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Aug. 20th, 2012 10:55 am
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It has been a long while since I had an opportunity to write in my livejournal. It has been dormant. A lot has been happening. So much unrecorded, but in truth I can remember all of it right now. It’s later on when the months pass that I will forget the things I no longer wrote it the LJ land. Since I last posted, I have been cast in Rite of Sol, I have become a sub teacher instead of a regular teacher at my home studio and a regular teacher at Bikram Yoga Redmond, as well as Bikram Yoga Kirkland.

My Grandma died, I am still managing my Grandpa’s funds, we as a family are also taking care of Grandpa, making sure he is doing okay. This is a challenge in and of itself.
I am happily engaged in the polyamorous lifestyle. Every minute seems filled with abundance at this point. Sometimes this is the biggest bliss point ever – and other times a plate or two that I am spinning starts to tip over and I falter. The biggest challenge at the moment is to get the YOGA for myself. I went through a phase where I didn’t teach very much for a brief month, and then it came slamming back with a vengeance. Alongside my city job, all of this does take some managing. Especially given the fact I am involved with three different studios on the eastside, among other things.
The word abundance really captures how I feel. The gratitude I feel every day for the people who I am directly involved with regularly, and the studios I “work” in. Teaching Yoga is a blessing and something that while I sacrifice my own practice at times, is entirely worth the struggles I have endured to get to where I am today. I am becoming a stronger teacher, and continue to aspire to the best verbatim Dialogue that I know how. My brother is back in the orbit of the family, and we are grateful for his presence in our family again after his isolation and soon to be ex-wife situation. We are happy. It is apparent that HE is happy, too. Recently being hit with a strange virus that claimed his voice TEMPORARILY… well, he’s struggling through that.

James is a rare gift of a person. I think that is why it bothered me so much when he was no longer a part of my life, in major part due to the spite of one woman. The good news is that while Grandma’s story was ending, she brought James back into the family as she left mortality. Both of them are very important people to the family.

I am learning a lot about the family at this juncture in time, and have been all of 2012. My role has been harried to say the least.
And the rest of 2012 is going to see a lot more Yoga teaching for me – I look forward to sharing the yoga with people all over the place, and transforming my teaching more and more and more and more.

There’s nowhere else to go, here – but up. And the people who I am able to see are so very special to me! I have the most beautiful circle of friends. While I wish I had more time for things and was further at my Deacon memorization, I also realize I have limitations. And a whole life time. We’ll see what I can do. I was starting to make progress in April, and since then life has been a whirlwind.

Needless to say, Life is Quite amazing for me right now.
I work hard. I rest just enough. I need more yoga, but I am working on that constant balance of teaching and taking and living and loving! And I am more than thrilled to be a part of the cast of Rite of Sol this year. This is something I wanted to be a part of for years.

And choosing to take care of myself first - and consciously acknowledging the people that will harbor a giving and receiving nature within friendships, relationships. Particularly in the times I needed it most. Because my energy reserves waned when some serious things were going on with the family.

And all the good stuff? Well. I worked for all of that. I'm not going to lie. Product of hard work, blood, sweat, and yes - tears!

So here it is!!!!
Growth experiences abound.

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It’s time to do an update, folks! Doing my best with life here. Things have been quite good around my neck of the woods. I know, I know – not as regular posting as I’ve been in life, but hey. I do what I can!
Last night I had a dream that I went off to TT. But it was nothing like TT would really be. Hard to explain. Needless the say, that wasn’t going to be part of my post. I just thought I’d share that obviously it’s on my mind.

Last weekend sort of happened by chance. As in, neither Jim nor I had plans – and while we were tending to Fritz (who I have not updated about yet) – we were otherwise free. Then Jim got a phone call from a battle buddy who was having marital problems. He came to stay the weekend, and thus our weekend filled a bit. This was actually pretty fun. Luckily I had just spiffed up our guest room, so it was back in order by Friday when the call came in. I officially only have 1 room of our house that is not at least in some semblance of “good working order.” This is actually quite amazing. I guess it goes to show that I *AM* making household progress.

These were all good things.
Also good: I went raw all last week. Probably about 95%. At this point, I feel pretty comfortable in general. Comfortable in my skin again, comfortable with my body where it stands right, comfortable with where I am heading after my 7 day challenge if you will. It seems a lot simpler than I’ve made it in the past, so we’ll see how long I feel this way. At the very least it was just the reset I was looking for. And 8 days after I made the solid switch, I’m still eating my fruit breakfast and have plans for a green smoothie lunch. As for dinner? Well. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll go off charts and share a “regular” meal with Jim. Or maybe I will eat mostly a giant green salad like my usual has been.

All I know is over the weekend I actually did a review with all my raw food tools and pretty much combined all my experience over the last year or so and played in the kitchen. Raw almond milk, banana ice cream, blueberry pie, juices, dips, salads, smoothies. I unintentionally made it very clear to myself how much versatility I’ve developed in my array of foods that I can eat on the raw food wagon. It is NOT as hard as it seems. Well, least until you go and smell pizza, but you get the picture. I think it is clear to me that it is more a routine shift than a real *food* shift in many ways.

Biggest challenge is always the boyfriend wanting XYZ meals out. Meals out just suck if you’re eating raw because people prepare crappy salads in actuality at restaurants. Over priced and not enough greens etc.

So my goal here is balance. I’m not going to be uber strict, but I do see fit to try and avoid bread and dairy for a while longer. I just don’t like how puffy my body gets with either of them, in spite of my love affair with them. At least for now. We’ll see. I might make exceptions, but I am sure I will pay for how it makes me feel – particularly if your body is no longer accustomed to those things.

Oh - and I forgot to mention. Both Yoga and running CHANGE when I'm eating just fruits and veggies. Basically, I run easier, further. My muscles feel stronger. I feel like I can just go farther. In yoga, my flexibility sky rockets. It is nuts.
Both activities are proof there is something going on when you only feed yourself nutritionally FULL calories. Really.

Anyways, no real worries here. Just feeling great in my mind and my skin. These things are so valuable!
As for dialogue, coming along. Not much further, but I feel a little less freaked out. Why worry, when I can just do my best and that is it? We’ll see how much longer this mentality sticks.

