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Today, it has become super obvious how lucky I am in a lot of respects. I have a life filled with people that are all amazing. We’re talking some seriously awesome people, all touching my life somehow. I fall in love with people very easily, for one thing. You don’t even have to be sexual with me, and I fall in love with you. This, as I see it – is only a good thing. The downside is my global reach of these people. Good, so good. Bad too, because I use the word love frequently, but not lightly. There are names for some of you, but these people are all over the World those that I *love* deeply. This means I miss them with great measure. Really, truly Miss them, with a capitol M.

I don't care about other folks who may be hesitant to express themselves as deeply or freely. Eat shit, and die. Word mechanics.

And because I went to TT, naturally my time off (paid anyway) is pretty light. I am waiting to bank more time. It happens relatively easily here at this place of employment, but at the same time I have a lot of people I want to see. People all over, like I said.
It’s worth it to have this dilemma. A few people I can think of right off, are both in and outside of the Bikram Yoga community.

There’s definitely Katty, Thomas, Gordon, Olga, Nancy, Ula, and yes I will be seeing Ann-Marie soon here at TT, and SALLIE!!!

And then there’s my CGW crew. Focusing on my Yoga-sphere, I have been unable to see Steve and Erin, Rachelle, Matty, and many others… due to this dilemma of awesome all over my life. I Miss them too!

Due to the yoga-rific parts of my life, I’ve been definitely hitting the plans to see first and foremost, Katty. She’s the most local. Vancouver BC is a stone throw away from the Seattle area. I also need to make time to fly down to San Fran eventually and pester Thomas. But that’s later. And of course, Gordon wants me to teach at his studio in NZ (yes you read that right) eventually.

And then there are those outside of the country (like Gordon.) Karoline, Renata, people I don’t know the nature or probability of seeing any time soon.
Anyway. This post really has more to do with the fact that there are people I am dying to see, miss seeing, am blessed to have spent everyday time with them for a period of time. I knew I was lucky with the opportunity at Teacher Training. I knew it was a beautiful thing, even if it was hard, a bit pain staking a times…
In other news.

It is also hard to squeeze in traveling sometimes, due to my life situations. Teaching, working at the Quah, taking care of the family right now. But fortunately for me, tomorrow I fly to LA to visit Spring Teacher Training 2012, to be on the “other” side, and later in the month, 21-24th, I will be going to Vancouver BC to see Aussie Joel and Katty once again – and mayyyybe, if I am lucky… Rachelle?! We’ll see.

The nature of this post definitely mirrors the fact that one day, I want to see these people again. And I want to keep them close to me somehow, even though I can’t see all of them immediately.

I think it’s possible. :)

If you are one of the people I have fallen for, don’t worry. I intend on finding you again :)
You may or may not know who you are.
And yes. Some of you are local to Seattle too. ;)

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It's been happening. It's the kind of week where every time I turn around, I'm missing, remembering, reminiscing about my friends, my experience, my life in Los Angeles, Teacher Training. Blown away it's over, and intensely full of nostalgia for my comrades – we've all faded into our regular lives and we are still a part of one another, but it is never going to be the same. It was a one shot show, once only. I miss so very much about the experience, it comes back in waves.

First I think about the classes. I miss waking up in the morning every day and preparing to hit the mat first thing, before anything else happened in my day. I miss standing around before class in the morning and the evening talking to my besties. I miss Bikram's classes more than I care to admit. I have never, ever, ever, laughed so hard in my life – all while still doing yoga. Who knew. OF course there will never be any other class like that. I miss twice a day yoga, every week. I miss the ease of getting the yoga in because NOTHING ELSE could get in the way. The jokes, the singing, the ridiculous songs. I also miss being sick of hearing the same stupid tired tune, but every time Bikram sang, I loved it. Maybe other people hated it – but I adored it. His energy from the podium was so great. I kept fighting my own feelings because I was in a sea of other people, but now I can look back and I know what I felt. Bikram is a soul that while everyone talks about him being a dick, I am endeared by.

I felt like I had to think he was an asshole because he said mean things too. But that's not how I felt. I didn't find him to be an asshole. I found him to be a master of shock value. That's it. People constantly take shit so seriously. Even me. More than Bikram being a dick to me, I took those ridiculous posture clinic teachers harder than I ever took Boss.

