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Mar. 29th, 2013

angelak: (AngelaSide08)
In the spirit of Inna, in the spirit of writing when I get a spare moment, here I am! Today is Friday, sunny, and I feel emotionally great. Yeay! A bonus is that it's day 1 of my period and while I feel like I've been hit by a truck physically, I am not knocked up (bonus) and I am in great spirits. Today, rather than being worried about my life, my loves - I feel content and surrounded by the love and great fortune of beautiful people.

The impending launch of my 10K program is exciting. There are a few reasons why it is exciting. I've never done a program before, I always just went on my own way with a very flat training plan. When I say "flat," I mean to say that it doesn't vary in distance, and the runs are randomly placed with no planning or anything like this. The Hal Higdon's 10K for Novice takes the Novice to 10k in 8 weeks. I have at greatest done about 4-5 miles. This is an experiment about delving into the mid-distances, rather than short. 6.2 is 10k, and I am headed there in 2 months.

I am hoping this is a Gateway distance. That I can continue to push the distance envelope on later on in my future!!!!

It has varied distances including a long and a short run, and another middle length run in there. 3 runs a week. I also see cross training on there, and this is where I intend to pair my running regimen with Yoga, or when I feel like, the yoga days can be whatever. But mostly I wanted to leave space for yoga, FOR OBVIOUS reasons. This being said, it's going to be great because I've never done long and short runs, and nothing consistently with a training reg or increase in distance. I did it when I was doing my runs as a beginning intuitively and it worked really well. But I see that I can do this is a more planned fashion and I am curious to see how it goes. I will also be documenting and logging my info more on it. Infusing a little more fun into my running than was already there. I apologize if I talk too much about it, but I'm getting amped!

In other news, I had my eyes checked a couple days ago. I need new glasses. I am getting 2 pair. I thought I was just getting my reading/computer RX redone. But turns out this eye doc told me more than I realized anyone had told me before. New data about me.

My eyes apparently are never working in tandem together. One is near sighted. One is far sighted. One has an astigmatism.
This means he suggests wearing my glasses all the time. I begged about my vanity for contacts, and forgot why he said it wouldn't work well.
I intend on wearing them maybe 40% of the time, or more if I decide I like it. Ultimately my vision issues are minor still, but it would be behoove me to make my eyes happier. I still want to feel in control and not wear them constantly. It's just my thing. Not that I ever thought I'd be that way  But now that I realize I'm one of the eye glass people, well. I do what I want.

We'll see how it goes. Certainly I want to explore more about how I can go about contacts still. Because without a doubt I'd throw some contacts in daily and not think twice. Apparently which eye decides to be on and taking charge ever, and working at once, is the one that I have the benefit of at any given moment. (So at times I am far sighted. At times I am near sighted. It switches and flip flops all day long, all night long.)

This suddenly made me realize something I had never told anyone about prior: WHY I TAKE my glasses on and off about 40 times a day at work. When one eye decides to play Boss, I take them off. When the other decides it's ready for action, glasses go back on. InSIGHTful, eh? Who knew. Rare I guess. And then Mom told me it runs in the Croston side. Oh! Who knew. There was an eye doctor in the fam and he even wrote a paper about the phenomenon.

Friday, Friday... feeling sappy and wish I could clone myself.
Soon time to see Jimmers.
In other news, I was driving down the road with my drop top down.
And my driver-side rear view mirror randomly fell off and shattered as I pulled away from a 4 way stop.
So now I have a new one and adhesive on order for Sunshine.
Son of a bitch!!!!!

Otherwise, I think I should go and steal Jim and take him for lunch.
Another shoutout and thank you to Inna bo Bina, for getting me back on track with LiveJournal. You awesome woman. I sure do love you!
And I also love Mr. Raven Dark. Healing energy in his direction incessantly at this point.



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