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Time for an update! Time to keep up with the blogging!
I had a great weekend. What I wrote in my previous post was so very true: 4 days straight of the yoga and I'm feeling pretty balanced again. I was sad I couldn't go on Sunday - I actually drank some wine at Ryan and Janessa's get together on Saturday and felt totally dehydrated on Sunday morning, and on weekends it feels as though the best classes to fit in on busy weekends are the 7:30 classes.

Here's a proper weekend update:

Friday = Yoga, and then Lianna came to hang out with me and Jim.
Saturday = Yoga, Went to the Benson's place for a party, ended up at Yoder's get together before I fell deep asleep.
Sunday = No yoga (sadface) my parents came over to bring a desk they had that I wanted for the Colbalt room to bring my computer upstairs (YES!) and then the Bite of Seattle with Lianna, Jim, and Dave.

All in all it's been a good weekend.
Saturday rocked. I have not done as much dialogue study as I'd hoped, but I realize this weekend of relaxation might just be what I need to kick off my real success both in the studio and with the dialogue. I've come to realize that it's ok, whatever memorization pace I have pre training is fine. All the memorizing now is doing, is buying me fun time rather than stress time, in LA.

Sunday, my parents came over to deliver the desk I'd expressed interest in a few weeks ago. We grabbed lunch and then Dave, Lianna, Jim, and I went to the Bite of Seattle.
For the first time since June I feel like I've finally recharged.

Looking forward to my class tonight.
Happy to be kicking off a quick and easy raw food week.
Oddly, we also were wishing we could see the 2 movies we wanted to see but had no time to see: Harry Potter, and yes - Winnie the Pooh. Guess that will be next weekend or later in the week or something!

Needless to say, the yoga classes have been powerful because I really was able to stay present and not judge myself in any part. This week I'd like to see 5 classes minimum. I'm ready to get those legs locked out for the entire 60 seconds, and triangle to open up for me. I can't possibly get the 60 seconds locked leg without a higher percentage of weekly classes. It's going to be worth it. What I am doing now will make my first week a little less edgey in September.

So, this week I'd like to do that, but also see what I can do with the middle floor of the house. Good news is that Amber is seriously having fewer and fewer accidents in the house. We've got a good routine. She is also growing like a weed.

I got time and everything I could ask for right now. Just to get a card or so into my brain per day and I think I'll be golden...

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Because there has been some discussion about my LIVEJOURNALING habits, I better get on the ball here!

Even if they’re super short entries!!!

This weekend was fun filled. Yoga, family. Was fun hanging out with Jim too.
Now I have my work cut out for me. There’s no question now, I’m going to teacher training. This is going to be my path – come hell (probably) or high water (maybe near the beach!!! )

The money part still scares me sometimes, but I know I will be fine.
The time part still scares me sometimes…… you know, I could have taken some nice month long _no work_ stints and be kicking back relaxing.

But instead I’m choosing something else. I think I can do that later in life anyway. I mean, given my age… I can’t imagine I will ever look back and regret doing things this way. Which is a good sign obviously!!!

I think given the universe twirling into a conspirator role here, I can’t even argue that for the last 2 years, since late 2009 – I had really begun seriously considering it. And although my vision of what it might be was not exactly the one I carry today, it still persisted. I don’t have any pure vision of how well this will work on the side of my current job, but I do know that it’s worth picking up the skill, it’s worth taking the journey for me, it’s worth following through on.

And that I will find a way to learn this dialogue! I think the dialogue daunts me more than the idea of practicing 12 classes per week. Although I have yet to even imagine what that is going to feel like 100%.
I’ve never been one of those yogis who did 60 day challenges for grins. I did a couple of 30 day challenges, and most of the time I was frustrated at how my level of social interaction outside of my job suffered. I think that doing training will not cause my social interactions to suffer at all – the converse. I will never have any solo time anymore – and it WILL be my full time job for 2 months. Way more full time than my current job, actually. Because free time is a joke in training. ;)

So, there in lies the chance to really go deep. In so many ways. I can’t even begin to imagine what happens to your practice when you are doing that much yoga... I also cannot even imagine the number of people I will instantaneously become emotionally close with through this process. Like I said once, it will be much akin to CGW energy, but multiplied because it will be a longer term situation.

Finally I have talked out most of my fears and concerns. So I have 4 months to prepare for this. I think that is the ideal amount of time, actually. Short enough so I don’t shrug off the seriousness of my focus, and long enough that I may actually get somewhere with the dialogue on my own before the real ordeal begins.

Today is the day that I will begin figuring out methods and possibly benchmarks for when I get these postures memorized in the beginning of this booklet. I think the beginning will be the hardest for me. Starting and getting that memorize this during my everyday life thing locked in. But... reminding myself that I don’t want the first posture to suck because Bikram himself critiques in front of 300+ people will be enough to jump start it. I don't want to be one of his horror stories.

He’ll still have something to pick apart I am sure, but I’ll be damned if I will not know it 100% before going – the parts I know he will be doing the “opening” evilness with. And mark my words, if I can swing it, I will totally try and go first when I get there. I like to get shit that freaks me out over with earlier than later (just how I roll).

Anyways. Not sure what else to write except I have to work hard at work between now and then… most of the time. I should have plenty of time to memorize dialogue when I am not doing the requests lol.

I will just be glad when I get my wardrobe set up. I will be on the look out for 12 outfits before Late Sept. I think I have about half of the amount of yoga clothes that I will need. I will be sad to see some of my favorite stuff being permeated by the time November comes... and yet. I'll just buy more for my new "post training" practice, right? No biggie.


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It’s a good day for an LJ post. What contrasting weekends, this weekend and last! Last weekend I was peppered with Seattle-events, my sweet and dear new friend from Australia, (we’ve only known each other since CGW5) but none the less.
This weekend was special in 2 ways already. I hadn’t seen Mom in a couple of weeks, which was feeling weird this time around because we’d seen TONS of each other for a couple of weeks prior (particularly with Amber being a puppy and Classy the car needing trips to the mechanic.) AND, Amanda got married.

