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Friday. Took Benedryl. Half worried that when my real drugs wear off, that my allergic crap will come back. But we'll see. I can always use the Benedryl that keeps knocking me out - right??

Drinks with co workers tonight after work. Looking forward to it if my brain wasn't so addled. I am thinking maybe I will have a couple of drinks for once. I think I will invite Sean after all. Shrug.
We'll see. He, Sean, is off to see Man of Steel with his C.

So if he's free in time, I think I'll have him come along. Shake things up. I'm sure JF is curious to meet the "other" that she knows exists.

I miss Judy. I miss Judy a lot in this office.
Life moves on.

In other news, the weekend looks relatively clear, so that's good news.
Up and down goes my personal life. Mostly I think if I just keep being stubborn and working on myself, working on everything I want. Never give up.

Boring isn't better.
I need a damn nap though.
Jim invited me to see Man of Steel before I found out Sean was seeing it. STOKED> I think we might see it tonight.
Sean might come along too. I was excited that Jim invited me out to see a movie. It's the little things.

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Again, I am rather proud. It takes a LOT LOT LOT for me... or maybe I just need to adjust and decide I want it enough, but in order for me to give up any ounce of sleep...it's big. ;)

I cut down slightly on my time. I bought a new watch this weekend so I could stop having to rely on remembering what time via my home clock I headed out at. Besides, I'm crummy at simple math.

AMAZING - people buy stopwatches for this reason???? Took me a year to figure it out.

*slurps some water*

I have one comment. It's 38 degrees out. When the song "ICEBOX" by Marion came on my ipod... I didn't really need him singing, "I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold," in my ear... my legs were freezing, my torso was ok. I think it's a matter of gear. Like I don't have enough crap to buy in my consumer whoring endeavors, some nice cold-weather running pants may be the ticket somewhere along the line this winter. Damnit. I bought some good mid-autum/spring pants... well, I suppose all this is better than a gym membership. The cost anyway.

And my fitness center is open 24/7. No if-ands-or-buts. Granted I decline to head out after 9:30PM or before 5:00AM. 0500 or 2150 :P
Jim sleeps, snug as a bug in a rug atm...

Anyhow. I was just getting the urge to get the day exercise over with so I can be lazy this evening. Hah. Mission accomplished. NOT only that? I work 8 hour days the rest of this week. Fanfuckingtabulous, and there is no sarcasm here.

It sucked YESTERDAY morning... though. I got sick. Some kind of either stomach bug, or else food poisoning. It was short, pukeful, and unfun. But then I was fine. Damn, right?

I figured. I had no choice but to take the day off (really, no sarcasm). I make the call that if I puke within 30 minutes of my shift beginning, I have to call it off. It was 6:30AM the last time I thew up. I had to call the boss.

He said something like, "I don't want what you've got!" etc.
Well, good. I'm not coming in ;)
Slept it off, felt a little wavering (you know, unsettled in the stomach)... but eventually headed over to mom's to spend the day. We ran some errands.

For instance: I needed a new toilet seat. COI left a decade old Toiley seat in my duplex when we moved in. Actually they almost didn't even clean the place before we moved in frankly. Well, when I had to get close to my seat, let me tell you. I have a sensitive nose. I always knew it was a little gross... but, this really cemented my urge to toss any cookies I had in my poor unsettled/wavering belly. :(

I bought a new one, with the deal that Jimmy had to switch it out since I wasn't charging him for half (we really go half for half on EVERYTHING). So. He informed me it was the grossest thing he has ever done. Now, I'm sure that's an exaggeration. I know he's done more gross things in Iraq. But still. I don't blame him, but honestly - the wavering/settling belly did NOT need... to smell that disgustingness of an old toilet seat AGAIN. Considering I visited the toilet around 5 times the night prior. I had always wanted to replace it, but I put it off in luei of funds. Well... this time I decided It. Didn't. Matter. The. Cost.

Anyhow. So the rest of the evening and today I feel fine. And I am all ready for a short 3 day week with short 8 hour days. SWEET! Now where's my shower and coffee????



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