weeks ago, my mom informed me that Uncle (Stephen) told Grandma and Grandpa that I went by "Abigail," to my friends at OLOTEAS. Um, sorry pal. Clean out the cotton balls from your ears, it's "Angela."
heh. Odd. I know I sound like a bitch - but it's seriously because I really dislike this guy.

I told Jim today that his nephews and me have a very different picture when they hear the word "uncle." His nephews ADORE him. He is their role model, their hero. My uncles were all retarded sleezebags who had pretty low intelligence. But actually - Uncle Stephen isn't dumb. He is pretty smart. He is just not the greatest human I know. He has brains in there. I just can't figure out why his social intelligence is so ehh. Weird. He is arrogant, and repelling in general. And apparently now he is butt ugly. When did he get so ugly? Wow. Sorry. My unabashed opinions don't cater to kindness. Do they? Oops. :)

How is it I have no uncles or aunts that I can really truly say are cool? My parents are rockstars. I adore them. But their siblings? Fucking whackjobs. :)
I think my one chance for an awesome aunt died at the age of 21 of leukemia. Bummer. Too bad she isn't around in an incarnate sort of way. It's okay. I think I know her in the other-worldly sense. Shout out to my dead Aunt Lori. Wish you had been around during my lifetime... but you were long gone. Word on the street is that you were pretty damned cool.

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Not sure what the deal is - but I am struggling to write some decent posts!!!!
It's Friday - I've had a good IM chat with violindaine (although the trip to see the judge and actively maintain my mentality made it sort of weird).

Looking forward to OLOTEAS next weekend - I hear it's going to be rather quiet.
This weekend I have another Self Defense Workshop happening - this time through the UW Experimental college.
Am building knowledge and skills - and would love to begin putting on workshops of my own soon for women about self defense tactics and mindsets.

We'll see how well I can do with building on my own knowledge base, taking my own personal experiences and those of people close to me - and using these things as a springboard to begin the process.

I'm anxious because we all tend to think we need to be experts in order to teach each other. This isn't so. We can always teach people when we are still learning ourselves. This is quite possibly the pathway to greater collective knowledge.
And for all intents and purposes.........

I would like to run on lunch hour in the sun. Now finding the drive to do this is my next step.
Work is work. Chugging along.
Evaluating my life plan here. It seems my current job is definitely an enabler for creating better things in my life and is certainly a great resource for mobility. That makes sense best to me - though.

I find in the last week or two, I've yo'yo'd back to where I was. I'm maintaining whatever my current figure is. That is ok. I've got a lot of time to work on my endless project of self. And I am pretty sure I will be happier if I get my ass out there for at least a gentle run. I've been light on yoga this week (only 2 classes) and done 2 runs this week. While circuit training is an option (takes less time) I might save that option for Saturday and hit the pavement today. I took yesterday off as the two consecutive runs made things a little "interesting." Hm.

Also felt like balance in life was important. *shrugs*!

I am wearing the new Tool shirt I ordered. While a slightly different cut of shirt than the original ones from Coachella, I am happy with it - I like it, and the size is correct. Sweet.



Jan. 27th, 2010 10:27 pm
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Delicious Tuscan Veggie Bake was eaten for dinner by me tonight.
Hard earned meal after the run and yoga.

Feeling content.

A facebook friend from Cali who recently friended me based off of our mutual friends and hobby of writing has somewhat recruited me for PrePaid Legal again. I am trying to decide whether I should give it a go again, now that rejection bugs me a lot less. I never really got past my friends and family - which, is the hardest part I think. That and I was 19. Harder to stick by the journey like that one when you're younger. I am tempted at giving it round 2. But weary because my experience was so negative the first time. (Certain reactions caused me to freak out a bit, when honestly - the product is sound and worth while, so whatever BS marketing scheme other companies have used, this one isn't.) She gave me the chance to take it or leave it - under her team. The deal is that her team seems a lot more successful than my original one, that Mike Prill was a part of. Not sure.

Food for thought. I get to make up my mind by tomorrow afternoon if I want to work with her set of folks. Hm.
Food for thought also: Finally, the Yoga room was warm AND humid. At last, Eagle pose can be done all sweaty-limbed. Very happy with tonight's temperature. I got way lower in Eagle because of the slide factor.

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As January draws to a close, I can say I've had some progress in life. The first two weeks were memorable: mercury in retrograde - mars in retrograde. The New Year was particularly uneventful this year. First time since I've been an adult that I really had no plans.

I set up some goals and began working on them immediately. It had little to do with the New Year - but it coincided. Mercury went direct and things started to spin up quick. I took my self defense class and now have a set of skills I feel pretty comfortable with.

Last week sort of dragged out! lol. Still working hard. Notably, late last week I tested my knees by going for a walk straight out my doorstep; which is to say, a lot of slope. This was successful for me. That's notable. I've been really bad about chiropractic this month. Ever since the week of the 25th - in December, I've not stepped foot in my chiro's office. Although my back is feeling great, I'd like to get back in there. Tomorrow.

Last weekend I went to the Yoga party, which was fun.
I went out with Grandma and Mom, and then relaxed a lot with Jim on Sunday/Monday. I did a double yoga class on Monday which was good. I skipped Yoga Tuesday and went for a walk. Today I went for a 4.5 mile run on gravel. This was a test. I've stuck to pavement, gravel is a totally different thing for the knees. In case you were wondering. My knees feel a little differently sensitive - but the real test will be how it feels tomorrow after I rest for the evening. I also plan to hit the 1830 yoga class and then come home.

Jim has met a girl spontaneously. Met her at Denny's where his work crew hangs. He went to meet one of the guys, and another guy was there with his gf and gf's best friend (the girl Jim met, the best friend).

There might be a chance for a nice casual relationship in this. Here's to hoping! They are both interested and hit it off well - but neither of them have tons of time or inclination to be "serious," if you will.

We'll see where it goes :)
Looking forward to it.

In other news... just closing out some requests here at work trying to finally catch up.
Good news? I'm back in my size 7 pre-med leave jeans again at last. This is a relief. Now only 1 more size to be at my final goal. Weight wise I'm unsure atm, but I am happy to have more pairs of suitable comfy, fit-great jeans to wear. I can travel the rest of my shape shifting journey a little less poopy faced. My hips are returning to something I recognize again.

I am also enjoying more freedom with my knees. Still proceeding with caution - but this is just preventative to ensure I can still continue to heal more and more every month.



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