I even miss posture clinics, hours and hours of BS. I do not miss someone giving me crap for bathroom breaks or where I was going at any point in the day – that I certainly do NOT miss. I do NOT miss being told, that one day when my period went on for 2 days longer than normal, "why weren't you prepared enough to bring EXTRA tampons????" (To the person who said, I give you a FUCK YOU from here, right now, still. I was bleeding out of my crotch and very unhappy in that moment). I miss everyone whining and bitching about Mahabarat. I miss laughing and eating garbage food all night long. While I often felt estranged from even my own close knit group of friends, I often didn't realize I was more accepted than I thought. No one really knew me at times, but then sometimes there were moments where people did know me intimately in ways that others in my regular life didn't.

Do I miss being a snotty pile of shit in the last week because I allowed people in posture clinic to rob me of my peace and human dignity momentarily? No. Of course not. I hated that. I hated it more than anything. I felt like the only person who was a mess in those moments. Everyone could see it. There was no way to keep it from being exposed to tens of twenties of people all over. Was I snotty mess? Yes, Yes I was. Because I wasn't ready to accept that everyone is human, and no one gives a shit if you expose your weakness. I regularly do expose my weakness – but typically only in word form. Not in actual, raw expression. A lot of people followed my blog apparently while I was gone, and by the time the real juicy crap hit me, I was unable to take time to write. It's coming out now maybe.

I miss Karen and her cute, smiley self. She is a great lady, and I do know she's got a lot of wisdom. And sweet Tracy, who was often in my room when I came back during breaks from studying...

I miss Gui from Chile... I will never forget the day he asked me if I was having a good day in the hallway back to our rooms - 4th floor neighbors as it were, in the final week. When I in fact, was not having a good week. I tried to say I was okay, And then - I looked at him with his big heart and beautiful eyes, and just started bawling. He took me in his arms and held me and said a bunch of Spanish things and it didn't matter what he said. He squeezed me and it was all okay. His big heart was something that made everyone know and love him by the end of the 9 weeks.

Digression – the things I miss. The damn stairwells. I miss walking down Sepulveda, I miss the spanish speakers. I miss telling them things like, "I'm hungry. I'm so hungry. Hungry for penis..." In Spanish. The look on those faces. Seriously. And I miss Olga... I miss her natural charm and beauty and support. That girl knew I struggled with a sense of self confidence, I think she felt it more than others sometimes. Sniff. There aren't words for missing the people who held my thread of sanity at times. Shit, I had no idea! I also regret not having a chance to get to know more people, better. I could easily turn into a sniffly mess just thinking of these people in detail. Thomas, and yes Katty. But Katty and I have a different connection. And I can feel her proximity. I have more contact with her, so it burns less than say – Olga, Thomas, Gordon... and when we're not talking about my posse, all I can think of is Group 17 and the people who incidentally showed me more support than I think I've ever seen in my life regarding an academic endeavor. Renata, Karoline, Ula... Czech Republic, Germany, Florida... how the hell will I ever connect with these people that I feel shaped me so much, and gave me so much, every day, every week........ it gives me a giant lump in my throat, it makes my eyes water. These ladies... they accepted me and were always there for me, and when I fell apart – they never ever gave up on me. The emotions are so huge. Tangible, and I think they live and breathe on their own.

The group as a whole, screaming and clapping and cheering you on every day as we all stepped up to deliver the postures... when people ask me about TT, I have no way to put the emotions into words. They are so poignant – and most of the time, I've been avoiding them a little bit since I got home. Why would I want to think so deeply about the people I miss... I might actually cry because it's over, and there's no looking back. Actually, I've been so focused on my teaching, on being the best teacher I can be even though most new teachers have a long, maybe much lonelier journey ahead than was TT. I have my freedoms back, but the people... they're scattered all over the World and I miss them. I want to stamp my feet, fists balled up, and scream. I miss my people! Miss them so much! It makes me feel so lonely I don't know I've ever felt like this in my entire life... you know when you miss one person you're in love with intensely, like your lover or your primary life partner? It kind of feels like this, except with 20 people simultaneously.

It's a sense of longing I feel like will never really quite ease up, after all. I have a billion places on the map now that I have an urgency towards seeing, but no vacation time left, and a bunch of financial things to sort out for myself. (I'm still solid, it's going quite well, but I have to recover from that investment). And now I see why people say it is the best money they ever spent.