Long Updating. )

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Getting a little tired, but here I am! As Mom suggested when I said, "I blew it this weekend. I had been posting every day and I totally missed this weekend," I decided that as a clause for when something comes up and I ABSOLUTELY did not post - I will just have to make it up with my multi-post days.

So here goes!

The weekend was a whirlwind. On Friday night, I lost my work keys. heh, I thought I left them on my desk, but it seems on Tuesday when I came back to work, they were not there. I have very bad words for this. FUCK. Where are they? ;) I can't remember what else I did Friday night. Saturday I ended up at Redhook Brewery with Dave, Tony, Dave's friends, and Jim. Kelsi and Shane stopped by briefly on their way up to a raffle ticket win: a night at Tulalip in the Casino hotel. AWESOME. It was just good to see Kelsi and catch up for a while.

We went on the tour, and then grabbed lunch - and then they came back for more beer. This is the last beer I will be drinking for a little while, as I am making my focus my diet and I don't want to whack out my metabolism with alcohol until I get it all sorted out.

Sunday, Jim and I helped his army buddy and his wife (Sarah) move to the Issy Highlands. They now live about 5 minutes, at most - from us. We made quick work of moving their stuff. I did what I could (loaded up most of the boxes and a majority of the furniture, and unloaded with Jim and Roby - before I had to take off for my Russian class. I missed out on lunch with them and chillaxin' - but Roby was super grateful for the help. I've been on the receiving end of enough moves to fully understand.

Monday, Jim went to work and I had it off for the holiday. (President's day). Only a government employee, right?!
I took care of a lot of business I needed to take care of. I made an appointment to get our taxes done (although it looks like I will have to reschedule, seeing as that was going to be Saturday, and now I have new plans Saturday). - I went to my chiropractor to settle a billing issue, I went to the chiropractor and took care of my stiff back. (I could tell something was off). Looks like my pelvis was out a bit. That happens to me sometimes :P Damn pelvis. Usually it manifests in my mid back, which has had problems ever since I fucked it over lifting a CRT monitor when I was 19 that was attached to the desk with an "earthquake" strap that I totally disagree with the existence of.

Anyways, most of the time with my awesome chiropractor, I have no issues though. Fortunately, last year I did lots of chiropractic, and the end of the year before - and I currently have the best benefits that allow me 25 visits per year, no co pay.

So then after that I came home, Jim and I drove out to my parents', and we had dinner and celebrated Dad's birthday. Then we came home. BAM. The weekend.
My Russian notes are in my car, and it is all snowy and cold outside and I am all ready for bed and cozy. I do not want to go out and get them. I did some Internet searching around about this past and future tense business. But I'm afraid I want to study the material Natalia gave us specifically.... so I better make Wednesday... "Русские среды". Or else.

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The weekend was a whirlwind of awesome. It started with the unexpected invitation from Mel to go see Kelsi perform in the UW choir that she is a part of (I didn't even know she was in a choir), on Friday night. Most Friday nights consist of solo things. For the past couple of years, I almost began dreading the boring Friday night. So I immersed myself in Yoga or Running or basketweaving or watching movies, to hide the fact that my social life was dead.

So, Friday was refreshing. Heard the choir sing, got to hang out with Mel. We had coffee and tea after the performance. I found out that while I was away on holiday in California, Kelsi and Shane got a new house rental! So they were moving, and immediately following our visit to the Seattle Center House, I got to see their new home! It's in Milton, which is a ways out, but far better of a place than the Kent townhome they were renting before.

Apparently the owner was selling this shiny Milton home for around $265k, and renting it for a cool $1500. It was hard not to look at the home with it's shiny bedrooms, single-family-home style, and acre of land think... DAMNIT.

My own home is awesome, and we paid $288k for it. It's in ISSAQUAH though. And the state of being that it is, Issaquah is a nice area to live. Location, location, location - is what we pay for. My mom reminded me this weekend that the choices I made about my current home happened with the pressure of my old landlord asking me to leave in 45 days (I had a month to month lease prior). And I am VERY VERY happy for Kelsi and Shane to have a wonderful home. 4 bedrooms, with a den. It's spacious, with pretty stone work and a great awesome deck that has stairs that go down to the yard.

Very, very cool. I was also feeling happy I got to see it right away. The whole thing apparently happened like WHAM bam, so that's cool too.

I have a lot of house thoughts, but for the moment of getting to the weekend updates, that was Friday night! Stayed out super late. Drove home, got up in the morning for my Private Investigator seminar in Seattle with Linda Montgomery. This was an amazing experience, got my certificate so that when I find someone to employ me, I can get my license. (Have to get the certificate, then a license.)

That took up most of Saturday - and at the end of the meeting I went up to Snohomish and spent some evening time with my parents.

Sunday, I slept in, went for a run, and then met up with Jessie to work on self defense moves. We fleshed out our self defense workshop material for the workshops we will be doing soon here. Jessie is an awesome partner with this for me. She has all the great moves, she coaches me, and I have a lot of the finer self defense mindset information and am good at presenting that. We will be the perfect team for this.

After going to the West Seattle community center and using their space to practice on each other, we finally hung out and relaxed. Decided we'll be getting together Wednesday this week to go over more and get some bigger men to practice on.

After that, we went back, met up with Vicki, Roby came over, and then the 4 of us went to dinner. And after that we went to see Harry Potter!!!!! I called up Jim to see if he was interested, and he met us at the theatre. I was sooooo excited to finally see HP, and it was AWESOME to get to see it with my beloveds.

After that, drove home and went to bed.

The weekend was packed. And teh work week feels packed already. We are all lucky I took time out to write an entry, but I have my 2 entries per week quota!!!!

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Good Morning!!!!
I was super tired last night, because I stayed out late on Thursday with Monk after Yoga. Then by the end of the night, I guess I turned into Princess CrankyBitch. Fortunately after bickering with Jim for 25 minutes, I realized... I should shut the fuck up and go to bed.

It dawned on me the cranky-ness=body demanding sleep.

