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Good Morning, folks!

Been another whirlwind of a day in 2010. Loving every minute of this year so far. Last weekend was by far one of the most fun weekends I've had in months. I took the Unarmed self defense course from Insights. 2 day course, from 8AM-6PM.

This is where I heard my heart say, "learning is breath for the soul." Learned some great stuff and actively practiced all weekend long. The end of the course was highlighted by the Ex-Special Ops Army Ranger dude attacked each of us while we stood in the middle of the 14 person class room with our eyes closed. He attacked us until we effectively "knocked him out/off us good enough for us to run away."

He did this the first time 2-5 times, depending on your level of ability. (Me 5 times :P)
I, as usual, volunteered to go first. :D I'm a dork like that. I love to go first.
Scary, scary waiting for him to lunge at you from god-knows-what angle! I froze up more my first time around with this, I find where a lot of women will screamscreamscream and try and run, my condition is to freeze up and forget wtf to do. Fortunately I figured it out; Greg was not letting up until we threw a strike that would stun him if he wasn't wearing his full body padding.

Unfortunately the guy after my second turn (he decided to go back through the group one more time - I did MUCH better time #2, because I realized what my weakness was) accidentally fell wrong on Greg's leg! The guy who was being attacked was an EMT, so he immediately was able to say, "yep, Greg. It's broken."

Greg, founder of the training facility - had taught 20 years of classes and this was his first injury on the job :P

Regardless, it was a very action filled class with lots of important and usable take away. Although very spendy for the course, I give it a 5 star rating. I would do it again, and hope to take it again sometime when I have another spare $275.

There are many other courses, and I drool over them all. It was 1 instructor and 4-5 coaches in the room at any given time to help give pointers as they observed us practicing against each other.
I will tell you right now - it was way harder to be the "bad guy," while students practiced against you. "CHOKE ME OUT!!!!!" "PUNCH ME IN THE FACE" were things you could hear non stop in the class.

We practiced ground fighting, defense against chokes, bear hugs, kicks, holds. All sorts of handy stuff. Pre-emptive strikes!

Oh, man. This stuff was right up my ally. The best part is that now I have the real balls behind my already intensely keen observance skills. If someone attacks me, I am confident they will be the ones leaving with a broken face, and not me.


They have a great handgun course, that I really wish I could take. I know I'd leave a weekend of shooting a much, much better shooter. They are also partnering with West Coast Armory's new shooting range soon. West Coast Armory is my favorite weapons shop.

:D IT's right here in Issaquah and I run by it all the time!!! Feeling the urge to save up to buy a nice sidearm for myself, with the knowledge that I can only carry so often... seeing as I wear clothes that are too tight to conceal easily unless I've got a baggy hoodie. Hmmm. I also am interested in their "knife fighting" class, that's something I feel like would be handy right now as a protective device that I could utilize right now without any training beyond: "STRIKE TO THE NECK" which is already a piece of knowledge I have as it is. Strike to the neck with a knife, that works. Anyone want to get in the way of a knife laced power punch???


Anyway, the rest of the week was spent being sore from being thrown around for 2 days straight.
I have lots more stories from the class, but right now my work list is like a mile long...

I just feel like a breeze of positive, powerful energy has been blowing through my life. As Mercury and Mars goes direct, I feel like it can only get better. As far as my weight loss goals, week #1 of officially weighing weekly; I've lost 3lbs - after plateauing for effectively 3-4 months. Here goes, world! Consistency is my priority.

Here's to continued progress.

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Under the cut: Deeper thinking. Grammatically flawed. Long, drawn out. Flows like chaos. )

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Starbucks can bite me! )

On the funny side... Jim said to me last night in jest, "Bite me!" and I retorted, "where?"
It was clear this was not the response he thought would come from me.
Ah, the little things. It is the little things in life that make the world go 'round.



May. 19th, 2006 01:04 pm
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BCC uses Sharepoint Portal.
Amusing. Somehow.
So recognizable.

