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The year began kind of shaky. I played a game of Kinect on January 2 and seemed to aggravate my recovering feet. That's okay, because then I took a more aggressive approach at recovery. I recruited my wellness team. A podiatrist, my physical therapist, and yes - I spoke with my general practitioner. I'm almost done with a round of (not that I like taking these) prescription NSAIDs. A dear friend has also helped me out with a therapeutic massage. You know who you are, and thanks again for the torture.

January saw a trip to LA and Santa Barbara for 5 days with [livejournal.com profile] nobodyberry. The trip was pretty packed and awesome. I met my California cousins for the first time in my life, and felt a strong connection with them in a way I've yet to really write about. So I'll take a moment here to write about it. Suffice to say they sort of remind me more of my attitude style than the rest of my family. I'm not saying that's good or bad, but I always wondered why I was slightly different than my siblings. Maybe it's coincidence, or maybe latent familial 'tudes that my siblings don't have. Needless to say I drank, I socialized, and I had a blast with my cousins and company.

I did a lot of driving, roughly 1000 miles in 5 days, all over the LA area and mostly between LA and Santa Barbara. I was hanging out with the Russian crew off and on, and the rest of the time I was chillin' with [livejournal.com profile] nobodyberry. I did, fortunately get some alone time in Santa Barbara and I think it was among one of my favorite parts of the trip. I hung out on the beach and watched the waves for a couple of hours totally solo. It was really one of the greater experiences for me, but that is probably because I was mostly surrounded with friends the rest of the time.

I got to meet Anna and get to know her better, and didn't get quite as much Sasha time as I had intended, but a lot of important things shook out in ways I was glad for, but hadn't expected. I'll write more for sure later on this topic :) Particularly because it's been a few weeks since my trip and I'd like to get a processed version of what I took away from the experience.

As far as more currently, I'm excited because Jim is throwing out intentions to go back to school if he can swing stuff, and that's very cool. I've been head long into the Russian course learning basics and getting a feel for the alphabet. As one of my Russian acquaintances (I don't know her well, like I know some of my other Russian friends) - said that alphabet was easy. I laughed because I knew that for a native English and secondary Spanish speaker (me) that would hardly be true. I'm also maybe just not the quick? Who knows. It's been some time since I really had to start at ground 1 for an academic subject. And Cyrillic alphabet is definitely ground level for me. The great news is that I'm eager, that I'm determined, that I'm enjoying it - and that I feel improvement every week. I can see I'm learning quicker.

Which is good, because it appears my teacher has been upping the anty this last week, with bigger numbers, months, and also plurals and some other stuff. ;)

Every week it's a bit stressful for my class - but I feel great once I leave. And I realize this is possibly a good stress. Other things going on - connecting deeply with Jim at home, after a slightly disparate period of time after I came back from CGW5. It is like we have re-synced with one another and are aligned again. It was rough for a few weeks there.

I am running short on time today as it's very busy for me at work.
This morning started out with someone being very condescending and demanding all at once to me first thing. It initially didn't make me feel very cheery. Fortunately someone else in that same building asked for my help and immediately made me feel better by being generally a nice person and also appreciating me for the services I provide. Sometimes when people go the other way - and are rude and unappreciative, it really gets me fired up. Particularly this person today. I was hoping I wouldn't say anything hot-blooded. I succeeded in professionalism.

Subject change, very excited for my new orthodics that I will be receiving from my podiatrist this evening. YEAY! No more goofy looking foot braces that I put over my socks for workouts (they look super fly with shorts, let me tell you) especially after my Cali/All workouts. lol.

I look forward to this greatly. I will also begin tapering up (with my PT's help) my running with the orthodics, which is a first for me. Previously, I did not use the inserts for running, just day to day in my shoes. This time I intend to keep the over-pronating to a minimum, thus slashing my chances for other future injures by loads. Happy for that.

