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The Good Stuff!!! )

More real posts soon!!! I promise. I know these are of no interest to most of you :P
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I no longer know how to use the LJ cut now that it does not respond the old way. I feel like a fool. Here is my brain dump and running logs.

Date: March 29, 2013
Route:  Baseline Run
Heart Rate:  Intentionally took it easy at 160-165, allowing a rise of 170 at the end (taking it easy on hamstring).
Time of Day: 1615-1645 (30 minutes)
Weather: Nearly 70F, Sunny
Mood:  Cautious. Pulled the left hamstring mildly this morning doing extracurricular activities. Felt easy and happy. Hoping hamstring is mild. Feeling ready to start a program other than the nagging worry about Hamstring. First day of the year with a tank top and shorts outside on run. Felt great with air on skin and breezing through Gilman Blvd. Tank top that Jim got me Yule a couple years back fits comfortable and no longer tight. AWESOME!

Date: April 2, 2013
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: First half mile: 165. Middle of run: 170. Last half mile: 175, finishing sprint 180
Time of Day: 1915-1944 (29 minutes)
Weather: Cloudy, 60F
Mood: Zoned out. Ran easy, listening to hamstring, felt no real issues with hamstring. Happy with a consistent comfortable run for getting back into the groove. No need to worry or self compete just yet, feeling good about taking it easy and not going too much, too fast, or too soon. Pondered the benefit of a well thought out approach and eventual distance increases. Happy to have yoga and running in tandem as a part of overall fitness plan. Pondering post 10K plan plans, incorporate CT in wild cards one day? Who knows. Doesn’t matter.

Date: April 5, 2013
Route: Baseline Run minus one mile
Heart Rate: 170 Whole run, last .5 mile 180. Pushed to 190 for final sprint.
Time of Day: 1622-1642 (20 Minutes)
Weather: Rainy 55F
Mood: Excited for a short run. Picked up tempo naturally and felt it was a good workout in spite of short brief distance. Great intro to short runs. Felt like a treat, due to short distance – but pushed speed consequently. Jubilant.

Date: April 7, 2013
Route: Baseline Run – to Chase Bank (3 Miles)
Heart Rate: Start 160 for 1.5 miles. Raised to 169-179 last 1.4 miles, raised to 184 for final sprint
Time of Day: 1425-1459 (34 minutes)
Weather: 55F Clear
Mood: Relaxed. Zoned out. Was determined to stay easy in order to be content for end of run.

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Here are the first of my logs. I will be getting better at these. Half of these I forgot. I had more thoughts under Mood... but did not get to record them immediately. Will be working on that. Here is my data, scroll on if you aren't interested. I'm recording it here.

Running Logs: )
Heart rate, temperature, weather, route, mood
March 19, 2013
Route: Bellevue, DriveHouse Run to the Right. Uncharted, unplanned. ZigZag pattern. No idea how far. 20-25 minutes
Heart Rate: Elevated, to be expected. First run after long break in training.
Weather: Mild Sprinkles, mid 40s
Mood: Excited to be out. Remembered why it's not so bad to run in the Wintertime. Rain and weather is much easier to deal with when running.  Was hooked and ready to go again.

March 20, 2013
Route: Office to Front Street to Gilman – Baseline Run
Heart Rate: Lower. Flat test run
Weather: Rainy

March 21, 2013
Route:  Hilly Run Behind WHP
Heart Rate: Unknown yet.
Weather: Fair. Mid 40s.
Mood: Strong. Fast. Completed this in 23 minutes. Hills.

March 24th, 2012
Time of day: 1900
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: 160-170

March 25th, 2013
Time of day: 1600-1632
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate: 170-180

March 27th, 2013
Time of day: 1928-1959
Route: Baseline Run
Heart Rate:170-180 (Spiking to 185 in sprints, sticking above 170 most of the run).
Weather: Fair, Almost Sunny, 55F
Mood: Strong , Fast. Realized why people like running in the Springtime. Wow, is this daylight? It's not raining? What? Wow. This is amazing. Who knew.

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I had some stuff I thought I was going to write, and then I forgot. So I will just have to write something else.

This weekend has been pretty awesome. Yesterday I hung out with my parents after chilling with Jim in the morning. When I got home at like midnight, him and Dave were just cracking open some beers and hanging out. I had a beer or two, we talked for a couple hours, then we told Dave he should really crash in our guest room rather than drive home to Sultan.

