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Tomorrow is the birthday for a new friend of mine. April 30th marks Tierney’s birthday! I was given the beautiful opportunity to work on a Rock Opera cast with some talented people. Tierney was one of my favorite talents on the cast.
Quite simply put, Tierney is a body Genius with some fervent flow, grace, and zest.

Her innate instinct for genius in choreography and creativity beams out through every part of her life, as far as I can see. Her constructive visions and views and advice were pretty much a huge, brilliant (because she was behind them) turning point for me in our Rite of Sol show. I’m sure she wasn’t remotely aware of how important and influential her feedback and visions were to me. So, now she’ll know.

In terms of mind/body connections – I’m good at calling people out when they have a strong one. Her dance performances are captivating and expose this strength of hers. I did not know Tierney well for much of the run of the show (as in, rehearsals and things leading up to the ACTUAL run.) However, soon getting to know her and the Tierney husband, Kat – happened by the end of the show and continued in the months following the show.

Here I sit pondering her new found existence as a key player in my life. We don’t spend tons of time together – no. I don’t really spend lots of time with many people these days, I’ve sort of become a scarce piece. That isn’t the point. Talent is talent. Beauty is beauty, and I cannot wait to watch Rite of Sol on DVD at home to admire the dance that I missed while being ON CAST and on stage with her. What honor could be better? Few.

So, I write this brief post in honor of how awesome the BirthdayGirl of April 30th is. What an amazing woman. Here’s to another great year for Tierney The Great!

Happy birthday, Tierney! Keep rocking your badass self. You Own the Rights to the Word Awesome.

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September 17, 2010, 06:44, 8Lbs 1 oz - 19 inches tall.
Conner Brian Heinz joined us 6 days after his due date :)

My best friend, Travis - and his fiancée, Krista - told me the news. At long last, their baby was born this morning. I left work a little early to beat rush hour traffic to visit the 3 of them at the hospital. It doesn't happen everyday that your best friend becomes a father.

I wanted to be there for him in this exciting moment in time. It was a fun time to share with them. Very tiny baby!
Hairy and dark haired like Travis - he was perfectly healthy. I intend to be there to watch this kid grow up!! I'm not overly concerned about having a kid of my own, so these milestones are big; I intend on building relationships with kids in the lives of those who matter to me. (Most people make a very unreal assumption that just because I don't necessarily want a child of my own, that I want nothing to do with children. Not true.) And as for the lives of people who matter to me: Travis is one of those people. We spent a few hours with them, and then headed home because Jim had to work and we were hungry.

So, officially - when the wee lad gets older, I will tell him I met him when he was 9 hours old or so.
Jim called him on the phone while I was driving on the road, and made the observation that Travis sounded "different." It took Jim a good few minutes to describe it to me:
"His voice took on the quality that I noticed in the voices of men who come home from Iraq. Euphoria."

The proud father of one 3 year old step-son, and one brand new baby today, Travis has become quite the family man in a New York minute. Irony, as I think back to our 2008 trip to NYC, just prior to the real commencement of their relationship. Someone else came to visit while Jim and I were there, and they were wondering who I was. "Is this your sister?" she asked. And Travis shook his head and said, "nah, my best friend." There's a moment there that can't be described when sharing this kind of time with people.

Amazing to watch the parent switch turned on in Travis - but not at all surprising. The way he has always been there for me really does make me think he will be a strong parental force for his kids. Interesting, Alexander has already asked to hyphenate his last name to -Heinz, on his own. They are very ready to go home tomorrow morning.

Just another day in history, today. 9-17 isn't too bad for a birthday. At least it will always be easy to calculate how old Conner is. 2010 is a nice even #, jeah? :D

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On September 10th, 2010 - around 9AM, I paid off Classy. Momentous :)
It was a hard decision between a bigger cash savings in the bank, or killing the rest of the loan. I still have savings, and I'll be taking my extra cash that would have been used for the next 7 months (that was what was left on the loan) and paying up my savings to replace the dough I used for it.

It's a great feeling. It hardly feels real. ;) I am in no means in desire of another car loan for as long as I can get away with! So, this is great. At 77,000 miles, and 4 years old - the car is mine. Yes, all 77,000 miles were original miles, put on Classy by me. When I test drove her the first time, she had 4 miles on her.

Now, any other car I intend to buy in life won't be a brand new car ever again probably. (1-3 years old is a much better value). Other than the court parking lot dings (my office eventually became the municipal court underneath the IT office) and consequently my home, and my workplace - became the court parking lot. Let me tell you - people going to court are usually pissed off, and most of them do not car about dinging the cars in the court parking lot.

This happened to poor Classy. Also the random droplets of something that got onto her and ate away the paint in certain places to the *FUCKING* base. Wtf, right? Oh well. Needless to say, everything else about the car has been well maintained.