So, Sleep I had. I slept in a couple of hours, happily saw the sun shining brightly in the sky. It motivated me to hit Issaquah for a run, before the "snow" as I put it on my facebook, comes this weekend. I remember when I was predominantly a runner and seldom took nearly as much time off from running as I do now (pre injury 08) when the snow forecasts came in, I was devastated. Well, life has changed a little. I don't run as often (I will in 2011, I'm getting that vibe, but for now my body wants me to break it up).

And that was pre-Dreadmill days. I remember using a Dreadmill (Treadmill) as an "experiment" because I had never used one (I had always run outside) and I was intimidated by the idea! What If I suck at the dreadmill yada yada. ANd then I found it was kind of fun, but only as a newb. As I got injured and they wanted me to use teh Dreadmill ALL the time, it began to suck the life out of my running. It's great for supplemental fun runs, but beyond that I just don't prefer it :D

Today's run was nice. Pretty fall day, very crisp, very cold, but the sun was shining. My lungs were wondering what happened to the 60 degree runs... seeing as the temp was around 38-40. But, you know. That's ok! It just felt good to get out and use my legs.

Can't wait for the party tonight.
Someone awesome is having a birthday! <3
Am looking forward to bugging my parents later this weekend too.
Jim misses them and wants to see them also! Very nice. What else? Speaking of Jimmers, he called his Mom last night because she thought he was not going to be there for Thanksgiving. Well, he IS going to Portland and he WILL be there. So he had to call and set her straight. Of course he had to explain that for the first time in a few years, (okay, really - the first time in 5 years) *I* will not be there.
And then of course the Why came up. "She's going on a trip to California."
"Spending it with a guy friend." Of course - more questions forth coming. My parents know I'm polyamorous. Thanks, Steve Butler... for outing me when I dumped you in 05. Or was it 04? can't remember. I'm obviously getting old ;) Just kidding.

It would appear this is when he will come out of the poly-closet to his Mom anyway. His siblings already know. They're on Facebook, and we list each other as "In An Open Relationship," together. So it's pretty obvious.
But his Mom has avoided Facebook. Jim has let me know he is going to broach the subject while he is there.
I am mostly bummed his entire family will be together this year for the first year, and this is the year I choose to opt out of the holiday. And then again. I'm also glad. I stress out whenever I am around huge groups of family these days. It's not even like MY family has had a successful, peaceful, happy get together for some time.

And of course. I'm dying to reconnect face to face with Sasha. Because it's going to be super fun! So far I intend to do a Bikram class, like I said - force myself to run with someone new and not be insecure (I like running alone, no one to pace, no one to feel like I am too slow with, if my breath is getting horrendous, I don't have to feel goofy). But then again, WHATEVER. Hello - when I went running with Tom H. from the CGW 1, it turned out to be one of the most fun, quick, conversation filled runs I've ever been on. So I need to buck the fuck up, as Young Master Heinz would say. SPEAKING of Heinz. I really miss him, and I have had little chance to see the baby. Sad! I need to SET SOMETHING UP!!!

I should probably eat soon.

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The busy life has been catching up with me, at last. SO much going on lately. I love it!
2 weekends ago, I was busy... but all I remember was Lianna visiting. I did other things too. I just forget what they were. Saturday? I did something on Saturday, 2 weeks ago.

Well, I'll just have to recall what I DO have recent!
Friday night was awesome. Steve Pavlina was in Seattle on a Pacific Northwest trip. I ran away from work a tad bit early, in order to beat Seattle traffic and meet up with Steve and Rachelle in Seattle. We went to the first Starbucks near Pike Place, walked around looking for my car (ugh, it was hard to get to in some strange parking garage) and then drove over to Cap Hill where they were staying. Normally I go to see the Rites of series, but this weekend I didn't. Seeing as Steve will probably not be in town for years to come, I jumped at the chance to hang in my hometown with him and Rachelle.

Momentarily chaotic on Cap Hill, I had to pee and park and.

Happily, I made it to Toys in Babeland before I met up with Steve and Rachelle - I had been planning on dropping by and making an awesome purchase there. :D :D So I had that chance, but I had to squeeze it in before meeting up with them at the Harbor Steps.

We went to an awesome Vegan restaurant called "The Plum." I drove by the performance hall that all my pals were performing in :X and kind of looked longing at the Hugo house.

We joked around in Value Village with SP and R. I found Jim some spaghetti factory glasses. I'm redeemed from that one time I broke one of his favorite glasses, by buying 4 more.

Finally went out to dinner. Ate some DELISH Vegan food, and then drove them to their hotel so they could pick up the movie "Sleepless in Seattle." They came over to my house !!! and we watched Sleepless in Seattle. We had a blast. SP and R really tend to embody the "let's crack sick jokes," aspect that people have long known me for. So it was one, joke cracking evening.

Driving home after taking them to their room for the night (at like 2:30AM) I was imagining what I would have said to you, had you told me pre-October 2009 that a year later I'd be hanging out in my Den, showing Steve and his gf a movie, dining out in Seattle with them. (Well, his gf didn't really know him pre Oct 09). I would not have believed you. Of course. It was pretty bad when my OLD DVD player started shitting out, and we had to migrate upstairs to our very messy bedroom.
Funnily enough, we have no TVs that are not situated in from of beds...

I can now claim I had Steve and Rachelle in both of the beds that exist in my house.

I had a lot of fun, needless to say.
And on Saturday, I dragged my ass out of bed to hit Salmon Days. At 8AM, after hitting the sack at 3ish, I got up to help film the parade. Later that day I came home, and then visited the event itself with Jim.

On Sunday, I did more Salmon Days, and then met up with Alex Wu from Ottawa, and Alex G from Seattle, along with some other new people I had never met before. We went to Thrive in Seattle (raw vegan place that I love!).

So much fun, also. Later that day I spent the rest of the evening in bed with Jim, watching educational documentaries and hanging out. It has been wonderful. 2 weeks ago, we found out he had been transferred to days, after MONTHS of requesting this shift. It happened JUST prior to a vacation he had requested, so he went on a 1 week vacation (his mom came to visit, I will have to write about that later because I had an a-doc apt soon!) So, as of yesterday he had his first day on the day shift of backroom team. (He's been overnight backroom for nearly 3 years now).