He stayed, we hung out more in the morning, then we went to breakfast. Talked for hours, then he went on his merry way. Jim and I spent the day chillaxin. I bought some items to make more yoga mat sanitizer. I am slowly preparing for what is going to be an awesome opener to May. I feel like May might be my "crack down on my habits" month.

Other than my sister's birthday, and a wedding that I am the photographer for (my cousin) my main priority for the month of May is diet and Yoga. I really want to get some uber flexibility in my lower body back, as for a few months I have been targeting cardio which is more like repetitive tightening motions, rather than loosening up. I also am fantasizing about a mini big-picture plan:

May, Yoga month. June, ramp up on running with a side of the elliptical so that I can get the most for my training with the least amount of injury risk - keeping yoga in the rotation to keep some of the 30-day benefits, but not spending my life or my summer in the hot room. Nope. It's time to reclaim my runner identity after my next yoga-thon. Maybe even create a little bit of a training plan instead of free-balling, as I feel I've been doing for a few months. While it's been nice to have the freedom, it's almost too much of a pain in the ass not to have a plan set in motion so I don't have to make On The Spot daily decisions about what it is I am going to do. I will maybe start working on my June plans now. Also have plans to do mini runs for May, either inside or outside - targeting a couple of things, mostly to keep some of my cardio stamina alive - and to keep my tendons and ligaments prepared for what lies after my yogathon. Which is: More dedicated running.

So, I will be keeping it modest with a 1-2 miler a couple of times a week, just to keep shit real. Nothing long because I don't want to wear my body out or burn out my adrenals/thyroid balance.
That and Jim will totally want to go if they are short jaunts like that.

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Just got off work, cleverly packed my gear, purchased blister protectors for my foot. 36F, brrr. Snow was happening in Issaquah when I was off for lunch. Big, giant flakes. We will probably have snow tomorrow. Oh, joy. Fortunately, I won't be running every day, so I can easily circuit train tomorrow in doors.

My energy level feels up today.
30 minutes, ramped back to the Target turn off for now. My pace is medium, if I were lighter, I'd probably be going faster, but for the time being, I'm not particularly concerned. Right now is my life. Not tomorrow and definitely not yesterday!!!
Happy to have hit the road, gotten my workout in already, have plans to go over past and future tenses (ironic, given my last statements there) in Russian to try and sort out what the hell my teacher gave me on Sunday. (Oh, my. So confused).

I will figure it out. I know (WHAT) she gave me. But I didn't fully grasp it. We go super fast in class. Sometimes I have to come home and do a lot of self study. Sometimes?? EVERY time.

I am definitely glad I didn't skip out to finish helping Roby and Sarah move. I was tempted.
I hope I remember to come back later and post about Cowboy.
I know that's random.

Anyway, my legs are cold. I should stretch. I should shower. Jim is playing his games, but I insist that we spend some quality time on house improvement. Neither of us are happy with where our house is "tidy" wise. WE've got a lot of work to do, and unless we do little bits EVERY night or every other night, we will never reach our goals of being happy with our home. This includes him, not just me. As a team, we are going to get there. My big dream right now is honestly having the man-cave not be a shit repository (lots of crap in there) but possibly moving my desktop computer up there too. So we can spend time together, but not pay attention to each other at all. I mean that. ;) Maybe, we'll see. That way when he sits down to browse crap, so can I. We need some major closet re-organization, also. Anyway. I am freezing and need to stretch.

Maybe I will also remember to recap on the weekend...

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The juicy post. )

And for those interested in my temple space, this is my photo stream with some images of the work in progress:

I am planning on sheers only for the windows, like the not-solid ones on the right side of the window. I have 2 more panels coming in the mail early next week. And that is my new curlup chair for reading for just ritual purposes or whatever.

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It's 1AM. I'm awake because my sleep schedule was shifted all weekend. I rarely allow this to happen. I've been rested well all weekend, although the hours shifted. So tomorrow at work I am sure I'll need a latte in the morning.

For which I earned today. I haven't quite acquired my appetite ever since the party. No complaints. I ran today, and for the first time in a while - I felt balanced through out the day. A few correlations:

-I did not over eat. I did not under eat.
-I DID exercise
-I spent the day with my parents
-Followed by socialization recently
-Also followed by an emotional outburst
-Also followed by strong support from the S/O

I'm not sure. Maybe the house tension is slowly dissipating. I'm not sure. Trying hard to commend my body for its strengths rather than its flaws. This journey of 2008 has been something else. I took for granted my confidence before this all. I took for granted my mobility, my ability to go out and do whatever the hell I wanted and as often as I wanted.