And now I find myself so qualified. People ask me about yoga everywhere. And I have a million things to say, it all comes out without me even thinking about it. People with their fucked up bodies everywhere....... I want them to come in. I want them to start a yoga practice, because I know. I * know * beyond a shadow of doubt that it would help ease their problem. And yet I can't even get the point across. No... I can't. It's something people have to figure out on their own and want to heal on their own. I can say 100 things and that person who scoliosis will talk about the other yoga they tried and how it made their shit worse. Well, that's because you were doing some weird yoga combined with pilates and this and that. It was not designed as a healing routine, but a fitness routine. The difference is night and day. Your hips are screwed up? You can fix this. I swear.

Most people lack the all out commitment to heal themselves, though. I hate to sound like an asshole, but fuck it. That's the truth. You'd rather try and give a half assed shot at health and do it the lazy way, instead of the hard way. I see it every day.

And Reina reminded me of how she urged me to try yoga for 2 years, and one day I went on my own without her knowing... I told Reina for a year, “no, Reina. I'm a runner. I don't do that pansy ass yoga crap.” Now she is witnessing me – today, and I'm a teacher.

Sorry, Reina. You knew what you were talking about.

There are more things I miss... of course, sure – California. But not really nearly as much as I miss the yoga bubble. And the people. I'm a people lover, and once I make some connections, well. What can I say? I really fall for people. And not just my lovers. My friends are so, so important to me too. And to the people still supporting me (Katty) while I walk the rough path of new teaching. Well, you mean more to me than you know. And so too, do those people who kept me strong through out Fall 2011 TT.

And as Bikram would say in class ....
"Are you ready? YES OR NO?!"
This time, not for a posture, but... For life on the outside?

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Back to LJ after wandering around Seattle with Auzzie friend, Joel – as I said. It was a weird kind of vacation where I tourist-ed my own major city (local). Trying to figure out things to do is only hard if you don’t have the Seattle City Pass – and I am slowly learning to become proficient in touring people around. I wasn’t so great initially, funnily enough Steve Pavlina was my first “touree” so to speak, and also I didn’t really feel that great. I take that back, Frenchie Sylvain was my first touree.

Basically this is what we covered in the course of 4 days:

• Seattle Space needle twice (once during the day, once at night)
• Seattle Aquarium, fishies!
• Elliot Bay cruise (I’m on a BOAT!)
• Seattle Science Center, with an IMAX movie about Louis and Clark, the people who discovered the West coast of the US, after the Indians did of course
• Museum of Flight
• 3 hour drive up to the Wa Peninsula to see Lake Quinault and Kalaloch, the ocean
• Showed him Walmart, he’d never been in one
• Shopped in Fry’s electronic superstore

Tried to take him to a local lake and park in my city, but it was taken over by Iranians and a New year celebration.... so we didn't get out. Park was over-packed.
Not a bad list of stuff considering!!!

Joel left us his ticket for the Experience Music Project, so Jim and I will check that out together. We ran out of time for that, and neither Jim or I have been to it, and Joel apparently visited it last time he was in Seattle.

A lot of stuff, considering I haven’t done the majority of this stuff in the last 15-20 years, if ever.

Also to be noted, I ran into Kate – my cousin, at Pacific Science Center. It really happened because we were hanging around the lego-car track and I heard some lady scolding a child for not letting the little cars go around the track (he was hanging onto it too long). She was working there, the one staffing the lego display at the Science Center shop. I had been just thinking how hellish it would be to work near the shop....... children running amuck! There was an unmistakable Croston tone in the mix. It caught my attention and I was about to make a mental comment about it to myself, (wow, that lady is …) and I never got to fill in my thought. Reading her nametag and given my familiarity with my once-often seen in childhood cousin, I was like. “oh. That’s my cousin.”

Different than my feelings towards my cousins in the California… the Croston’s energy doesn’t always align with my own. As in, it meshes far differently and less innately comfortable. I don’t have as much in common – (doesn’t mean they’re any less family, or any less pleasant as people, it just means I relate more with the other side of the fam).

It’s interesting because my Dad rejects the other cousins solely based off of Lisa, his sister. It is one of the rare, unreasonable things I’ve seen my Dad respond to. His choice, however – I grew up with NO notion of even realizing they exist, besides a few not-so-positive statements, so as a kid you think, “oh, if Dad thinks they’re not worth knowing… well of course they’re not.”