The weekend pretty much rocked.
I am all booked and have time off for the end of this month to go to Vegas. I have a roomie arranged already to split the room who is also going to CGW5. (Conscious Growth Workshop 5). I have a free pass to use up from last Oct for being among Steve's guinea pig workshoppers (his very first workshop ever).

He may also not do any more workshops from here on out, also. I'm going with the intent of more social networking and meeting fantastic people. I'll be in Vegas from the 28th to Nov 2nd.
While Vegas isn't my favorite place around, I think I will make it a point to enjoy Vegas for Vegas this time around. It will be different (and I will miss Jim not being there) but this time I decided to go solo to make sure I get the most out of the CGW.

Last time I turned down some options to go hang out with people and connect, so that I could chill with my sweetie. This time, I'd rather make some stronger social connections. And I definitely will: I have a very talkative hotel roomie. More later.

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Ahhh, Yesterday was rather fun. I don't get out as much as I once did, which is funny because I just read kdana's post about how much she hangs out with big crews!
Anywho, it was Mikey (Aka Snowflake, or Blacky) who invited us to hang out with the ole military crowd in Lakewood area. We jumped on it very quickly.

After circuit training in the morning (squats, lunges, pushups, situps, military press, jumping jacks over and over anyone?) and generally sleeping in, showering, getting some jamba juice for the trip over...

Met at the old bar (Schooner's) and from there went to the bowling alley with Mikey. Had some food (my one outing of the week) and finally Ray Ray and his new gf came about, and then Ben (who for the longest time I only knew by his last name, Carter). Which eventually bothered him because I only referred to him as Carter because that was how I met him. Took me a good 2 years to start calling him Ben!

So, off we went to bowl. I suck really badly at bowling. ;) I tricked some people for a little while with that. First 4-5 frames looked like I was ACTUALLY a bowler, with strikes and spares. And then my actual game came out with the gutter balls and the shitty hits. ;)

After that, Ray Ray and his girl left. Mike, Ben, Jim, and I headed off to go back to Schooner's. We would have gone with Ray Ray, but an old flame of his is the night-bartender. Sucks, actually. Bella and Ray Ray were close friends, and then after coming back from his third tour (the reason we got together yesterday was because Ray Ray has been back from his 4th tour over seas - yes, you read that. 4 years in combat) - after he got back from tour #3, his friendship with Bella from the bar blossomed. And then things got messed up.

Very sad, because the Schooner bar is a very tight knit group, and the entire social schema sort of revolves around that place. Now Ray Ray isn't down with going there while Bella is on shift. (Blah).
Happy that Ray Ray has found someone he seems deeply involved with now - still bummed that in order to chill with him we have to find another Lakewood spot. I have to admit, I really like Bella. She's so sweet to me. I even endure her asking when me and Jim are going to get married ;) (because we've been together for a long time haven't you guys?) Etc.

Ahhh, Bella. My favorite bartender ever, actually. I love knowing the entire staff at Schooner's. It's beneficial to be best pals with 2 bouncers, and close with the night bartender. It felt weird to go in during the middle of the day to meet with Mikey and show up early, only to be seen by the day-staff who had no idea who I was and treated us like... well. Regular first time customers in their bar. Sort of one of those, "yo, what's up biatch? This is our bar!"

Okay, okay. But you get the picture. Anyways, after drinking about 1.5 more beers (piss beers) than I was intending for the night (I wanted to have just 1 beer, I think I had 2.5 total) and getting sleepy - also realizing I would be working on Monday morning, we finally left Schooner's at 12, and got home at 1. It just felt SO good to be with the old folks. There is such a brotherhood, and closeness, a connection they all share. And bi-proxy, as one of the main beloved brother's-'in-arms' long-time girl, I am indicted into this brotherhood by association. (It's never the full effect, obviously - but I'm still one of the crew.) I remember when I was first dating Jim how it felt to be in this group of people. The warmth and love they share is infectious. The acute early-days memories brings another associative fondness for me. This group of people brings alive the beginnings of my NRE, relationship days with Jim. We have stories. we have memories, and to feel that I belong anywhere is so incredibly powerful.

After 2 years of feeling out of place, depressed somewhat often over injury situations... of reverting to what is called the "inferior function" of my personality via the "Meyer's Briggs" test (yes, kdana mentioned it recently too!). Being with this group of people was like opening up and reminding my soul that I *do* have those connections. The kindred spirits and the fun. No need to be DOING anything beyond just hanging out and cracking stupid jokes. Laughing, smiling, drinking piss beer. (Very slowly, my 2.5 beers over like 4 hours!) Honestly, I think I'd rather have been drinking water, but that is okay. Overlooking that!

Definitely was a nice evening. I also was talking to Mike and Ray about how the old crew just doesn't hang out and do the level of things that we all used to do. Essentially, this made it easier to know that it does NOT have to do with living in the 'Quah verses having a household over in Lakewood/University Place. I think when the old apartment disbanded, that was the beginning of a much higher level of disparity in the "hang out," atmosphere. So much so - that at times I wish they hadn't disbanded. And yet, the next household they had was a house, with a couple of outsider type soldiers - and they seemed to be a little more obnoxious and little less in resonance with Mikey and Jim. Ray Ray gets along with all kinds of people - this includes complete idiots. I had the honor of meeting a couple of back-woods, deep south, deep midwest types that ended up in the house after the apartment scene. It was not inspiring. I could see how the era that was the apartment was definitely over, even though part of it felt like it was because Jim relocated. No, I think it was the mixture of people. Regardless, seems Mikey wants to make more summer plans, have some cook-outs like old times, and involve everyone a little more in events. I think the push to hang out last night sparked a lot of nostalgia and reminded everyone of how much they miss the comradery. And Bless Ray Ray for making it home again. I can only say that he is one of the sweetest guys I know, and I feel so fortunate to have seen him return 3 other times. Wow. There is a man who has paid his dues many times over. I spoke with him last night about his plans after this term is up. He plans to not re-sign his contract.

