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Date: April 9, 2013
Route: Baseline Run 2.7 Miles
Heart Rate: 160-167 on the way out, 169-176 on the way back, Final sprint, 180
Time of Day: 1413-1440 (27 Minutes)
Weather: 57F Clear
Mood: Did I see a new doughnut shop?! Oh, hell no. “Steve’s doughnut” shop!??! Bad news. Is that a bakery? Did I eat my Chipotle too close to this run? Ugh. Oops. Bam, it’s over. Wow. I felt like I had a carb loadgasm …

Date: April 11th, 2013
Route: Drive House, 3 Miles
Heart Rate:
Time of Day:

Date: April 15, 2013
Route: Baseline 3.5 Miles
Heart Rate: 172-180
Time of Day: 14??-1505
Weather:Hail/Sleet 50F

Date: April 16, 2013
Route: Baseline 3 Miles
Heart Rate: 168-173 first 1.5 miles 171-180 last 1.5 miles
Time of Day: 1742-1816 (26 Minutes)
Weather: Sunny! 58F
Mood: Pensive. Thinking of Mel and life. Contemplating men. Until there was a girl I began pacing. I quickly overtook her and then felt I couldn’t stop because I had passed her. Asshole move to play leap frog. Ended run strong and clearly the tempo was upped.

Date: April 23, 2013
Route: Baseline 3.5 Miles
Heart Rate: Steady 170-180 and 189 at sprint.
Time of Day: 1621-1652 (31 Minutes)
Weather: Sunny 68F
Mood: Still recovering from sickness. Last week’s training plan is now on repeat. Lungs a little blarg but otherwise feeling strong and optimistic. Dreaming of when I’ve been at this longer again. Trying some positive body talk. Feeling a little more average shaped this week with the body so reminding myself one thing: If it went on that fast, it can come off that fast with running and happyhealthy food habits! Yes!!!! I got this.


More real posts soon!!! I promise. I know these are of no interest to most of you :P


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