The closed mindedness never gave me a reason to give pause to them until much later.
Then one day I saw them on Facebook. Odd, but unlike so many people, my family ties have been pretty much weakened and only now in adulthood do I really realize it’s up to me from here on out.
From my perspective, both of my parents weren't into "family" networking beyond our own family unit, intentional or not. I often look at how other people talk about their family network and see that our way was a little unorthodox, if I do say so myself. But then, normal is pretty much the most unusual adjective that exists. While Kate is obviously very different than me, (she’s more Croston, I’m sorry – I just don’t fit in with the Croston’s sometimes…) and I’ve got a very Santo vibe. It’s just there. I wouldn't have quite understood that until getting to know more extended family over the last year on any preliminary levels.

Digression: It was Very pleasant to see Kate. She’s clearly a very enthusiastic, sweet lady. With a hug and an uncertainty as to what else to say, I took Mister Auzzie onwards in the Science Center.
I hadn’t seen Kate in 15+ years. And she’s LOCAL, unlike the SoCal Santo Clan.

As for Auzzie. I knew instantly I’d miss him once he left. I did however, enjoy reading his travel posts and am wondering why he hasn’t updated his SF day 1~~!!


To see his blog ;)
Anything else I’m not thinking of right now, I just felt like it was high time to update. It’s been a busy few days and I am still catching up on my life that I sort of put on hold to spend quality time with a quality friend. Will continue on operation clean the house now that my guest has vacated ;)

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The year began kind of shaky. I played a game of Kinect on January 2 and seemed to aggravate my recovering feet. That's okay, because then I took a more aggressive approach at recovery. I recruited my wellness team. A podiatrist, my physical therapist, and yes - I spoke with my general practitioner. I'm almost done with a round of (not that I like taking these) prescription NSAIDs. A dear friend has also helped me out with a therapeutic massage. You know who you are, and thanks again for the torture.

January saw a trip to LA and Santa Barbara for 5 days with [livejournal.com profile] nobodyberry. The trip was pretty packed and awesome. I met my California cousins for the first time in my life, and felt a strong connection with them in a way I've yet to really write about. So I'll take a moment here to write about it. Suffice to say they sort of remind me more of my attitude style than the rest of my family. I'm not saying that's good or bad, but I always wondered why I was slightly different than my siblings. Maybe it's coincidence, or maybe latent familial 'tudes that my siblings don't have. Needless to say I drank, I socialized, and I had a blast with my cousins and company.

I did a lot of driving, roughly 1000 miles in 5 days, all over the LA area and mostly between LA and Santa Barbara. I was hanging out with the Russian crew off and on, and the rest of the time I was chillin' with [livejournal.com profile] nobodyberry. I did, fortunately get some alone time in Santa Barbara and I think it was among one of my favorite parts of the trip. I hung out on the beach and watched the waves for a couple of hours totally solo. It was really one of the greater experiences for me, but that is probably because I was mostly surrounded with friends the rest of the time.

I got to meet Anna and get to know her better, and didn't get quite as much Sasha time as I had intended, but a lot of important things shook out in ways I was glad for, but hadn't expected. I'll write more for sure later on this topic :) Particularly because it's been a few weeks since my trip and I'd like to get a processed version of what I took away from the experience.

As far as more currently, I'm excited because Jim is throwing out intentions to go back to school if he can swing stuff, and that's very cool. I've been head long into the Russian course learning basics and getting a feel for the alphabet. As one of my Russian acquaintances (I don't know her well, like I know some of my other Russian friends) - said that alphabet was easy. I laughed because I knew that for a native English and secondary Spanish speaker (me) that would hardly be true. I'm also maybe just not the quick? Who knows. It's been some time since I really had to start at ground 1 for an academic subject. And Cyrillic alphabet is definitely ground level for me. The great news is that I'm eager, that I'm determined, that I'm enjoying it - and that I feel improvement every week. I can see I'm learning quicker.

Which is good, because it appears my teacher has been upping the anty this last week, with bigger numbers, months, and also plurals and some other stuff. ;)

Every week it's a bit stressful for my class - but I feel great once I leave. And I realize this is possibly a good stress. Other things going on - connecting deeply with Jim at home, after a slightly disparate period of time after I came back from CGW5. It is like we have re-synced with one another and are aligned again. It was rough for a few weeks there.