Although there is always that question in his mind about staying in. But I think after this last journey to Afghanistan... he said he's done with that shit.

Thank goodness...


How dare I

Jun. 4th, 2010 09:44 am
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How dare I : Not post!!!

The weekend was pretty busy. Saturday I went to the barn to watch Jill compete in a horse jumping competition. That was entertaining, very rainy, and I was freezing my ass off because I hadn't spent a lot of time outside without actually... running.

Odd? :)

Sunday we cleaned the house because I had a tantrum about how messy everywhere it was. We did a pretty good job, although as always, I still see places I'd like to continue improving. Jim did a really good job, which is impressive.

Monday we had a small get together with most of Jim's new crowd. (New as in, the last 2 years).
This was entertaining, for sure!!! I invited one person. The one person who bought Stroh and insisted I take a shot to the party - AJ. This was a mistake. My plan was 2-3 beers and I was done. Stroh caused me to ignore the notion of beer limit. It ended poorly for me.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked.
Been avoiding Yoga for a while now. It's not that I intend to forever. (And I had just finished my 30 day challenge). It's that I am looking for cardio for torching the calories at the moment and really getting my opportunity to connect with running the past 2 weeks. It has been a great resource to open up my time, and also I feel like I might be making damage control progress, slowly but surely. We'll see how this goes, it's going to take another few weeks to be fully sure. Crossing my fingers, any movement downwards is where I want to go.

Today is not likely to be very productive as far as my work flow. I've got appointments all day. I should have requested today off from my boss. Damnit.

Been working 8 hour days all week instead of 10s. Hmm...
I have no huge plans for the weekend. To my knowledge. :)
Maybe work on the house a little more.

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As January draws to a close, I can say I've had some progress in life. The first two weeks were memorable: mercury in retrograde - mars in retrograde. The New Year was particularly uneventful this year. First time since I've been an adult that I really had no plans.

I set up some goals and began working on them immediately. It had little to do with the New Year - but it coincided. Mercury went direct and things started to spin up quick. I took my self defense class and now have a set of skills I feel pretty comfortable with.

Last week sort of dragged out! lol. Still working hard. Notably, late last week I tested my knees by going for a walk straight out my doorstep; which is to say, a lot of slope. This was successful for me. That's notable. I've been really bad about chiropractic this month. Ever since the week of the 25th - in December, I've not stepped foot in my chiro's office. Although my back is feeling great, I'd like to get back in there. Tomorrow.

Last weekend I went to the Yoga party, which was fun.
I went out with Grandma and Mom, and then relaxed a lot with Jim on Sunday/Monday. I did a double yoga class on Monday which was good. I skipped Yoga Tuesday and went for a walk. Today I went for a 4.5 mile run on gravel. This was a test. I've stuck to pavement, gravel is a totally different thing for the knees. In case you were wondering. My knees feel a little differently sensitive - but the real test will be how it feels tomorrow after I rest for the evening. I also plan to hit the 1830 yoga class and then come home.

Jim has met a girl spontaneously. Met her at Denny's where his work crew hangs. He went to meet one of the guys, and another guy was there with his gf and gf's best friend (the girl Jim met, the best friend).

There might be a chance for a nice casual relationship in this. Here's to hoping! They are both interested and hit it off well - but neither of them have tons of time or inclination to be "serious," if you will.

We'll see where it goes :)
Looking forward to it.

In other news... just closing out some requests here at work trying to finally catch up.
Good news? I'm back in my size 7 pre-med leave jeans again at last. This is a relief. Now only 1 more size to be at my final goal. Weight wise I'm unsure atm, but I am happy to have more pairs of suitable comfy, fit-great jeans to wear. I can travel the rest of my shape shifting journey a little less poopy faced. My hips are returning to something I recognize again.

I am also enjoying more freedom with my knees. Still proceeding with caution - but this is just preventative to ensure I can still continue to heal more and more every month.

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The weekend was pretty awesome. I felt good leaving the office Friday night; I was eager to hit the Yoga studio for an 8:30PM class. I was also eager to get out of bed and hit the morning 7:30 class on Saturday. On Sunday I also stumbled out of bed to hit the 7:30 class again.

Yes, lots of Yoga lately.
I had a full weekend, but I am forgetting anything but yesterday and Sunday? *furrows brow*
I think Saturday was low key?
Sunday I went out with Jon; we met for our usual coffee/tea. THen we caught some dinner and just spent some really nice time together. Nice, nice.

Went home and then had a nice evening with Jim. Except for the fact we had sex and in a moment of idiocy, chose to put direct pressure on the tendon. This caused it to be sensitive the next morning. I was pissy about this because the three days prior, I had been experiencing what seems like pain free living for me. (It might be a little different than what others experience as NORMAL but, the likeness to that had me on cloud 9).

So, the next morning I had planned to take both the Yoga classes offered on the holiday. (7:30/9:30).
I do the full class minus ANY kneeling poses at this point, and I have one modification that does work for me. There was one I had to give up on because it still gave me a bit of tenderness.

(It's a hate hate relationship with skipping poses, but I'm learning to deal that less is more in this case for me).
If being prone during certain sex positions for like 1 minute will give me 1-2 days of tenderness, there is no way Yoga is going to compromise me either. I just won't do it.

So, iron Will of steel to tell myself to cool it, to sit some out.
The double class was amazing. Linda taught both (I love her) and they were packed classes. We normally have between 7-20 people in classes.

The studio was only doing 2 morning classes, so everyone obviously came early. 7:30 class was 35 people. The 9:30 class was 40!!!!! 40 was a record for me as far as crowded. My legs were pretty tired by the end of class #2, but the class was really amazing. I liked the second class because the entire room of people were uncharacteristically in sync with each other. Our breathing exercise at the end packed an insanely strong punch. It was almost hard to end a class that energetically charged and in sync.

I felt good doing my double.
Then I went home and hung out with Jim. We talked and hung out - and then I showered and we declared it was time for food. We went to Round Table pizza. Salad and pizza was on the menu.

