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Was a great visit with nobody this weekend. You know who you are, obviously.
Spent Saturday sleeping in, going to Yoga, coming home. Circuit trained and used the elliptical prior to: Sunday was Lianna's visit.
Monday was my dentist appointment that I succeeded in getting under the wire before the end of year to keep my preventative insurance premium at 100% coverage.

Best thing was that I was able to schedule my FINAL crown replacement for Today. !!!
He thought I was going to have a nasty cavity underneath my crown because it was a "non precious" AKA, Not Gold, crown, from a spotty (I said this not them) DSHS clinic way back when I was 13. It's been on there for 13 years.

My gums are inflamed around where it used to be, but now it can really start to improve :D
Today, when he popped off the old crown, expecting to see some really nasty stuff - exclaimed, "this looks way better than the x-rays would have had me believe!" and then he said to the assistant, "She must have a great diet. Most people would have had serious corrosion with this kind of crown."

I walked out of the clinic with my temporary crown, and paid $16, rather than $300 - all thanks to my non existent soda habit and otherwise great food habits essentially. I was so excited.
Next week I get my new gold permanent crown placed on the 23rd. This has been the most pain free set of visits to the dentist that I can ever remember having. After 8 years of regular visits and continual maintenance and projects in my mouth, I will enter 2011 caught up on everything. For the first time in a decade.

Maybe a lot of people don't understand this feeling - but it is an amazing one. Having a history of serious perio problems (gums), I have come a long way. Having to need to replace 3 crowns around the same time wasn't exactly fun for the financial side of things, or the actual "replacing" side.
Ever since I was 13, it felt like I was constantly doing some serious uncomfortable dental work.
Today, they numbed me up and I seriously didn't feel any pain at all. Usually they have trouble numbing me up and I still feel the pain of the work. It was amazing and now I understand the experience a lot of people have in a dental chair.

One thing I'd really like to buy is a sonicare toothbrush, strongly advised by my dental clinic...
But they cost so much. It's tempting, though - to invest this way. I am also considering beginning a 30 day flossing trial. I think this could benefit me greatly, seeing as I really struggle with flossing, but am wanting to see some great boosts to my oral health. I think if I did start a 30 day floss-everyday trial, I would begin... hmm, tomorrow! Enter the New year with GREAT GUMS. :D

Another thing I haven't mentioned on my livejournal is that I have enrolled for a January-March Conversational (intro) Russian class in the U district at offered by this: http://www.seattlelanguages.com/russian.htm place. It will be Sunday afternoons, 2:30-4:30, and I couldn't be more excited. While some portion of this is Sasha's fault, not all of it is. I look forward to harassing Inna-bo-bina, and I am looking for something that is not Spanish, not the usual thing... and, just following the path with heart here, it feels like the right thing to do, and because it's such a different language, it really appeals to me. I also can't get enough of listening to my Russian friends speak it. I'm sort of drawn to the sounds the language itself has. So, why not go for it!? I'm already booked for it!!! Besides. If I'm going to have a few Russian connections, I might as well use them to help me become bi-lingual. I know kindergarten Spanish (took I and II in High school) but... to be honest, I wasn't that passionate about it. So this time I'm going with the path with heart on it ;)

Oh yeah - and I found a free "Runner's Self Defense" workshop to go to tomorrow night, and I think that's awesome! I'm a runner and I love self defense, so I'll be glad to go get some more material for my bag of tools!!! And no. I wasn't referring to dirty tools...

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On September 10th, 2010 - around 9AM, I paid off Classy. Momentous :)
It was a hard decision between a bigger cash savings in the bank, or killing the rest of the loan. I still have savings, and I'll be taking my extra cash that would have been used for the next 7 months (that was what was left on the loan) and paying up my savings to replace the dough I used for it.

It's a great feeling. It hardly feels real. ;) I am in no means in desire of another car loan for as long as I can get away with! So, this is great. At 77,000 miles, and 4 years old - the car is mine. Yes, all 77,000 miles were original miles, put on Classy by me. When I test drove her the first time, she had 4 miles on her.

