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It has been ages since I employed the ever awesome "Thankful Thursday" posts.
I'll do one now.

Thankful Thursday:

+ Connections with lovers and friends
+ Fritz
+ Having abundance all around me
+ My growing enthusiasm for what is to come
+ People who understand things that are hard to put into words
+ The Path with Heart
+ Raw foods
+ Effervescence
+ Running
+ Yoga
+ Weights!!!
+ The gym
+ My Knees
+ All of my painfree body parts
+ My clothes fitting more and more to my standards every day
+ I got my dental work under my 2010 insurance year so it can reset and I get more in 2011
+ My insurance, health/dental!!!!
+ My ability to travel
+ Green Smoothies
+ My Blendtec
+ Happiness and contentment, and growth and expansion

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It's been quite the day. Tension between me and Jim has me losing my mind, sometimes. I feel like in the evenings, when I expect we'll spend some quality time together and relax, we end up arguing lately. And arguing about the most ridiculous stuff. Is it me? It is him? Is it both of us? I wish I could pinpoint what is up. Sometimes, it seems that it's me. It's my patience, it's my level of annoyance at the way things are.

It's the housework, it's the way we communicate. Why are we both on the defense? The more defensive he gets, the less receptive I get. And yet I'm not exactly free of guilt from defensiveness. The big deal was that I had intended for Jim and I to really connect before I fly off to California. Particularly seeing as I'm about to see someone I have a bit of NRE with. Tonight he drives down to Portland after he gets off work. Apparently we will "see each other a bit," before he goes, but ultimately, I don't see that as the same as what we had an opportunity to do last night. We ended up going to bed in a state of irritation. Or was that just me?

The frustration continued as I headed off to work this morning. This morning, I really did feel like my heart was breaking. I have a lot of great stuff spinning around in my atmosphere, but with those shifting energies, comes transition. And that isn't always nice and pretty. I know he and I are morphing right now, and most likely into something better and stronger. But at the same time, it doesn't feel like that while I am in the midst of this.

Regardless, I'm heading out on a 5:35PM flight tomorrow to LA, and I'm going to chillax.
All my problems will be here for me when I return, I don't need to concern myself with solving them 920 miles away. ;)

And of course, because I may or may not have time to write these out, I'm going to do this today, right now - because it's important. The things I have such gratitude for:

+ My Lone Dachshund. (Fritz)
+ All the wonderful memories I share with Jim, and our ability to share every aspect of each other to each other.
+ All of the future memories I intend to be sharing with Jim also. I think it's time we did something special for each other soon. Very soon.
+ Abundance financially, enough to do what I want to do, more where that comes from!!!
+ Technology and the ability to connect with people all over, even if it isn't as good as face time.
+ My car and my skill to drive it so far ;)
+ The many friends who help me stay in vibration with moving forward with life <3
+ Traveling, keeping me fresh and energized
+ World friends, keeping my World bigger than the US.
+ New paths
+ Old friends, perspective, long conversations and warmth
+ Time off from work to live out other parts of life
+ Ambition, ideas, focus, drive, motivation
+ Running
+ Yoga
+ Raw foods, keeping me alive, alert, and enthusiastic and happy
+ Mental sanity. Depression is a short chapter in an otherwise bright book
+ My parents ;)
+ The comfort of my home
+ That it doesn't snow year round in Issaquah
+ That I can provide value to those around me
+ My outgoing nature - my ability to connect with those I know and strangers alike
+ My enjoyment of speaking in front of groups, and what I might one day do with this (It's powerful, I will be using this!!!)
+ My feet are headed towards the pain free arena next.
+ I am fit!!!
+ People love me
+ I love myself ;)
+ And aside from me, there are so many people in my life to love.
+ Green smoothies, raw pasta...
+ Power


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It has been quite some time since I've done one of these, so here goes:


+ Jim
+ Rufus/Fritz
+ Small trips
+ Time off
+ Physical and emotional flexibility
+ Fitness
+ Money to be able to buy a gym membership
+ Abundance
+ Plans to create more abundance
+ Life
+ Healing and recovery
+ Running
+ Bikram Yoga
+ My home
+ People at work who value me
+ Courage
+ Plans to keep working the muscle of courage along with her free weights ;)
+ Classy, my Subaru

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It has been some time.
Since I have written one
And I saw herongrrl's post, and it inspired me.