I am full of thoughts so I thought I'd write some down.
So, I slept in. Snuggled with the boys. Rufus has been especially cuddly all weekend and I've loved it. Rufus ... is that 12 year old dog that I can rarely stay mad at long. (He is also more and more prone to causing trouble as he ages.)

Went shopping with mom. Spent some money I might have saved, but... something felt good about buying me some stuff. It wasn't out of my bounds or anything. I've just been pretty tight fisted lately in preparation for my new lifestyle.

I bought some shoes that are cute and also seem to agree with my knee. Shoes that are not tennis shoes. It gets old only wearing tennis shoes. But I have been given to be super conscious about what shoes and knees get along ;)

These were like 50% off Sketchers with sparklies on them. I've allowed my tastes to shift as to colors, styles, and the like in the last 2 years of my life that I'll accept. And I am honestly loving it.
I guess this is what we do as humans. Shift and change constantly.

Bought some tights and nylons so that I can wear some skirts during the fall months. Somehow I never thought of doing this. But then I never had that many skirts before. Naturally they're only for off-days. Because work is impractical for non-pants.

I finally found a coin purse. I've been searching for like a month.
Nevermind lol!
It was cute!!!!

Yes. Consumer whored indeed.
I found a tray for my teaset ($5!!!! A deal.)
Needless to say the day was relaxing. Mom and I had dinner at Quiznos. It fit into her diet plan and mine as well. I was sated easily even though I had busted ass working out today.

And then on the drive home it occurred to me ... shifting my workout schedule during the week.
If I can manage, I'm going to try a M/W/F Run+CT in one day somehow. If I can make this work, it means I get more days off (recovery) AND it adds an extra workout per week.

And if I miss one or two of the secondary workouts... well, that's not so bad. (Preferably not drop below 5, so missing 1 per week would be better). Or I could do alternative workouts on “off” days if I really want, boosting my activity level just that tiny bit more. I figured it'd be worth a shot. So I circuit trained when I got home. This means I can take tomorrow off (Must, really – because I can only run every other day due to the tendons, and it is not wise to strength train muscles without recovery time either.)

SOOOOO, that means if I combine the 2 on the same day – instead of every day one or the other. It's worth trying. And if it just shifts my metabolism in any way that would be nice. We shall see if it flies.
I'd write more but I think I should try and make myself sleep. So I can get up to be at work at 7 tomorrow. The good news? I can sleep in a little because Tuesday has become an “off” day because I did Tuesdays workout TODAY!


So on Wednesday, if I run and CT, it would give me my 4 of the usual 5 workouts out of the way. That means 3 days busting ass, and 4 off. Hmmm. A change might be nice? It may or may not fly, lol!!!

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I beat my 2007 time by roughly 2 minutes.
I clocked in at 30 minutes on the dot last year.
This year I got 27:52. Not bad considering I've been struggling with this damn injury for 6 months.

I posted some photos of the happy morning on my flickr page:

There are some cute ones of me and Jim.
lol. I regretted wearing the second layer in the run halfway through. It made me overheat. Oops. Dumb.


5AM Run

Aug. 19th, 2008 06:05 am
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It's been a long time since I could post that title. A long time since I could sit here, happy to have gotten my run out of the way in the early morning hours. I will post, and then stretch, and then shower.

Totaling 50 minutes after warm up, cool down - and 24 minutes solid running! It feels like a break through. I admit the knees are a bit tender, so perhaps I will stick with 24 minutes day after tomorrow. But it also could be cured by simple stretching. (Which is always a bear somehow.)

I am eating my last jell-o that I made a couple days ago. It is cold and good. And drinking cold water. In the time warp of life, 3 weeks ago when I went in to Physical Therapy it feels like I have made progress, but again - not as much as one might think. It does get aggravated a lot less easily and the pain is further in between. I'm also able to run - and do stairs mostly without too much ado. This morning I could not help but chuckle at oblivious Julie because she arrived to work as I came back home. I saw her getting her crap out of her giant SUV. Didn't even notice me. This is why people become victims. They waltz around oblivious to their surroundings.

Granted - I was impressed that she arrived on time!
Does jell-o count as hydration? Random.