Then we went to Bed, Bath, And Beyond - where they had a super sale, so I bought out the store. Okay, okay. Not really. But I walked out with a LOT of stuff for about 40% of what it would normally cost. Lots of free stuff, and Jim bought me some perfume for my birthday.

The perfume came with a free lotion.

It was buy 3 get 3 free, PLUS one of my other items was perfume, which came with free lotion. You get the picture.

After that we went home and watched Jericho the rest of the night. I enjoyed this immensely. I am now caught up to Jim - having finished all of Season 1, and having finished the very first Season 2 episode. He is on the third Season 2 episode.

Insane show. So, suffice to say that was a lot of rest on the tendon. I also took a power dose of Ibuprofen for my sex induced tendon flare up.
I woke up today and it is feeling pretty good. Which means it took about 2 days only to bounce back. I am relieved. I have not been up and about yet beyond getting in to the office, but stairs at home and into the office seemed good and I feel a lot less acutely aware of my knees at all moments, which signals to me that the pain level is super low today. I also have a Physical Therapy appointment in 15 minutes.

I have not seen her in 2 weeks (first non weekly apt).
My back is feeling upstanding also.
Things feel pretty quiet!!!!!!!!!
Things are progressing. Healing is happening.
It will be interesting to see how the PT apt goes.
I had to schedule it on a work day because everyone had Monday off. I normally schedule those apts on Mondays to avoid breaking up my work day.

I am sure she will notice the IT band tightness is not nearly as severe: intensive Yoga really makes a huge difference on that. I also haven't been running as much lately. The running was threatening to tighten up my back for a while. I might start up soon, but I didn't want to run this morning because I am taking Joe from Records to Yoga tonight, and I honestly think my legs needed a day of bounce back. I don't want to be falling out of poses the day I choose to take a partner incrime to their first class. No worries, I'll leave my ego in the lobby when I go - but still.

Running tends to take its toll on some of the hamstring poses. Like, by pose #2 - the muscles are quaking. While that feels nice at times, I'd just like to relax into some poses tonight if at all possible. (That doesn't mean slack, it just means

I'd like to have some strength and freshness about me!!!)

So anyways. Looking forward to yoga tonight, looking forward to shifting and adding other stuff to my regimen in the coming week or two here. On a size/weight level, Operation Shrink Back Down is going rather nice. OSBD. LOL.

No, no - not ODBC. (For techies, ...)

The jeans I was brave and not sure would fit on my birthday - fit then. Now they are slowly becoming more roomy and comfy.

Bonus. It means I am on my way down.
That is very satisfying. I am trying hard not to overeat. But I am not micro managing too much.
Yoga makes that possible.

Anyways. Time to get out of the office.
Hopefully more later.

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Life, Yoga, stuff. )

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Well, it's been another day where I successfully convinced myself to leave the bed before 5AM. I had to! The new coldgear underarmour pants were waiting to be tested out in weather below 40F.
Very effective. Extremely comfortable. Although costing a fair amount, it seems well worth the money. ($50).

I now have the hiccups.
Also - on my way out I saw a raccoon. He scampered off (I'm familiar with how they walk) in front of some bushes and stared at me as I went by. Good times. Oh, and I was beyond playing football with him if he came anywhere near me. (Well, unless he wanted to cuddle, but most raccoons are pretty bitchy.)


The weekend has been great. Hung out with Travis and ate the oversized burger on Friday. We also drove down to show Jimmy the true flavors of Sultan. And ended up seeing AJ in the process - who now lives on Love's Hill Drive. I used to live on Love's Hill Drive (yes, sounds like a street name in a porn flick...). Funny how things turn out like that. He now lives in one of those condos at the end of the street near the top of the emergency evacuation trail (if the dam breaks, everyone is supposed to go up to Love's Hill Drive because the rest of town will be under water within 20 minutes.)

Then we helped my parents move after getting up on Saturday. That was eventful and not too painful. On Sunday....... what happened Sunday? Already forgetting. ooooh right! We hung out, went to REI, Chipotle, and Starbucks. It was actually kind of a date. :P
OH! And we got our picture taken with the giant walking Sports Clips dude. Yes, both of us. I should post that photo.

Monday Jim went to work, I went consumer whoring and hung out with mom after that. Saw Judy in the Fred Meyers. She said nothing was going on at the office. Shock. Today and tomorrow... should be slow.

End of day consisted of dinner and going to buy movies that we were going to watch last night but I went to bed early so I could get up early! Annnnnd I got the other pair of pants I was dying for. I found $40 I had a hid from myself, and it just so happened my pants cost $40. (Yes - 2 pairs of pants, not for the same purpose necessarily.) The others are cute and could be work out pants, or just everyday not-jeans pants. Anyways. Like I said. Consumer whoring. And trying to knock off some gifts for family off of my list. Jim is just about done. Now he wants a dumb game and I will be forced to spend $60 on a ... game.


It comes out today. Blargity.
Travis may come with us Thursday to Portland... that'd be fun. Or funny. Or more entertaining for me. What else what else? I feel like I've been pigging out on crap all weekend. Just extra stuff. A latte here, a giant burger there. etc. :P Ah holy hell. Whatever the case. It has been a great weekend!!!

Separate note: My mom has now lost 30lbs. I'm stoked. Onwards she goes.
And I will entirely have paid off my loan for the crown and dental work that I had done as of this month. Wooohooo!!! That was shitty. :)

I should shower soon. Jim is snoozing away in his snug little bed. How cute. :P With the 2 dachshunds. I will be taking Rufus into the vet next week. He's been drinking a fuckload of water and it's been a while since he had a checkup. Going to Rocky's vet. They have moderate prices and have been great with Rocky's epilepsy. So, hopefully his massive intake of water is... nothing too complex. Blarg. That dog is old. Old dogs eventually get health issues. We'll see.

In closing - I should shower!

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I guess it’s been a few days since I sat down and actually wrote some LJ stuff. So here it goes. Work has been pretty busy off and on. I’ve been doing my usual thing. Woop dee. I know, I should be more enthusiastic. But it’s hard sometimes.
I know if I were anywhere else I’d probably miss it here a great deal… bittersweet, you know.