Thankful Thursday:

+Opportunity to reinvent my body once again
+Creating and delivering value
+Fitness improvements
+Rufus - every day he is with me is a blessing
+Fritz - so mellow and enjoyable!
+Classy, my vehicle
+Keeping up with work engagements with far less pain
+Pain free moments that even last for hours!
+Tiann, my physical therapist
+My own patience
+Not being made into minced Angela
+Sweating profusely
+Jim of course
+The glory of early morning silence

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Thankful Thursday:

+ My new mantra: Living in the moment.
+ 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge for June!
+ I spent time with my brother for his birthday.
+ Jimmy and the boys (Rufus and Fritz)
+ Every day that Rufus prevails in elder hood without excruciating health conditions.
+ My free weights
+ The changing of the tides
+ Hope
+ Music
+ My gainful employment
+ My toys
+ My home
+ Water, water, water. IN my belly!
+ Progress and lower pain levels of the knees

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Thankful Thursday

+ Sunny runs
+ Yoga
+ Life
+ Learning
+ Healing
+ Empowerment
+ Friends
+ Never giving up
+ Positive mantras
+ Healthy food
+ Monetary stability
+ Still being madly in love with Jim

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Thankful Thursday:

+ Healing
+ Running!!!!! I love running!
+ Yoga
+ The Great Work
+ My job
+ My home and an opportunity to be my own landlord
+ My partner in crime, my love, my rock - my adorable, inspiring man and main squeeze
+ Pink nail polish
+ Music. Any kind.
+ It only took me a day or so to cement the EGC Creed.
+ My shiny new robe
+ My parents - they kick ass
+ My mom - she's the best!!! She is the reason my robes are gorgeous.
+ My siblings. They're the best.
+ Dental coverage. New crown!!! I hate dental work, but....... it's covered.
+ Health care.
+ My life
+ My friends
+ Smoochie flirts
+ Coffee
+ Introspection and meditation
+ Acceptance; self and self esteem
+ Balance
+ Winamp - because I roll old school bitches
+ Actually spending enough time with the main squeeze to have sex
+ Yoga enhanced sex...
+ Gratification
+ Mass
+ Magick
+ The use of my limbs, all of them
+ All of digits
+ Healthy food and nutritional balance!!!!
+ Cock
+ My technology that I own. I own some badass stuff! My laptop and NEW GPS!!!!!! EEEEK! And also my digital camera.
+ Smiles and smiling
+ Laughter
+ Tax returns
+ Savings
+ Financial responsibility
+ Flexibility (Figurative and literal!!!!) I'm flexible! I am! Who knew?!?!
+ My Yoga teachers. They make me feel so loved.
+ Things to look forward to
+ People who care about me
+ Dreams, and hanging on to them no matter how far off in the distance they lay

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Time for a TT. It has been a while.

+ Rufus and Fritz
+ Healing on any level
+ Liquid
+ A steady income and a home
+ Family
+ Friends
+ Unveiled secrets
+ Music
+ My laptop
+ Jim
+ Progress
+ Hope
+ Time in the future
+ My dreams
+ A long lived Dachshund who has brought countless smiles to countless people.

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Thankful Thursday )

And there you have it.
Funnily enough, swimming used to be a big hobby of mine.
And so did the E machine.
Well, here I go. Visiting these again.

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Here it is! Thankful Thursday:

+ My household
+ Jim
+ Rufus and Fritz
+ Flea treated dogs
+ Flea treated carpets
+ Vacuumed house - dishes done.
+ My sister's birthday is upcoming; May 11th! We have plans
+ I got her a really fun birthday gift
+ I am learning how to chill out about this stupid knee
+ One day it will heal entirely
+ I will never again take my routines for granted
+ Maintaining my body weight with hard work and self control
+ My arms still kick ass!
+ My abs are going to kick MORE ass in the coming months
+ I am going to Physical Therapy! I think this will make me a better athlete in the grand scheme
+ I get to learn new stuff there
+ Jim is patient, fair, understanding - and has a winning smile.
+ My friends
+ My mother
+ The quilt she gave me that she has handmade. (It's allll mine.)
+ Hot chocolate
+ Healthy food
+ Grandma is helping out with Jill's bday celebration.
+ Having sick leave
+ Mental health days
+ Nobody. Because actually... swimming may be my best ticket to not going insane in the next few weeks.
+ Finding ways to keep my dreams alive
+ New Jewelery
+ Nobody. For not taking me personally.
+ Pretty skirts
+ Payday tomorrow
+ Consumer whoring
+ Saving money
+ 125 push ups done
+ 5 sets of 10 reps of my 20#ers on free weight military press
+ a few curls