Okay, so here's a quick update on runs and progress:

August 13th? I think...
Finished phase 8 - 15 minutes continuous. At last!

August 15
18 minutes. Sort of tender during - but nothing that wasn't there before I started the run.
The lungs, a bit taxed. Began realizing maybe I should slow down to get used to the 4+ minute running again. Had to remind myself; training up takes time and re-acclimating will too. But in a couple of weeks, I am betting that I am going to want to cry in happiness about feeling "Fit" again. After all. That's what running does. It makes me feel fit. And strong. And happy - quite frankly. 80+ degrees out today as well. Was sweating buckets. Red faced. Blissful.

August 17
21 minutes. No real pain pre-run. No pain during. Any tenderness seemed to work itself out by mid-run. 80 degrees out. Lungs were like "Why did you ever stop, jacktard?" and the body was pretty much wondering what was up with the extreme BTUs. Felt absolutely wonderful.

August 19
Today - 24 minutes. For the pre-run, right knee felt tender. Did not hurt during progression of run. Mostly felt the effects of a cooler morning run and am getting used to a slower recovery pace, as my pace has slowed with taking so much time away from running. Pushed the pace on the last 4 minutes because I could. (Why not, after all - there would be a 10+ minute walk cool down?)
Noticed pre-stretch outside, bottom of the left knee was tight. Was it the faster pace for 4 minutes? Or merely that I have been crappy about stretching and strengthening for a few days? Nothing a bit of long, evil plank can't help. 60 degree weather in the 5AM hour sure did make this a bit easier on the body. Still feels weird at the slower pace. But now this is my pace until one day I stop noticing and I'm faster again.
I am thinking we'll stick with (Phase 11?) for Thursday and do 24 minutes again until it happens without the tenderness.

The house process is progressing. Mom says the beginning starts off slow. I should have the loan around my birthday. One step at a time. I try to mostly forget about it because I just cannot make myself stress or be that impatient over it. It just doesn't pay to think too hard about it until it comes down to making an offer or closing or basically just actually having completed the process :P

I need to stretch or else.
Note to self: intense stretching=intense pain relief.
Zomgs zomgs zomgs.

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It's been 5 months since the day I actually inflicted injury upon myself. Circuit training, doing 18 minutes of intensive, jumping along with combinations of other things. The jumping, I believe, is what sunk my knees.

I have had a lot of struggle and progress in between in the last 5 months. Nobody really knew how long this injury would take to deal. It's still in progress, but needless to say, this last week has yielded pretty promising results regarding longevity and terms of low pain.

21 minutes of running I've reached with my 10 minutes warmup, 10 minutes cool down. Now, the return to run program with 4 minutes here and there did not give me the old training feeling of going for at least 20-40 minutes.
The feeling of being challenged pretty much and feeling what it is to have your body ultimately fatigued. (Or perhaps not so much fatigued). Well, I mean to say that my body has re-adjusted to a different level of fitness.

I knew that. :)
Alas, it has been a very long time since I felt like I could challenge my body and still remain safely healing all the while. I perhaps have reached a happy-medium place where I can run enough to increase my fitness again, and continue on the road to recovery. Blessed recovery.

Although I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, I think I am gaining confidence in my body's healing as I draw towards late August here. At least the last few phases have yet to worsen my conditions. It has been a long slow process and I may just be reaching the beginning of my recovery training.
And when I say training, I mean more than 4 minutes at a time.

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Well, last night I was thinking about how nice it is not to have to re-shower, or re-do my make up - when I do the morning run. A bit sore from CT, but sometimes as ridiculous as it sounds it feels BETTER to run in this case. Almost like it loosens up some of the sore muscles. I'm not sure if this is true or not. Perhaps I'm just good at ignoring pain; but I took yesterday off and today was not going to be my second day this week off, so there you have it.

I also adjusted the run to just over 3 miles today instead of 4 - to give my body a bit of an extra restful buffer. I am learning that sometimes less is more. Basically if I do get up and go, I don't have to run 4 every time. I knew this, but practicing it seems hard yet. I am sort of cold so I think I cooled down proper. Must be time to hit the showers after I get the coffee going. More to report if I am not too busy doing work.

RIGHT, happy thoughts as I am calling them - I have stuff to report. Because life really is good!