So yeay :)

Last night was fun, I met up with the Jessie and Icky and hung about them (Curtis left town for AZ and won't be back probably ever, so I had to cancel on our meeting for Friday). Was good even if it was a few short hours. Jessie and I went over some basic self defense techniques and spoke about mindset/mentality and tactics. I look forward to forcing time on the calendar to work more. Also need to call Mikey. We want a big male to use as our guinea pig. Mikey is definitely no little kitten.

What else.... hopefully Mikey will have his hair done though. I don't know if I could handle his aphro in my face... hahahahahaha.

Oh, good ole Mikey...
Travis' son has not arrived yet. He was due September 11th (which happens to be CRISTIN and also Krista's birthdays).
Krista=the mommy/Trav's fiance.

Hopefully Conner Brian Heinz comes to meet us all sometime today.
It is going to be a wild moment. And Trav is absolutely stoked.
Can't wait to hear his absolute joy when his son does arrive :) Travis is one of my very best friends, and it's exciting to see him go through this new life phase.

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You rock my world.
I am so lucky to have you in my life. You're a wonderful friend, a brilliant lady, and an elegant priestess!

Zomgs. Today is the day to celebrate your existence in the lives of us lucky ones!
Because we know YOU!

And Nobody. Same really goes for you. You're damn special too. I didn't have time to write about all the special things that you are to me. So rest assured that those thoughts are forthcoming!!!

And C, again. You are fabulous.

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Some rambling. A post. An update. )

Just kickin it in the Quah.
That is all I have for the moment.

AND, Happy birthday to my mom today!!!

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This is incredibly last minute of me.
And I am the one who HATES last minute plans, but, as it were - with the moving that is pending and me not wanting his birthday to slip into
"it's all about Angela moving," I decided that tonight - (and he agreed this would make him a happy birthday boy) we will go to the Cheesecake Factory on the eastside.

Anyone interested in joining us to celebrate Jim's 25th birthday around 10 or 10:30 tonight (after he gets off work) - please comment!

So far I have Travis, Jim, Mike, myself. We had agreed if no one responded that it would still be fun just him and I (cause like, we're awesome like that).

Buuut, it'd be fun to get a little group together of his friends. So, if you're free and able to hit the eastside area - PLEASE come and we'll celebrate the man's quarter-century birfday. He'll be 25 on Lughnasadh.

Side note, on Lughnasadh, his actual birthday, we'll be drinking ice wine for dessert (we bought it from a winery and it was oh so good!) and I will cook us our first dinner and eat it in SideA, one on one! Sounds cute and fabulous.

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Happy 19th Birthday, Icky.
I love you!!!

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Okay. I am far too lazy to make a pretty picture.
So just know you're in my thoughts.
Muah! Yeay Jyo.
Happy birfday.

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My sister doesn't read LJ or have anything remotely related to a blog, but that's okay.

I'll still wish Jill, my older sister - a Happy 26th Birthday today.
She is now the same age as my brother for a little under a month. I have two 26 year old siblings. Hah.

James turns 27 on June 3rd. Hm. My siblings are getting closer to 30. Wow.

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Happy birthday to the youngest friend (and one of the most mature friends) that I have.
It's been great knowing you for the last 5 years! You're one of my favorite confidants and that's because you're a wonderful friend and I hope the next year brings you all of the things that will make you happy.




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Look at you, getting older. :P
Love you so much. Don't you forget it! You're the greatest nobody I've ever known. Keep it up, cause you rock my socks!

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Vacation Updates Vol. 2 )



Aug. 31st, 2006 01:47 pm
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I think this age will treat me well.
I hope!

21 was kind of rough, from the get-go... but I settled into it.
I am still learning not to be retarded.

I hope I can post this week's updates eventually.
Other than the fact I noticed I've gained 10 pounds in the last month (unhappy about this, but I know it's easily remediable if I try - now is just not to gain anymore).

So, I begin this birth-year with the following things:

1- FANTASTIC new boyfriend. Did ya'll see him at OLO? He's a complete cutie.

2- 10 extra lbs to run/hike off.

3- The fabulous four made me feel so very loved.

4- The family rocks.

5- The dogs are blissfully happy with me.

6- See above; I took this whole week off.

7- Some personal and magickal headway!

8- Happiness!

9- I am well laid.

And now I am off to drive to the ocean somewhere. Just me and the boys.


Thank You!

Aug. 31st, 2006 01:13 pm
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Thank you to all of you who wished my Happy Birthday!
Each one brought me a smile and warmth.

I'm so glad I've got such awesome friends!

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Happy Birthday MOSHKER!!!!!!!!!! (A day early. Shhh!)
Love you!

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angelak: (I fucking love you!)


I love you!

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Happy Birthday [info]chinchillagirl!!!!

You are totally one of my best girlfriends ever.
I cannot thank you enough for honoring me with your friendship.
May today be as special to you, as you are to those around you.

(Make a wish, it's your birthday!) Happy 16th. Omgs you're soooooo old now!
It is so weird to think I met you when you were 12. You didn't act your age then, either! Freak! *hugs*!
AND - I am SO hanging out with you post-birthdayness at OLO, girl.


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Just for the record, even if he never looks...




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