I try not to think about landlord drama. That keeps me happy.
I also try and run as often as I can without inducing over-use injuries. :)
My latest accomplishment is that I have extended my distance last week. My new benchmark location to run to is Taco Time, moving outwards about a tenth of mile (making 2 tenths longer of a route round trip.) I have yet to decide if I want to stick with this for 2 weeks, or longer. But I know I’ll stick with it for at least 2 more weeks.

I have run that route several times now. It is becoming my new commonplace. I increased the distance and decided to walk less if at all possible on the longer route. If I eat well, it works fine. If I don’t eat good food or have poor timing as for the actual run – I run out of steam. For the first time in my life I *know* what it feels like when you eat the right things, or not.

I hear Ubuntu 7.10 is being released in 2 days. I am stoked and plan on putting it on my laptop. And perhaps ditching Windows XP to a Virtual Machine on Linux for my Windows needs. We’ll see, it’s on the agenda for late this week if I can get my hands on Ubuntu.

I’ve been logging on IRC lately to spark some old inspiration technologically. It reminds me of where I started and why I’m even here. In this field. I realize I need to get out there and motivate myself and not just sit and let things sit stagnant around me. I need to be refreshed. I need challenge and if my position doesn’t do it, I have to find it somehow.

So, work has been pretty busy in spite of my poor attitude. That’s fine.
So on Oct 18th, I’m hitting the intarwebs. Gutsy Gibbon needs to be on my machine. It does!!!!

So I drifted off to sleep thinking about Ubuntu last night.
The weekend was pretty eventful and uneventful at once. I could have gone to parties, but I stayed home. Jim had drill… so I didn’t drive to Portland :(
I didn’t go to Gaia Consort or pretty much any event I could have gone to. But I ran all weekend and I got some serious good down time.

!!! I did see my grandparents and found my Halloween costume. That rocked.
Anyway. I better post this before it becomes a half written LJ post like the others I wrote in the last week!!!!


First 5K

Oct. 8th, 2007 12:40 pm
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Salmon Days and my 5K. )

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It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to write in LiveJournal. So I might as well write now!!! The weekend was busy. The week had been busier. Went to OLOTEAS and had a blast with dear friends. The next day Jim and I met up with Jessie and we went to Iron horse trail. That was a total blast. We went through the 2 or 3 mile tunnel in the dark, and sat on the other side hanging out until it was time to head back. The tunnel itself is pretty creepy when you think about it – but it’s really fun none the less. I’d never want to go there alone. I’d definitely be interested in biking that trail just to see how cool it is. (The parts of the trail past the tunnel.) The tunnel was built in 1914, so that really piques my love of old things!!!

After that we came home and had a mini BBQ with the 3 of us. And then Jessie went home nad Jim and I hung out. I can’t remember what we did the rest of the night, but then I went to sleep and then went to work on Monday.
Yes, me. At work on a Monday. Work being a Windows Vista training class. Been doing class stuff so I have had zero time to post.

Tomorrow is Friday and that rocks. I am happy mostly because my schedule is empty and I really just need some down time to get re-aligned. Exercise wise, and food wise. I’ve gotten a bit knocked out of my routine. I want to start eating cool food again and get into the groove of my running/CT again.

It has been a few days since I was able to really do much. Today I will run before Jim gets home.
Yesterday after work/class I drove to mom’s. We hung out. And then when Jim got off work, since he was working at a car lot in Lynnwood – we met him at mom’s. I ended the day by putting away laundry. We have a constant problem with laundry, but not much else. I should also run the dishwasher today.

Oh. And I had no idea VPC is free. I want a VPC to fuck with. Hellz jeah.
WOOO I love dishwashers!
Oh. And Word 2007 doesn't ... transfer carraige returns when I put it on the clipboard. Hm, okay. And one other thing. Does anybody know how to password ICS in Windows XP when you are creating a Wireless connection share? (Internet Connection Sharing). I have yet to figure it out. But then again I have not spent a lot of time researching it either.

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Pillows, Circuit training, awesome stuff. This weekend rocked. )

On a random note; I totally need more fitness icons. That is a quest. For the day. Either between busy things at work or later tonight. Maybe I will ride the recumbent stationary bike and mess with LJ tonight... my profile is kind of blah and not as current as it could be too. Hm.

On a closing note. This weather is wonderful and fantastically invigorating. I love it.
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Been a busyish weekend. Yesterday was a really nice way to come back to reality after doing some outside normish stuff.

I decided going out to eat wasn't a bad idea for breakfast, and Jim and I went to Issaquah cafe. It was just fun. We had some comfortable discussions and enjoyed breakfast. That was after lazily getting up. I was going to go "bake" with the girls, but my phone died (AGAIN< YES) and I honestly just wanted to spend some time with the sweetie.

So, that is how it went. When I got home on Saturday, he was bouncy and ready to show me his new friend, Roxie. We were going to shop together but he saw a good deal and pounced. My gods though. Could have nearly bought a middle of the road laptop for the price of that thing. Granted, I am sure he'll have Roxie forever - so... an investment on happiness, I will call that. Also makes me feel less like an asshat for buying some stuff occasionally. Granted, the guy always has the funds for it in cash. One of my favorite things about him. He doesn't ever use credit.

Huzzah for a smart dude.
Who isn't constantly broke.

So then we drove to the old place (his old apt) to see Wes and Mike. It was good to see Mike, and I fun to hang out with Wes. I miss Mike some seeing as I don't see him nearly as much. Ray Ray will be getting back from Iraq any time. There will be muchly welcoming home and hugs. We'll be getting a call sometime this week and probably heading South to be there when he gets home. This week is flexible week in that case. I don't think I have many plans either; and luckily my training in Seattle is the following week.

So then we grabbed a few more things from his old room to haul home. And then we drove home. Made dinner, went for a walk in the rain, cleaned up the bedroom, and went to bed. Busy, busy, busy.

I know we went for a run somewhere in that... I think we did? I run enough so that sometimes I forget when I do and when I don't. Speaking of running, I should do that today.

Today I want to see mom. I am thinking about bringing her over... I just have to tell the sleeping beauty that this may be the plan for me.



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