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Succeeded in getting out on a PPC meeting day (means I am filming late).
Somehow for the first time in a loooong time of trying to get out for a 5AM run, I have made it. Notably I have had accessory issues today!!! My reflective belt kept slipping under my shirt and my IPOD batteries died. Blarg! 1-2 songs in, too. Which made for a quiet, bird chirpy run. It was not worse really, nor better. Had a 35 minute time to SR900. Pretty good actually! My focus felt off but that is ok. (fiddling with crap, the belt, the ipod, etc)

I ate awesomely last night except for those oreos that I couldn't resist. But then, I also convinced Jim to go for a walk to Panera... so, it could just balance out :P

Cooling down and thinking about how much this week needs to be over. I have few plans this weekend yet and that is A-OK by me.
Tonight: PPC.

Thankful Thursday:

+ 5AM runs
+ How far I have come
+ My body - it does a lot
+ My home
+ Jim, Rufus, Fritz
+ Coffee
+ Outgoing with Grandma, however difficult and patience invoking
+ Quality time with mom
+ Okay, okay - Family
+ Ambition
+ A good income
+ Friday is almost upon us


Got it done

Apr. 1st, 2008 06:00 am
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I needed to make life easier on myself. The 5:05AM run thing does wonders for eliminating a day full of worry that I won't get my work out done for that day. This week I owe myself less the worry.
I ran to SR900 in a regular time fashion: 36 minutes.
(I had been doing about 35-36, but I did tell myself I'd run easier today, until I hit Front Street on the way home.)
lol. I saw the 30 minutes on my stopwatch and said, "ah man. I better get back quicker, I want to see nothing worse than 36."

And so, I came in just over 35 minutes. (36:10). When cops drive by I tend to double-time it also. I mean who wants to look like one of those mozy-ing runners to IPD? Sigh.

We will take this week one day at a time, none the less I think I have a few work people that will be happy today. I feel like machine deployment early on in the cycle. And I think I will do at least 4 today. Yes, 4 total. PC Helps can wait. They're always there. This pile of machines... in the back of our office? Not getting any smaller lately.

I have a to do list for the day:

1- After 8AM, go to the PP clinic and schedule an apt ASAP.
2- Try and make a smoothie that I agreed I could have for breakfast if I ran to SR900 this morning.
3- Organized PC Helps and promptly ignore them
4- Deploy Dennis the Engineer's machine and make sure all AutoCADS transfer over well.
5- Deploy as many other machines as I can today
6- Chat online and take it easy
7- Make some meal plans for the week and become more inspired cooking in. If Jim likes it, great. If not - he can have his canned and frozen fare. I need to eat good food this week so that I don't feel like killing people - and hopefully I can stop retaining so much water... um, this hormonal thing has also caused me to gain like 6-8lbs since my last check in last week.

I have determined that this is impossibly real weight. I would have had to eat 17,500 calories extra to put on 5lbs in a weeks time. 2,500 a day - in short, 3 large meals worth on top of my standard foods per day........
I know what I ate last week. It wasn't THAT bad.

All in all, I have visited the SR900 Burger King (from across the street) and waved at it as I ran back home. At least I can't tell myself I suck at running. It is the ultimate guilt-free "off" day. By a few hours from now it feels like an off day, with the benefits of having actually not taken the day off. I have put in my miles and can relax.




Mar. 22nd, 2008 12:58 pm
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On Wednesday/Thursday, I got the Flu. Damnit.
I was mostly better by Friday. Today I feel really well -
I have recovered well, and quickly - but that was not fun at all.
Also, it impeded my repeats experiment. Now it must wait until I build up recovery from the yuckness.

Well, I ran. It was 3.8 to my current usual of 4.2 miles, and 40 minutes verses my 36ish for my 4.2 milers.

But I am just happy to have gotten out and felt relatively good in spite of the slow pace and the shorter distance. I must remind myself I AM recovering.
Off to OLOTEAS today. I am coping with the tiny white spot on one of my brand new pairs of jeans - from the Drano I used in the damn shower stall last night.

It didn't work. I tried it again (naked, no clothes to get this ON!) this morning after my shower. I will let it sit all day, and if that doesn't work I guess I have to call the dandy people in facilities. *sigh*

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It has been a long time coming - it was that light in the distance when I started, or when I had a good run, or when I had a bad run that was always there for me. To help me remember that I can push harder, no matter what obstacles were.