Also have decided that my next trip may be lower key. Also need to make reservations to Kalaloch Lodge because there is a special (2 nights for price of 1) I have and it sounds like my parents will accompany Jimmers and me this time around and we're gonna hang out on the ocean with them. Sounds super fun, and we're thinking first weekend in March. But I need to call them this week to ask that "3" dogs are okay. They actually have 3 dogs... but 2 Dachshunds look the same and they charge the $25 per night per pet fee, so it looks like Frank and Truffles get to pretend to be one dog. Just because.
And yeah - we have our Fritzel ;)

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I will be signing off the internets for my Vegas trip. I intend to go ahead and leave my laptop at home for this one.
Traveling lighter weight through airports and everywhere else will be a source of freedom! One less item to worry about. Camera is on board though.

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So, seeing as I am here at my desk and in a writing mood because that's just where I am at this morning, here's more updates.

So, my Stay-cation (vacation time spent at home and not traveling) is about to begin!!!!!!
On April 17th, tomorrow at 1800, I go home and do not report back to the office until 0700 on May 5th.


My main plans look like this:
3 year anniversary celebrations with Jim – we'll have been together for 3 years on April 21st, 2009.
What a great 3 years this has been. I still can't get enough of him. He is just so positive and so … good for me. He brings out the best in me.

So, on Saturday I am going to the Casino with Grandma and mom early in the morning (this is not unusual, she likes to get out and gamble, the gma). And then Mom is taking Fritz, and we'll keep Rufus.
Jim's weekend is Sun/Mon/Tues, so we're going to head out to the Oregon Coast on Sunday mid day, spend Sunday night, Hang out at the ocean on Monday, head out to see some of his family (all Portlanders) on Monday night, perhaps spend the night somewhere Monday night – and drive home Tuesday.

Every year, our anniversary includes a trip to the Melting Pot!!!!!
Our favorite place evar. It has become our tradition, and we enjoy a really good time together and it is a nice long, romantic sort of dinner that we both enjoy so much!

So, then Wednesday whenever I wake up, I will head out to Snohomish (With Rufus) to my parents' house, and I will hang out with mom and then take home Fritz and also Charlie, to do a trial run on dog #3 (yes, our third dog technically). He is my one day stop-gap for when my 13 year old sweetheart completes his run here with life.

Charlie is 7 months old roughly, and mom agreed to raise him until Jim and I were ready to take him. She is the one who convinced me to get a PUPPY because I said I wanted an older dog once Rufus is gone. (I adore Rufus!!!)

So, after Weds Charlie will be chillin in our home and adjusting to what will one day be his life.
Lol. I'm stoked because he is adorable. Fritz will most likely have his nose out of joint, but that will be funny. Lol. Extra hugs and kisses to the super-soft, mister gorgeous gazelle dog, he is such a jealous one!

Anyways, after that point in my stay-cation, my plans are pretty simple. Clean and organize house, and do as many double yoga class days as I can muster on my time off. Oh yeah - sleep in, and run modestly and perhaps get some personal magickal projects underway.

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Lengthy. The good! The bad! The ugly! )

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Heading into Week 2 in the Big City of New York City, in the State of New York. This is definitely one of those once in a lifetime experiences for me. I can feel it. But I can also feel that it feels so normal to me somehow – like I'm at home in New York City... is that retarded or what?

I could never afford it here in trillions of years. That and I am fortunate to be dwelling in Midtown Manhattan. Chelsea is a good area. It's got similarities to Belltown in Seattle. So far I have seen and done so much.

I have gone to a couple museums. I went to Elis and Liberty Islands, saw the Statue of liberty, went up in the Empire State building... walked through Central Park, Ran through Central Park. Saw the Museum of Natural Sciences here. Enjoyed Elis' Island's Immigration Museum.

I have walked all over Manhattan. Thrice over. I shopped on Canal Street and in Chinatown. I have learned the ways of the Subways and even been mistaken for a local several times now. Folks have asked ME for directions, and I have been able to accurately provide.

Had heroes in little Manhattan Delis, ate at fast food joints ... seen Rockefeller center. What else what else? So very much. I made bus terminal friends while trying to hit a Greyhound to Philadelphia. The snow impeded my date to meet up with a long time friend who now schools at PennState.