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Thankful Thursday

+Rufus and Fritz
+The lawn is mowed
+Learning that not working out is not the end of the world
+The weekend is almost here
+Mental trials and the rewards that come from these
+My household
+My income
+I am appreciated
+I have quite possibly the best boyfriend ever (for me)

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Succeeded in getting out on a PPC meeting day (means I am filming late).
Somehow for the first time in a loooong time of trying to get out for a 5AM run, I have made it. Notably I have had accessory issues today!!! My reflective belt kept slipping under my shirt and my IPOD batteries died. Blarg! 1-2 songs in, too. Which made for a quiet, bird chirpy run. It was not worse really, nor better. Had a 35 minute time to SR900. Pretty good actually! My focus felt off but that is ok. (fiddling with crap, the belt, the ipod, etc)

I ate awesomely last night except for those oreos that I couldn't resist. But then, I also convinced Jim to go for a walk to Panera... so, it could just balance out :P

Cooling down and thinking about how much this week needs to be over. I have few plans this weekend yet and that is A-OK by me.
Tonight: PPC.

Thankful Thursday:

+ 5AM runs
+ How far I have come
+ My body - it does a lot
+ My home
+ Jim, Rufus, Fritz
+ Coffee
+ Outgoing with Grandma, however difficult and patience invoking
+ Quality time with mom
+ Okay, okay - Family
+ Ambition
+ A good income
+ Friday is almost upon us

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Thankful Thursday: )

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So Spacy. Must not have gotten enough sleep last night.

Here's to another Thankful Thursday:

+ Rufus and Fritz
+ Jim
+ My home
+ Gainful employment
+ Connections
+ Different things to focus on
+ My PDA seems to work
+ Running
+ Strength training
+ The excitement of running in new places
+ Improvement in performance
+ No one laughing at ambitions

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Thankful Thursday:

+ Resolve
+ Rufus is healthy
+ Fritz
+ Jim
+ Running
+ Strength training
+ Feeling stronger
+ Shoe insoles and podiatrist advice
+ Stretching
+ Potential
+ Benchmarks and improvement
+ Spirituality
+ Sharing
+ My finances
+ New York trip is coming fast!!!!!
+ I hit 4 miles officially on my runs now.

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So, it is Thursday...

Thankful Thursday:

+ Rufus and Fritz
+ Rufus seems to be drinking less after the antibiotics
+ Jim
+ Gainful employment
+ Pending vacation! Less than a month away. Surreal.
+ Fitness
+ A good home
+ Much contentment
+ A partner in crime
+ Warm, cozy bed
+ Books
+ The weekend is coming - even if it will be busy
+ My lappy

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And before I head out to do some work:

Thankful Thursday:

+ SmokeHouse Almonds
+ Friends that listen without superiority complexes
+ Understanding
+ 3 wonderful boys that live with me
+ Rufus seems to be drinking less
+ My dogs do not have parvo
+ Job flexibility
+ My job
+ Cleaning out my desk and seeing tons of pay stubs.
+ Gainful employment
+ Ambitions
+ Family
+ My laptop
+ My t509
+ A happy home
+ A cozy home
+ Good parties
+ Flossing everyday
+ Running
+ Building some nice new arm muscles!
+ Life
+ Mobility and all my appendages
+ Nice warm clothes
+ Reaching my final weight maintenance place!!!!
+ I am toned and lean, not just skinny
+ My bone frame is not delicate - I am not easily breakable because of it!
+ Achieving more than I thought possible.
+ Really, really awesome co workers.

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Thankful Friday:

+ My home
+ My fitness
+ My 3 boys
+ New coat!
+ Running
+ Sleeping
+ Food. I love me some food.
+ Stopwatches
+ 5AM runs
+ 5PM runs
+ Food
+ Patience
+ Solitude
+ Family
+ Short days
+ Short weeks
+ My electronic toys
+ Digi Cams!

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Thankful Friday )

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Thankful Thursday! A lot this week. )

So much that it had to be put behind a cut!
A lot of these have to do with our quickly settling home and how much this has been every part of where I wanted (really, the stuff of dreams) my life to be right now.



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