TODAY, I have ran my first jaunt to the end of Gilman Blvd and back. 4.2 miles.
Arbitrary number? But it was "to the end of the road," that I had made my "someday" goal.
This in 35 minutes - stopping the clock once very briefly for a stop light.

I had reached my 4 miles 3-4 weeks ago, but was interrupted by vacation. This morning I felt I had to go for it! I hit the end of the road, not only today - but now my run is over for the day! I may take Fritz out tonight and see how he does.

Oh - and I saw yet another raccoon. I see them a lot in the morning-run times. I wish I could motivate to run early every day. But 5AM is a tough blow sometimes. :P It is way less traffic ridden and stop-oriented. Which makes my run smoother. I have been contemplating adding some different fun to my runs. Some intense hills, more trail runs, Fritz... different routes and such. Just to keep me in the game mind wise. It really helps to mix it up.

Also, perhaps I should check into a mid-year 5K. I'm not particularly ready for a 10K even if I am capable, lol!

I'd really like to take him as an occasional running partner. I have been working today also on focusing on my form. Less is more. Less movement gives me more of it for less energy. This is simple and easy on one hand, and a bit challenging on the other. I think I use a few more calf muscles in doing so that sort of started to feel a shift around mile 3. I am thinking my natural running form luckily isn't too poor - because they often say not to OVER modify.

Well, so today is my victory day.
I achieved what I once thought was... a "one day," goal!

HAH! I can do more. ;)

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Thankful Thursday:

+ Resolve
+ Rufus is healthy
+ Fritz
+ Jim
+ Running
+ Strength training
+ Feeling stronger
+ Shoe insoles and podiatrist advice
+ Stretching
+ Potential
+ Benchmarks and improvement
+ Spirituality
+ Sharing
+ My finances
+ New York trip is coming fast!!!!!
+ I hit 4 miles officially on my runs now.

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I was pretty stoked when I bought this thing, but I don't know. The first time was pretty good - this time might be me just feeling out of sorts.

Now I am wishing if I had bought one of these things it would have been a nicer one.
Perhaps there's still hope - I'm not quite throwing in the towel. I am starting to twitch for my outdoor runs though, seeing as last week was predominantly treadmill runs. And this could be playing into it. I now wish I'd gone outside, YES - even in 33 degree weather.

I am dripping wet right now - this isn't too bad. BUt shit. I was hoping I'd be more motivated this morning to keep up the speed. Today - all wishy washy. Cannot watch TV while on it because it is that loud and Jim's TV does not go up very loud.

I gave up early today after more walk/runs than I did in November 2006! :P (opposed to my favorite thing, running for 35 minutes with perhaps one walk rest in the middle or late in the run).

Better something than nothing at all. 28 minutes of half-assed running is better than 0. I AM sweating after all, I spose that counts for SOMETHING.

I am wondering if it would be THAT dishonest to sell the damn thing just like the bloke in Gig Harbor sold it to me.

No, No...

I'd feel bad, and here's why: The incline mechanism is broken. You see, it's hard to keep it FLAT instead of permanently inclined. Last night I became furious when I realized it didn't LOCK into place, it just stays with gravity. Well, I have 2 different people telling me 2 different things. Travis - says it locks into place. Jim says it is gravity only. Okay. I see that it's broken, and I see how... again, perhaps it could be fixed. I put phone books UNDER it as a failsafe measure, if it fell it'd land on the 2 phone books and not cause immediate safety issues, and made sure it was steady again last night before I even thought about risking my safety.

But I was angry that I got something that was broken to begin with. I didn't realize while we were in the dude's garage. Did he know? Of course he knew. And if I sold it to somebody else, I think I'd feel like a royal shit bag if I didn't mention it. But that's all the other guy did. He didn't mention it.

I'm not unhappy. I feel energized even though I scarcely feel that running on that thing counts as a run... I also am allowing for a slow day today because I have been coming down with a cold. DAMNIT.

Of course, I can feel I didn't push myself to my usual level of workout. I guess this is positive. It reminds me that every normal day, I am busting my ass and that is a GOOD Thing, instead of taking for granted my achievements. You'll notice I am trying REALLY REALLY HARD in this entry to stay optimistic.

So... my take is that I should have just put another $100 or so went and bought a crappy cheap NEW treadmill. From a store. Craiglist is obviously a gamble, but I'm just bummed. If it had been me and I hadn't let "adventure" with Travis and his motivation take me there, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have driven out there to get it (especially not alone so.) I am not blaming Travis, I am just merely saying damn. I should listen to my miserly side. Or something.