I even made a Museum friend while browsing the Museum of Natural Resources. Had a 3 hour friend.
I can't describe it, but the flavor of it here I instantly fell in love with.

The New York minute concept behooves me. The crowds don't bother me like they do in some areas at home.

And yet end of this week; Friday... I will be ready to come home to my 3 boys. I miss them greatly. And no doubt vise versa.
Today I was happy to get my run in at Central Park. That made my day.

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I have now booked my flights to New York.
It is official. I have decided to take the full time that I can possibly take with Heinz.
$339 round trip - for nonstop.

I will be staying with him in a 2 bedroom apt between Financial District and Central Park.
This sounds like just the thing to maintain my sanity!
If anyone has any great ideas about what to do in New York, Feel free to post!!!
And don't worry. I'll be keeping my laptop on me when I go, for plenty of on-vacation travel reports!!!

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I am going to New York with Travis at the end of February!!!!
I get to pay airfare, no problem.
BUT, his company is sending him to an apartment in New York for 2 weeks so he can do work at the New York Office.
The best part about this - free lodging for me.

They can also book the flight through the company's travel agency.
I think they can get a better deal that way - we'll see.
I am just beyond belief excited now.

I get to tell Jim tonight as soon as he comes homoe from work. I sort of hope that's sooner than later!
He has been reluctant to pick a vacation spot, and has been totally okay with waiting until August.
What better way to refresh both of us if I go away for a week or so. And then he can watch the boys while I am gone.
SO Stoked.

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Alrighty then. Off to the airport I go, ey?
Pack my shit real quick and away I be to hit TAMPA!

I'm awake. Oh yeah. And the shower was nice.



Mar. 9th, 2007 09:57 pm
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Alright so, here I am. 10PM my time.
1AM Detroit.
AT LAST, after not eating really all day other than candy and nuts...
I have pizza. With Sausage. I fucking love sausage.

And 2 things of water.
I've been pushing water when I wasn't drinking booze today.
(For those who go on and on about that stuff.)
But honestly. Part of my vacation is kickin' back and having a few.
Cause I haven't drank much of anything since 2006.

So all it takes is 1 or 2, to get me to be in that happy buzz balanced place. Yeay.

Although no justification of my fun free Will is needed.
Free drinks are free drinks, and I am going to take advantage of arriving in Tampa happy.

Susan has been so awesome this whole time.
She's let me know not to worry about when I get in and has been very sweet about the whole thing.
She is going to give me a giant dramatic hug at the airport!!!

She is so excited that I'm coming; it feels great to have someone be so excited to see me.
Talking about lots of great weather and the beach!
I have something like 3 hrs to sleep.
I should go to bed. I want to write more about my two twin beds, the fact they put me up in the same place as the stewardesses and Captain... and I saw that most of my flight went to a cheaper hotel.

Although a guy tried to pick me up and get me to go drinking with him at the bar on the shuttle to the hotel.
I disappeared into my room as soon as I got my key.
As quickly as I could.

Nice guy and all, but hello? He's a stranger.
I don't drink with strangers.
Especially in a rougher city of Detroit.

He had just graduated a school in New York and was interviewing for MS.

Flying back to Detroit where he is from. But I think he was also headed somewhere else.
None the less.
2 minute friend.
Goodbye fella.

And uh. Thanks for the flattery?
I just wanted to go be in my room.
With the 2 beds and the desk and all that.
I love that!

Non smoking happy room. More to follow. 3 hrs of sleep now till I get up to shower and get down to the airport. I am sure my friend from last night will see me.

I will just tell him my boyfriend was expecting my phone call.
EDIT: After my long phone call with Jimmy where we uh. Communicated! - It is now 11:21 Seattle, and 2:21 Detroit. Nice. Goodnight.

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Alright. So I've been here since 10AM.
My flight has been delayed 3 hrs.
I am now staying the night in Detroit.
And flying into Tampa on Saturday morning.
This is okay. I got a seat upgrade (Susan informed me seat upgrades mean FREE drinks. Okay, I'm getting toasted!!!)