I am running short on time today as it's very busy for me at work.
This morning started out with someone being very condescending and demanding all at once to me first thing. It initially didn't make me feel very cheery. Fortunately someone else in that same building asked for my help and immediately made me feel better by being generally a nice person and also appreciating me for the services I provide. Sometimes when people go the other way - and are rude and unappreciative, it really gets me fired up. Particularly this person today. I was hoping I wouldn't say anything hot-blooded. I succeeded in professionalism.

Subject change, very excited for my new orthodics that I will be receiving from my podiatrist this evening. YEAY! No more goofy looking foot braces that I put over my socks for workouts (they look super fly with shorts, let me tell you) especially after my Cali/All workouts. lol.

I look forward to this greatly. I will also begin tapering up (with my PT's help) my running with the orthodics, which is a first for me. Previously, I did not use the inserts for running, just day to day in my shoes. This time I intend to keep the over-pronating to a minimum, thus slashing my chances for other future injures by loads. Happy for that.

Also have decided that my next trip may be lower key. Also need to make reservations to Kalaloch Lodge because there is a special (2 nights for price of 1) I have and it sounds like my parents will accompany Jimmers and me this time around and we're gonna hang out on the ocean with them. Sounds super fun, and we're thinking first weekend in March. But I need to call them this week to ask that "3" dogs are okay. They actually have 3 dogs... but 2 Dachshunds look the same and they charge the $25 per night per pet fee, so it looks like Frank and Truffles get to pretend to be one dog. Just because.
And yeah - we have our Fritzel ;)

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It's been quite the end of year quarter, so far. Ever since my trip to Vegas, life has been flowing at a break-neck pace. And I absolutely love it. I love connecting with people - I love feeling like I've found myself again after a couple years of feeling lost - honestly.

Headed out to Santa Barbara, California on the evening of Thanksgiving in a very unorthodox celebration of meeting someone in Vegas that I connected with strongly. My family doesn't do - as I said, so much for Thanksgiving. As for Jim's side of family: This was a relief in a way to skip out on the trip to Portland this year. It is usually stressful for me, even if it is wonderfully fun also.

Jim's family is fantastic. I just know there are parts of the family that don't like me as much as others, and I'm not exactly "at ease." Whether this is something that will happen with every boyfriend's family, or whether it just so happens every boyfriend I've had, this has been the case... or maybe it started out with Steve Butler's (my first serious long term guy) Mom hating me... I'm not sure. I was awfully young when that whole "Steve's Mom hates you," thing started. Like 15 years old.

Needless to say, I had a blast in Santa Barbara. Sasha met me at the airport, we took the 1-2 hour drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. I felt a little ungrounded probably due to lack of a solid, good, dinner on the drive. As per usual, I babbled and made the time go quickly. I have no idea wtf conversation I had, but I was excited to be on an adventure, excited to be with Sasha, excited to be in California, away from the snow, the cold, the diurnal pattern of my life.

Moment to moment heart centered connection seems to flow easily with Sasha, it's pretty much a rare situation with someone who can actually take me out of my head - not intentionally, and have me present in the moment. And it happens without effort. I'm not analyzing, gauging, and calculating myself, others. Sure, I'm still myself - but there's some level of ease that enters me that makes everything a little less of a "big deal," to me. I can't quite put words on it, and this is by far the first time I've tried.

Finally rolling into Santa Barbara, I met Anton - his good friend and room mate. Anton cracks me up, and was sufficiently amusing while making his Thanksgiving pasta while singing "I wish you a merry turkey-day," to the tune of "I wish you a Merry Christmas." I don't think you've lived until you've heard a Russian singing "I wish you a merry turkey-day," while preparing ground turkey pasta dressed with Russian mayonnaise and regular ketchup...

Clearly buzzed from his piss-beer - I couldn't help but immediately take a liking to him. Eventually Anton finished his turkey pasta and went to bed. And so did we.

A quick summary of the fun things we did: Farmer's market in Santa Barbara, visited a beautiful park on the ocean and hung out drinking tea and coffee on the California coast... with goods from the farmer's market, we made 2 different raw pies together. I had the ABSOLUTE honor of going to his first Bikram class, and we took 3 total classes while I was in town. Hit the gym and hit the elliptical machine. Walked around Santa Barbara... went to a couple of movies (Morning Glory and Love and Other Drugs).
Also tried out some great places to eat (not-raw, but some really healthy places with a lot of veggie menu items).