Well again. Burning some is better than burning none. Sigh. I feel like I owe myself at least 10 solid minutes of actual speed...or a couple mile slow jog without stopping or something. Lunch outside??? I'm confused what to do with my treadmill dilemma. Perhaps I should evaluate later when things are going better or take some outdoor runs and compare or just keep going to the CC where I can steal showers rightfully and use their LifePros or something whatever THEY are called. I donno. OR, I could fix this one, sell it, and not feel so bad. Fix it, decide to keep it, and still go to the CC.

Now we're cooking with happier options.
I think my #1 priority is to fix it supposing it doesn't cost TONS. And then go with option 1: Keep it and then go to the CC unless it is after hours, or option 2: sell it to someone while fixed, because I just can't fathom being a shit bag and selling broken equipment to a poor unsuspecting girl or anyone else for that matter.

I have cooled down now. From my short, half assed run. >:(
We all have good and bad days. I have to remind myself this.
And I am fighting nasties of a cold. So I should just cool it.

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It's been a pretty eventful morning.

Some history for the live journal. )



Jan. 13th, 2008 01:28 pm
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It's another time where I spaced my calendar. My 11:30 got missed; I had been focusing on R's bday for a while and continued to keep the evening clear. Nothing about the morning - in which I had an 11:30 apt.

Crap. Next time.
When I signed on for this I used to be a bit more ... punctual with these sort of engagements. I guess life has changed in the last 6 months and I am not sure what that really means. Mostly good. Some bad.

I just got back from a run. Damn. I did the circuit training last night pretty hard so I figured I'd go easy. I somehow felt like I was bumbling along for my 3.9 miles... but... I didn't do too terribly bad, clocking in at 35 minutes. It just felt energy-less. Might it have been the lessor amount of sleep (6, down from 8?) or dehydration, or merely just muscle fatigue. Or the fact that it wasn't that bad. In fact, last time I clocked in at 35. (The couple of runs before that were 34, alllllmost 33.)

Regardless. Today I had to keep telling myself that getting out running 3.9 miles was what was important, and not my time. Because I felt soooooooooooooo slow.
And now I can enjoy my day.

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Well, it's been a while since I convinced myself to crawl out of bed for a near 5AM run. I slept in 15 minutes and left at around 5:17... but that's okay! It is promising that I can see the end of Gilman Blvd. Today I went a tad slower than my last few amped runs. I knew I just didn't feel in the mood to push it.

I had forgotten how pleasant it is before 5:30 in Issy. So quiet, the streets much more empty. Less hazard for being hit. Easier to get in a rhythm and stay there. So, I guess my latest benchmarch will be Gilman Blvd Starbucks. (I use food establishments when I can, it makes people think I am actually going there.)

So here is the list of progressive benchmark turn around points - all along the Blvd:

Jack in the box,
Taco Time,
Parker Paints,
Washington Mutual,
and now Starbucks.

(I increase my distance no more than 10% every 2-3 weeks.)
The McD's and the Starbucks are close together, but I want to make sure my body is ready for the next move further out. I know I am probably at 3.9 miles... so in a couple of weeks I expect to hit 4 miles. This may sound like an arbitrary number - but to me it's going to be cause to celebrate. Who knew I could do all this?

It isn't easy, but sometimes I can trick myself into thinking it isn't so hard.

After I hit the end of the Blvd, I may look into cutting my runs into varying lengths instead of all the same. For instance, the way a lot of people train. 2 miles hard pace one day, 4 miles slower pace the next time. Or something like that. And if I feel like lengthening the long runs, then I can do so at leisure and know I won't be endangering my muscles. ;)

I heard once you get to 5 miles it is best to not run every day that you run this way. I think I remember seeing a half-marathon training schedule and noticed they had 2 and 4 mile run days. Well - I have NO plans for anything like a 12 mile run anytime soon (if ever? Who knows, I have a lot of time to live) BUT, I do know I want to continue improving. It just gets scary when you think of all that.

I just felt at peace this morning. Like nothing worrisome could touch me.
And now I feel like I need to check my schedule out and figure out a couple of things.
First and foremost being, when it will be safe to take a trip to Spokane. Of all the places right now - I guess in the next few months this is going to be a good destination.
We're also planning on heading to Portland for Yulemas celebrations with Jim's family.
Hopefully weekend after next...



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