Now, any other car I intend to buy in life won't be a brand new car ever again probably. (1-3 years old is a much better value). Other than the court parking lot dings (my office eventually became the municipal court underneath the IT office) and consequently my home, and my workplace - became the court parking lot. Let me tell you - people going to court are usually pissed off, and most of them do not car about dinging the cars in the court parking lot.

This happened to poor Classy. Also the random droplets of something that got onto her and ate away the paint in certain places to the *FUCKING* base. Wtf, right? Oh well. Needless to say, everything else about the car has been well maintained.

So yeay :)

Last night was fun, I met up with the Jessie and Icky and hung about them (Curtis left town for AZ and won't be back probably ever, so I had to cancel on our meeting for Friday). Was good even if it was a few short hours. Jessie and I went over some basic self defense techniques and spoke about mindset/mentality and tactics. I look forward to forcing time on the calendar to work more. Also need to call Mikey. We want a big male to use as our guinea pig. Mikey is definitely no little kitten.

What else.... hopefully Mikey will have his hair done though. I don't know if I could handle his aphro in my face... hahahahahaha.

Oh, good ole Mikey...
Travis' son has not arrived yet. He was due September 11th (which happens to be CRISTIN and also Krista's birthdays).
Krista=the mommy/Trav's fiance.

Hopefully Conner Brian Heinz comes to meet us all sometime today.
It is going to be a wild moment. And Trav is absolutely stoked.
Can't wait to hear his absolute joy when his son does arrive :) Travis is one of my very best friends, and it's exciting to see him go through this new life phase.

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Way to go, me! I already circuit trained for the morning.
Unfortunately part way through I realized I was running a bit on empty: I need to go shopping and so I didn't eat as much as I would have liked last night - (we're back down to all carbs again) annnnd then I didn't think of anything great to eat that we have right now to start my circuits.

That's ok! I finished even though I felt sort of bluuuh. And I think I did a great job considering ;)
Better hit that market and buy some food, pronto!!!!
This won't do.

Ah, wells. This frees up my lunch hour to relax.
I do - however, have eggs and frozen fruit. But that's more of a "after" work out gig.
Today as I drifted awake, I acutely thought to myself: I should do more private journaling.
Note to self: Set that up.

Can't wait to get in the office, close out my shiat, do some personal business when that is done. I'll be beginning to compile a good ole outline for what I hope to be a mini-workshop for self defense tactics. When I get more comfortable with sharing what I personally know, I can add in more physical stuff. For now, we'll start slow and build up. The key is just jumping out and starting my gig!

Anybody interested in being my guinea pig for a workshop is welcome to comment.
I might also be doing personal invites. And be kind, this is my first foray into workshops. It will have to evolve and age like a great red wine. :)
Oh yeah - and you have to be in the Seattle area of course. I'll most likely choose a location on the Eastside.


Achy Tummy

Feb. 23rd, 2010 11:42 am
angelak: (I love my weiner)
This weekend I've had a pretty achy stomach. Jim and I sort of been feeling under the weather - but no acute illness. Just some low energy, and in my case, odd digestive/mostly gut aching.

It's irritating.

This weekend was pretty full. Beyond resting a lot because I felt blah - I took a second self defense workshop Fri/Sat/Sun. I spent most of Monday walking around Issaquah by myself, and then lounging at home watching Gilmore Girls and falling asleep.

Back to work today. Got some ideas about life in the pipe, as usual.
Feeling gross, but not gross enough to stay home. I'm not a fan of calling out sick, but I'm also not a fan of spreading crapola. Whatever this is, is just stupid.

This morning it felt like I was trying to wake myself from the dead - also. Got in an hour late. Been sitting in the office working with a tummy ache. What is this stupid crap? Blah.
Energy levels just weird, feel like I have a lot of snot/throat crud. But again - nothing that acute.

Whatever it is, it's like a combo between a super light stomach/digestive blah and a snot cold. But I don't really have a cough and it's not in my lungs.