Natural Cafe and Sojourner were two cool restaurants. I also got to meet Roma, and on my last day in SB, we took him to a Bikram class too! IT was AWESOME. Roma is this big, super buff, built Ukrainian guy. I nicknamed him "Tiny," because he was so sturdy.
Did some hanging out at his "office," where he usually goes in the evening to do some web work. Office=His Favorite Coffeeshop. We went there twice, I did some web work too, transferring my domain to Bluehost from where-ever I bought it (long story).

I have 2 domains to work on websites that will eventually be the face of a self defense project.

StrongWomenStrongDefense.com, and kickassselfdefense.com

Really, I just need a face to begin teaching people self defense.
It was super fun to have a guy to go to Yoga with - although I love going with myself, girls, I don't care. Yoga is awesome to share with people you care most about though - and that's my take on it.
I have more to write but I am running out of time!!!

So this will have to do for now. It was hard to leave California. The ordeal home was a story in itself, which I cannot say the trip out was. I can say that I feel like my growth in the past month and a half has been amazing. I just have to keep remembering that I am strong and that I am capable, and that all my goals are within my reach - and not to get scared and run away from them or shut them down.

Anyways, a lot of heart centered connecting was done, and I came home feeling so refreshed and energized.
Life keeps throwing me beautiful things right now, and I absolutely deserve them.

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Not a whole lot is new today. Taken care of a few things at work, but it is otherwise a little slow.


Cleaned some of the house on lunch with Jim, who was actually awake. Me shifting my schedule has sort of caused him to start going to bed early and trying to get up earlier? I'm a little confused, seeing as the first week of my 8's, I came home and was enjoying solo time. I also enjoy lunch with him if he isn't pulling for the "eating out," option.

Today I made us baked potatoes and broccoli. (Microwaved these while we did an ultra cleaning session!) This made him very happy because I dumped his in cheese.

After much whining - I have a few plans on the calendar as far as events that don't include hanging around the house. They look like this:

Sunday afternoon (June 27-28th) we will probably drive down to the coast somewhere. Long Beach, WA is sounding tempting to me, and I am requesting Monday off from my boss because Jim has a rare few days off: Sun, Mon, Tues. So, we'll probably hang out in Long Beach for a little while and then I will come back to work on Tuesday and Jim will happily enjoy a day off doing his gaming fun.

We have booked our flights to Lubbock, Texas for the hottest time of the year. July 29th-August 2nd, we'll be flying out to spend time with Jim's Dad over Jim's birthday (Lughnasadh/August 1st is Jim's 28th birthday) - His Dad lives in Lubbock. This is both good and bad. The flight dough is my vacation flight dough. We're spending it on family/not exactly vacationing in my mind.

He says his Dad is planning some fun attraction type events... so I suppose this will be okay. It isn't exactly my standard vision of vacation, but I admit. I want to explore as many states in the US as I can. I've never been to Texas, nasty political scenes aside. I just hope I can plan another actual vacation in a hotel and not have to stress over family eventually. He did assure me we'd do some vacationy stuff... so I sort of let my whine-streak go. Also, it IS family and his Dad is a great guy. It will be special for him to spend his birthday with his Dad. Not just to him, but to Barry, his Dad.

And I'm anxious for this next plan because I will need an attitude adjustment before I go.
As in, REMINDING myself that the main goal for me is to DO something, out of the house, and spend time with Jim doing something OUT of the ordinary.

September 3, 4, 5 we have already gotten our tickets to PAX 2010.

:) It's a gaming festival. A 3-day gaming festival. I'm not exactly a gamer. But... I do think shaking my routine up and doing something EXCEEDINGLY different is a good idea. So we've already got our tix. SK: if you're out there and going, please let me know!!! I'd love to get together with you and your wife and make it an event.

As far as anything else, I haven't yet scheduled anything else. However, this is hugely important seeing as we've been sort of uneventful for quite some time. I hope the coming weeks will see us spending time on the South side with the army guys. Being around that crowd makes life awesome.

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Here I am, finishing off my last day in the workweek. Figured I'd write a quick LJ update before I head out for the weekend. I'm pushing off into my 4 day weekend.