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I cannot take math this quarter.
It's not possible.
I need to write some things down that [info]moshker helped me sort out today.

Math is a language.
This being said - well. I like languages after-all, right? I really do.
This also being said, I'll be needing to slowly skill build over time. Like I did at the end of December 2005 and January 2006.

I don't think I can rely on [info]aroidan for tutoring purposes. I need to take this one on my own. That is something I had inwardly decided on earlier anyway.

So, bullet clear thoughts that are un-emotional and not plagued with math-anxiety:

- I cannot enroll in a math class this quarter.
- I need to study for the next 2 months or so for the assessment.
- I will not take Math 80.
- If I place into Math 99, I will retake it.
- Goal: Math 105
- If I don't place into Math 99, I will retake the math assessment for the Fall 06 QTR.
- If I still don't pass for 99/105, this is definitely a message that I need to switch majors.

All this being said, I have time to consider, research, and see if I still want to pursue Computer Science as a BS, or if I want to make a switch to some kind of Information Systems Management BA/BS. I'm a little murky on this, mostly because I have been unable to explore the math as an older student deal (outside of assessing) and because I'm not entirely certain how I will feel in programming courses.

I honestly haven't had a chance to figure it out yet. The math roadblock has been very, very rough on me.
I am trying to hold it together and keep my patience with this all. And even though I have taken pressure off my option to enroll this quarter in a MATH class, I still have a feel initial thoughts:

- I am upset that I don't have anything to honestly enroll in.
- I am still seriously considering a major shift anyway
- Do I want to stay in IT?

If I don't, it means I have to pay for 100% of my schooling only to enter a different career field and possibly take a pay cut in the beginning. I don't think I can afford those options. Especially considering the only 1 or 2 things I feel interested in studying... seem difficult. Not difficult as subjects, but difficult to apply to my career.

What are those?

- Psychology
- Communications of some sort

As it is, funding at the Community College level is bleh for me. Hmmmmmm.
Student loans - are initially, I think, going to be inevitable at some point. I've accepted this a while back.
Does this mean it'll be impossible for me to buy some kind of condo of my own in the near future?
I know regardless, I am buying a new car within the next month or so.
And the beat goes on, right?

That being said, I'd also like to transfer my credits from the Associates degree that I do have - (aside from the tuition reimbursement issue.)

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The paper is complete. The paper is complete!!!!

31 pages of YUCK! DONE DONE DONE!

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So sad!
Inna went bye-bye.
It was fun having lunch and finishing more work.
I think she brightened the afternoon.

Inna rocks.
Back to homework alone now.

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Khaya was sweet and was wishing me luck in my class tonight.
And so begins "going back."

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More studying.
Must retake math assessment.
Finished most of my laundry.
Folded it.
Successfully did more math in my head than I have ever ventured to do before.
I am glad Aroidan ignores my whining.
I am also glad he is out of my house.
Peace. Once again.

All laughing matters and all ex-isms aside:
He is totally worth it to tutor with. It's just, it's also tiring. Exes are. Tiring.
Except that I can't even come CLOSE to anyone who understands me better for this.
His persistence is just what I need.
And he doesn't bat an eye when I struggle with rudimentary math; I know he's not judging me for it.
I know he genuinely is proud of me, and he really wants to see me succeed.
We don't argue in this arena. It feels so good to know that even in my weakest areas of the math,
he doesn't stop believing in me for it, no matter what I say.
He and I both know I can do it. I just get scared. Really scared.

Moving on. I am still happy to have my solitude back. Unfortunately in my quest to finish laundry I did not get my evening call in to Khaya.
Just makes the stress in my life just a little bit less tolerable.
This equates for a snuggle session with dogs; Angela is in a snuggle-needy mood, and the boyfriend is not here.

That's life.
I'm still in love with my IPOD though.
First time ever I have ever had anything that was top of the line, latest and greatest.
It makes me want to cry :)))))



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