Some action shots that the teacher took for her facebook page with our consent. )

Fun photos. Yes. Witness my "war face." I think it looks goofy. These were shots that were taken in the middle of some constant stream of repeated strikes where I was shouting... tired/war face happening. :P

I'd write more about Joanne's class, except I'm too lazy. ;)

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Not sure what the deal is - but I am struggling to write some decent posts!!!!
It's Friday - I've had a good IM chat with violindaine (although the trip to see the judge and actively maintain my mentality made it sort of weird).

Looking forward to OLOTEAS next weekend - I hear it's going to be rather quiet.
This weekend I have another Self Defense Workshop happening - this time through the UW Experimental college.
Am building knowledge and skills - and would love to begin putting on workshops of my own soon for women about self defense tactics and mindsets.

We'll see how well I can do with building on my own knowledge base, taking my own personal experiences and those of people close to me - and using these things as a springboard to begin the process.

I'm anxious because we all tend to think we need to be experts in order to teach each other. This isn't so. We can always teach people when we are still learning ourselves. This is quite possibly the pathway to greater collective knowledge.
And for all intents and purposes.........

I would like to run on lunch hour in the sun. Now finding the drive to do this is my next step.
Work is work. Chugging along.
Evaluating my life plan here. It seems my current job is definitely an enabler for creating better things in my life and is certainly a great resource for mobility. That makes sense best to me - though.

I find in the last week or two, I've yo'yo'd back to where I was. I'm maintaining whatever my current figure is. That is ok. I've got a lot of time to work on my endless project of self. And I am pretty sure I will be happier if I get my ass out there for at least a gentle run. I've been light on yoga this week (only 2 classes) and done 2 runs this week. While circuit training is an option (takes less time) I might save that option for Saturday and hit the pavement today. I took yesterday off as the two consecutive runs made things a little "interesting." Hm.

Also felt like balance in life was important. *shrugs*!

I am wearing the new Tool shirt I ordered. While a slightly different cut of shirt than the original ones from Coachella, I am happy with it - I like it, and the size is correct. Sweet.

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Good Morning, folks!

Been another whirlwind of a day in 2010. Loving every minute of this year so far. Last weekend was by far one of the most fun weekends I've had in months. I took the Unarmed self defense course from Insights. 2 day course, from 8AM-6PM.

This is where I heard my heart say, "learning is breath for the soul." Learned some great stuff and actively practiced all weekend long. The end of the course was highlighted by the Ex-Special Ops Army Ranger dude attacked each of us while we stood in the middle of the 14 person class room with our eyes closed. He attacked us until we effectively "knocked him out/off us good enough for us to run away."

He did this the first time 2-5 times, depending on your level of ability. (Me 5 times :P)
I, as usual, volunteered to go first. :D I'm a dork like that. I love to go first.
Scary, scary waiting for him to lunge at you from god-knows-what angle! I froze up more my first time around with this, I find where a lot of women will screamscreamscream and try and run, my condition is to freeze up and forget wtf to do. Fortunately I figured it out; Greg was not letting up until we threw a strike that would stun him if he wasn't wearing his full body padding.

Unfortunately the guy after my second turn (he decided to go back through the group one more time - I did MUCH better time #2, because I realized what my weakness was) accidentally fell wrong on Greg's leg! The guy who was being attacked was an EMT, so he immediately was able to say, "yep, Greg. It's broken."

Greg, founder of the training facility - had taught 20 years of classes and this was his first injury on the job :P

Regardless, it was a very action filled class with lots of important and usable take away. Although very spendy for the course, I give it a 5 star rating. I would do it again, and hope to take it again sometime when I have another spare $275.

There are many other courses, and I drool over them all. It was 1 instructor and 4-5 coaches in the room at any given time to help give pointers as they observed us practicing against each other.
I will tell you right now - it was way harder to be the "bad guy," while students practiced against you. "CHOKE ME OUT!!!!!" "PUNCH ME IN THE FACE" were things you could hear non stop in the class.

We practiced ground fighting, defense against chokes, bear hugs, kicks, holds. All sorts of handy stuff. Pre-emptive strikes!