Circuit trained on lunch. I left my house and did it at the gym today!
It took me a few minutes to figure out logistics of how exactly to set it up. Unfortunately the pull up bars are not really close by... damn. Maybe I will just have to do those entirely separate and not in a circuit then?

Already feeling like I made the right choice with joining this gym. It makes me cheerful that I can use the mirrors for good form - that I have a destination sometimes that isn't 30 minutes away and going to occupy the better part of 3 hrs total in the evening (yoga).

Also that after 2200/10PM I can actually work out doing WHATEVER work out of my choice. Weights, pool, treadmill. I can watch TV and walk aimlessly or even sit on a bike for gods'sake. I can take group classes if I fit that in that aren't Bikram Yoga.

There's possibility. I haven't even delved into half of it! It's only been like 3 days. I think I joined on Tuesday. And because it was there, I ran a tiny bit after my circuits today (it was quick).
What else?

Something satisfying about having a new destination. A new place to call my "place."
And after seeing all the deadlift bar weight bar options in the gym, I'm really stoked to try doing deadlifts. So far I've done free weight stuff. I'll be giving deadlifts a chance sometime this weekend, I think.

See how my body likes it.
I am also getting a lot of yoga in this week. So far, it's been every day except for Tuesday - when I ran 5 miles. Granted... I was going to go to Yoga that day but felt lazy. So I went for a run instead.

ONwards... tonight I have plans to hit the hot room. :) Just trying to decide: 6:30PM or 8:30PM class?
I'll further determine that decision later tonight.
Also booked a room for the Sunday/Monday period, so that Jim and I can go on a mini trip to the Hoh Rainforest, in the Lake Quinault Lodge.
Hoping to get a nice chance to break out of monotony.

We haven't been on any mini trips in a while or stayed anywhere fun. I look forward to it :)
They had a "Four Legged Friends" Special running on some of the rooms, which makes it free to drag the boys/dogs along.

For one - Rufus is almost like not having a real dog at this point. He mostly just lays around in his elderhood now. Next Friday, the 19th - is officially his 14th birthday. *siiiighs

14 years of my life we have spent together. That is a long time and longer than many friendships with humans last. Again - I feel so very blessed and treasure him greatly. We'll see where the end of the road for us lies and how it unfolds.

BUt yeah! Free dogs and we get a "water bowl" to remember the resort by. Awesome.

In less cheerful news...
My co worker's wife died of stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago - and there is a memorial for her on Saturday. I'd like to go. Although me and David aren't exactly pals, I extend my heartfelt sympathies for him. She was 51. And I had met her a few times, and really genuinely thought she was a sweet lady.

And life goes on.

ANywho. Gonna get my stuff together and leave! Excited to have an excuse to chillax with Jimmers, excited for my new gym membership. Excited for a mini-break from the orface.

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I am so glad to be back home from Portland.
Although it is nice to see the family folks on Jim's side, it is also exhausting by the end of a 1-2 day stint. It is all the drama that every family has that gets me.

But every family has its own little drama field.
They are very much different folks than our own family - in many ways. And then at times they are not so different from my own family...

The undertone of communication is different.
The life lessons for each person is obviously different.
But the same patterns of behavior in certain branches is actually strikingly the same.
So weird.

WE also met up with a couple of Jim's friend in Portland itself (his mom and Grandma live in Woodburn which is south of Portland). Needless to say it was fun with them, but I was mildly regretful of my choice for dinner. I chose a fish sandwich that turned out to be kind of blah.

I had wished I had eaten chicken wings instead :P

None the less. Out and on the road and back home had us relaxing in our own peaceful dwelling once again.
Now I have work to get back to, and life to try not to think too hard about. And coffee to retrieve. Because I deserve it.

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Lengthy. The good! The bad! The ugly! )

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I have now booked my flights to New York.
It is official. I have decided to take the full time that I can possibly take with Heinz.
$339 round trip - for nonstop.

I will be staying with him in a 2 bedroom apt between Financial District and Central Park.
This sounds like just the thing to maintain my sanity!
If anyone has any great ideas about what to do in New York, Feel free to post!!!
And don't worry. I'll be keeping my laptop on me when I go, for plenty of on-vacation travel reports!!!

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I am going to New York with Travis at the end of February!!!!
I get to pay airfare, no problem.
BUT, his company is sending him to an apartment in New York for 2 weeks so he can do work at the New York Office.
The best part about this - free lodging for me.