And, they pay for the hotel.
*sighs* I am hungry but my flight will start boarding soon, I know it.
So, I'll just have to wait and treat myself to a nice dinner when I get to Detroit.

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My house is less clean than I'd hoped.
But that's okay.
It's time to leave and this is how it is!! Yikes.

Um. Yeah. Packing packing packing trying to remember everything small that might be useful.
I'm outie.
I'll try and post in Florida!!!!


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Vindication. Out with a final pretty bang of improvement. )

I have other things on my to do list:
- Clean Refrigerator
- Clean Dishes
- Relocate weight set
- Change sheets
- Straighten up Bathroom
- Pack carry on baggage
- Pack main luggage for Florida trip


AND I chatted with Wanderlustlost today. This also made my day, (even if I was distracted with work.)
I love that girl.
It’s been a great day.

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A ton of rambling. )

Anyway. I should away to lunch and then some help requests.

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2007, January - has proved to be a little quiet for me on LJ.
I feel like the end of the year was having me struggling with fruitful posts even though I have a lot going on that I could record.
Same thing only less mundane facts being recorded.

This being said: here goes a stab at the mundane questions that run through my head at any given moment:

1. Can I exercise AND play WoW at once in the evenings?
2. How can I maximize the benefits of the sort of foods I am eating?
3. What magickally can I do to improve this year?
4. Are there unresolved relationships floating in the abyss of my life?
5. When can I go home?
6. If I go home and take a nap, will I wake up to go swim laps, or sleep through it?
7. If I take a nap, will I be able to sleep later tonight?
8. If I stay up and then go to bed slightly earlier, will I just sleep later still?

The first true ramble of 2007! )

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Wii. Wii Wii. What a ghey name. Still, fun. Some stuff. I played Wii Wii. SO WRONG! )

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TODAY has been great.
I get my birthday dinner tonight! Yeay. So I will be heading Tacoma bound later tonight.
After I get out of this joint. Waaawhooo!!!

I am thinking I should change up our plans and do The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner and agree to pay part of it because I sold a piece of software and now I have more money!! Yeay.
It is also payday today, this makes me happy.
I plan on trying to spend less, in spite of my idea of splurging more on the birthday dinner. But if we go there, it will SO be worth it.

SO. I completely look forward to seeing my sweetheart.
That makes Friday even sweeter. He will be doing drill this weekend (bleh) and I will be helping my parents move this weekend. That will be fun – I get to see my mommy a lot this weekend then! I miss her :/

I would do an hour of laps tonight – although I think I am going to have to settle on 30 minutes or so at lunch. Which will be soon!!!

So. First things: Pay day happened.
Secondly: A few extra $ because of software.
This was spur of the minute planning. I was talking out my schedule with my boss – when I realized it would be more advantageous of me to actually just take a few days off.

So, this is what my schedule will look like for my days of November 18-28th not working.

18th: Friday, no work the next day
19-Saturday no work
20-Sunday no work
21-Monday, 8 hrs vacation
22-Tuesday, 8 hrs vacation
23-Wednesday, 8 hrs vacation
24-Thursday, Holiday pay!
25-Friday, Holiday pay!
26-Saturday, no work
27-Sunday, no work
28-Monday, no work – standard day off!

HAH! All that time off for 24 hrs leave out of my vacation bank.
What an awesome feeling.
And the thing is... it is almost even more awesome because it wasn't planned so far in advance, which is usually what I tend to do. *celebrates*! I ranted on coffee high to lord_andrei about this.

AND!? Next Friday is a vacation day too. So, next week is a 3 day week.
Alright, alright. And I had some awesome coffee today.
ALL of these things combined is making my Friday a beautiful day.
Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my dear friends, faerievixen2 and glitch25.
Ahhh, I love you both, yes I do!

AND I was smart SMRT - I filled my timesheet out early instead of doing it at the last minute. WAY better this way. And then I can make changes accordingly. Good deal, indeed.

Swimming now! Happy Friday to all ya'll!

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Vacation Updates Vol. 2 )

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Vol. 1, Vacation Updates! )

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I've only just begun updating. )



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