Oh, man. This stuff was right up my ally. The best part is that now I have the real balls behind my already intensely keen observance skills. If someone attacks me, I am confident they will be the ones leaving with a broken face, and not me.


They have a great handgun course, that I really wish I could take. I know I'd leave a weekend of shooting a much, much better shooter. They are also partnering with West Coast Armory's new shooting range soon. West Coast Armory is my favorite weapons shop.

:D IT's right here in Issaquah and I run by it all the time!!! Feeling the urge to save up to buy a nice sidearm for myself, with the knowledge that I can only carry so often... seeing as I wear clothes that are too tight to conceal easily unless I've got a baggy hoodie. Hmmm. I also am interested in their "knife fighting" class, that's something I feel like would be handy right now as a protective device that I could utilize right now without any training beyond: "STRIKE TO THE NECK" which is already a piece of knowledge I have as it is. Strike to the neck with a knife, that works. Anyone want to get in the way of a knife laced power punch???


Anyway, the rest of the week was spent being sore from being thrown around for 2 days straight.
I have lots more stories from the class, but right now my work list is like a mile long...

I just feel like a breeze of positive, powerful energy has been blowing through my life. As Mercury and Mars goes direct, I feel like it can only get better. As far as my weight loss goals, week #1 of officially weighing weekly; I've lost 3lbs - after plateauing for effectively 3-4 months. Here goes, world! Consistency is my priority.

Here's to continued progress.

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Just catching up.
The last 3 Mondays I took off from working out; normally a good prime day to work out as it is my day off...

The boys are part of my reason behind this!!! Jim and Jon have the exact same schedule... both garnering Mondays off. (Same overnight shift too)
And typically I'll spend the mid day to evening with Jon, and then chill with Jim in the evening, even if I had "plans" to hit the 2030 Yoga class. Yikes.

Been feeling balanced though, and as I look at my work out logs, I realize it's working out ;) hAHaHA.
So far this week it looks like this:
Sunday: Yoga/4 Mile Run
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Yoga/CT

Will be hitting the Yoga tonight, and I'd like to squeeze in a run somewhere. But, if it doesn't work out, I'll just hit the yoga studio and be happy with that :) It's been packed in the studio since the New Year. I don't remember this kind of boom last year.
The grand opening at the new location can't come soon enough - the packed room is something else ;) It's good... but also torturous! The more folks packed in the room, the higher that humidity spikes.
Surely by the end of January, my focus will be bullet proof from this.

Adjusting to what my practice looks like alongside regular running and CT. I am seeing results already with my CT, which I was not expecting. I've moved back to the 20# weights, and gauge based off of how heavy Rufus is feeling on any given day ;) When he begins to feel lighter, I know my CT is doing the job. (We carry him up and down the stairs in the 3 level townhouse...)

I remember when I had hit the 30#ers he seemed rather effortless. :P
Have committed to moving slowly with CT, especially regarding the lower body exercises in the circuit. HOWEVER - I am doing squats and lunges and have had surprising success with how my knees are responding! It's wonderful! Before long, these will also help me in triangle pose in class.

Really enjoying noticing my kneecaps, instead of my tendons in my knees when any pressure gets near it! This may sound weird, but... the tendons being so un-inflamed these days feels like a miracle every day. Every moment I stand and talk to someone for more than 5 minutes, I'm grateful for my recovery point. Every time I'm tempted to "push it" because someone like Joe at Records begs me to do something that could put it "at risk" like a hike that I know it isn't ready for, I am reminded again of how NOT to push it, and how regular folks will not quite understand necessarily what it's like to have been put in a position of limitation for so long.

This coming weekend is my unarmed defense course, and I am particularly looking forward to it :)
Trying to stay high vibrating about the office here.
Having fun also at home with some great veggie recipes.
So far, things are going along great.

Side note that made me laugh: A black guy shorter than me called me "Shawty." Nevermind. Co worker of Jim's. The dude is hilarious, and is somehow super amused by me. Makes me giggle.

Off to go replace a monitor somewhere in the city...



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