They can also book the flight through the company's travel agency.
I think they can get a better deal that way - we'll see.
I am just beyond belief excited now.

I get to tell Jim tonight as soon as he comes homoe from work. I sort of hope that's sooner than later!
He has been reluctant to pick a vacation spot, and has been totally okay with waiting until August.
What better way to refresh both of us if I go away for a week or so. And then he can watch the boys while I am gone.
SO Stoked.

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Alrighty then. Off to the airport I go, ey?
Pack my shit real quick and away I be to hit TAMPA!

I'm awake. Oh yeah. And the shower was nice.



Mar. 9th, 2007 09:57 pm
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Alright so, here I am. 10PM my time.
1AM Detroit.
AT LAST, after not eating really all day other than candy and nuts...
I have pizza. With Sausage. I fucking love sausage.

And 2 things of water.
I've been pushing water when I wasn't drinking booze today.
(For those who go on and on about that stuff.)
But honestly. Part of my vacation is kickin' back and having a few.
Cause I haven't drank much of anything since 2006.

So all it takes is 1 or 2, to get me to be in that happy buzz balanced place. Yeay.

Although no justification of my fun free Will is needed.
Free drinks are free drinks, and I am going to take advantage of arriving in Tampa happy.

Susan has been so awesome this whole time.
She's let me know not to worry about when I get in and has been very sweet about the whole thing.
She is going to give me a giant dramatic hug at the airport!!!

She is so excited that I'm coming; it feels great to have someone be so excited to see me.
Talking about lots of great weather and the beach!
I have something like 3 hrs to sleep.
I should go to bed. I want to write more about my two twin beds, the fact they put me up in the same place as the stewardesses and Captain... and I saw that most of my flight went to a cheaper hotel.

Although a guy tried to pick me up and get me to go drinking with him at the bar on the shuttle to the hotel.
I disappeared into my room as soon as I got my key.
As quickly as I could.

Nice guy and all, but hello? He's a stranger.
I don't drink with strangers.
Especially in a rougher city of Detroit.

He had just graduated a school in New York and was interviewing for MS.

Flying back to Detroit where he is from. But I think he was also headed somewhere else.
None the less.
2 minute friend.
Goodbye fella.

And uh. Thanks for the flattery?
I just wanted to go be in my room.
With the 2 beds and the desk and all that.
I love that!

Non smoking happy room. More to follow. 3 hrs of sleep now till I get up to shower and get down to the airport. I am sure my friend from last night will see me.

I will just tell him my boyfriend was expecting my phone call.
EDIT: After my long phone call with Jimmy where we uh. Communicated! - It is now 11:21 Seattle, and 2:21 Detroit. Nice. Goodnight.

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Alright. So I've been here since 10AM.
My flight has been delayed 3 hrs.
I am now staying the night in Detroit.
And flying into Tampa on Saturday morning.
This is okay. I got a seat upgrade (Susan informed me seat upgrades mean FREE drinks. Okay, I'm getting toasted!!!)

And, they pay for the hotel.
*sighs* I am hungry but my flight will start boarding soon, I know it.
So, I'll just have to wait and treat myself to a nice dinner when I get to Detroit.

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Vindication. Out with a final pretty bang of improvement. )

I have other things on my to do list:
- Clean Refrigerator
- Clean Dishes
- Relocate weight set
- Change sheets
- Straighten up Bathroom
- Pack carry on baggage
- Pack main luggage for Florida trip


AND I chatted with Wanderlustlost today. This also made my day, (even if I was distracted with work.)
I love that girl.
It’s been a great day.

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2007, January - has proved to be a little quiet for me on LJ.
I feel like the end of the year was having me struggling with fruitful posts even though I have a lot going on that I could record.
Same thing only less mundane facts being recorded.

This being said: here goes a stab at the mundane questions that run through my head at any given moment:

1. Can I exercise AND play WoW at once in the evenings?
2. How can I maximize the benefits of the sort of foods I am eating?
3. What magickally can I do to improve this year?
4. Are there unresolved relationships floating in the abyss of my life?
5. When can I go home?
6. If I go home and take a nap, will I wake up to go swim laps, or sleep through it?
7. If I take a nap, will I be able to sleep later tonight?
8. If I stay up and then go to bed slightly earlier, will I just sleep later still?

The first true ramble of 2007! )



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